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Peanut Allergy Question

My sixteen month old daughter is allergic to peanuts, milk and wheat. My question is in regards to the peanut allergy. I know sunflower seeds are completely off limits, because most are processed with peanuts. However, we also avoid all foods that contain sunflower oil? Is this necessary?
No one can seem to answer this question, including my allergist (we plan on getting a new one for her eighteen month check-up).
Are there any moms out there who have children allergic to peanuts that eat sunflower oil without a problem. Or better yet, has anyone had their allergist approve it?
Thank you all so much!!

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Thank you!!
It seemed like your answers were split down the middle! However, it's great to hear that most mom's give their children products containing sunflower oil with no reaction. I made an appointment with a new allergist, so I guess I will wait till then (you can never be too careful!). It is a relief to know that the allergist will most likely say it's ok. It seems like sunflower oil is in everything.. especially when we avoid peanuts, tree nuts, milk and wheat also..
It sounds like some of you have really great allergists..but none of them were close to me :( Hopefully I will discover a great one also!
If anyone ever wants to talk about allergies.. or toddlers please send me a message!!
:) J.

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I can't answer that for you either, but being how severe peanut allergies are, I'd say better safe then sorry. That isn't a chance I'd be willing to take. I'd avoid the sunflower oil too.

Hi J., I have a 4 year old who is allergic to all tree nuts. I do not give him any type of oil that comes from nuts or that is processed in a plant that produces those nuts or oils that are nut based. His tree nut allergy is worse than the peanut allergy and the nutritionist at my son's allergist's office suggested staying away from them if at all possible. My son has had these oils and has not had a problem. I think it depends on how severe the allergy is. I live in northern bergen county and my allergist is Dr. Maryann Michelis she is the head of asthma and allergy at Hackensack University Medical Center. I hope this helps you a little. Maybe ask the pediatrician if the allergist is not helping you.

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the only thing i can tell you is my girlfriend is allergic to peanuts as well, and she has had a problem when eating things such as potatoe chips that are cooked in sunflower oil..so i know she stays away from all sunflower oils and everything


My son (now 24) used to eat sunflower seeds and sunflower oil with no problems. The good news is that he outgrew many of his allergies (milk, eggs, soy, wheat) and is now only allergic to fish and peanuts. So hang in there, J., it'll get better.

Our 4 year old daughter has had a very bad peanut allergy her entire life. The pediatrician recommended to keep her away from all nuts and nut oils.

However, we carry allergy medicine with us at all times and keep it in the play school etc. to be completely safe. The pediatrician gives us as many bottles as we need to make it easy for us to carry.

For example, one in my handbag, one in her packed bag, one in the school medicine cabinet, one with the babysitter, and extras at home so it is very easy for us to be prepared. I also include spoons or syringes allow with the medicine to ensure that we can react super quickly to any reaction.

She has had reactions to other nuts when she accidentally ate cookies or cakes at parties and we were not aware there were nut ingredients in them.

She has never had a reaction to sunflower oil. I do not have a medical allergist to prove it but I've got more than 2 years experience as a mom dealing with a very serious peanut allergy. (she has an allergic reaction even if someone touches a peanut, peanut butter etc and then touches her)

I am hoping your child's peanut allergy is less dramatic than our daughter's.

Our daughter also had wheat and milk allergies that she grew out of at about 2 - 2.5 years old.

When I stopped breastfeeding her, I put her on a soy-based formula milk which she still drinks. But she can now eat all kinds of dairy products and can drink milk.

She also has a strong allergy to shellfish - especially prawns and shrimp.

So while your little one is young, I would recommend that you also stay away from shellfish and raw eggs.

Our daughter had a very dramatic reaction to raw eggs when I let her taste cake batter we were making.

I am actually quite calm about it all now because I am used to instructing everyone around her about the allergies. Also if you have medicine with you, there is little need for worry.

We use "Chlomine" brand but I'm based in Singapore so I'm not sure if you can get that where you live.

Our daughter is also very good at asking if anything has nuts or shellfish in it before she eats.

Many children grow out of their food allergies. However, in my family my mother is severely allergic to peanuts and several other foods. So if you have a genetic history of allergy on either side of your families you will always need to be on the lookout for these things.

Hope this helps!
D. Torres Patel

I'm suggesting that you not only avoid sunflower oil but also all foods that contain it.
I'm also suggesting that when you finally see the new allergist ask if your daughter can be tested for products that contain sunflower oil.

Hi J.,
My daughter has a tree nut allergy and my favorite resource is: http://www.foodallergy.org/.
They have tons of useful information.
I hope you'll check them out.

Hi J., people with peanut allergens have safely eaten highly refined peanut oil and sunflower oil. It is the protein in the peanut that causes the allergic reaction. When the peanut or sunflower oil is highly refined-the protein content is eliminated. It is extremely rare for someone with a peanut allergy to have a allergic reaction to sunflower oil as well. I am a holistic health counselor and strongly advise you to speak with a naturopathic doctor.

I would stay very far away from anything w/ sunflower oil. It seems like she has more allergies so she might be more sensitive to products containing nuts etc.

Dear J.,
YES! By all means stay away from sunflower oil it is a type of oil from sunflowers seeds. I wouldn't take a chance its not worth it... Best of luck to you and you daughter.

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