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Party Planning Tips Needed for End of Season Soccer Party

Hello everyone! My 5 yr old girl recently played on a soccer team for the first time this spring.Now that the games are over,we are now in charge of throwing the end of season party. We have ordered trophies for the girls and are thinkig at having it at a pizza place- any other suggestions to make it fun for the girls, has anyone done this before? I am new to all of this.

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Thank you so much everyone for all your responses, they are great. After talking to some of the parents we have decided just to have it at the pizza place and they have a game room for the kids and I have also planned a couple activities for the kids to do and put together certificates per your suggestions, favors and trophies, ballons and cake in the shape of a soccer ball. I think the girls will have a good time. We would have liked to have it at a park and let the kids play and he outdoors however the weather doesn't look very promising so we are afraid to do that. Thank you again! This is a great site and I plan to use it more often.

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My friend used amazing jakes and it was a blast for adults and kids. I am not sure what the cost is, but there food wasn't too bad. I hope this helps and gl

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I like the idea of giving each girl some sort of award and doing an award ceremony. If your decide to do a pizza place maybe consider chucky cheezes so you can eat, do your awards and have some fun free time for the girls to play together and the adults to visit. If you decide to go in another direction you could do it at a park, bring a grill for hamburger and hot dogs (or something) then have the parents sign up for bringing different side dishes, and or games. Then you could eat, do your awards, have some organized games and some free time. (course then you have to worry about the weather) But you can put together some simple fun games: soccer ball kick (furthest distance or something), hula hoop, simple course keep the soccer ball in control around certain obstacles, see is a parent does face painting... that sort of thing.
Good Luck :)
(oh and either any way you go with the party you could do a soccer cake that would be fun)

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This sounds like it would be fun to plan! Just a few things that I thought of: Maybe at a park would be better just because it is more of an outdoors thing. You could do contests: Potatoe sack race, kick the ball the farthest, etc. Go to this link: http://www.kidspartyfun.com/pages/themes/soccer.html
I found some really helpful tips and creative ideas here. Good Luck! I like the idea of having each parent making something (food wise) and spend more money on memorable things for the kids. They had the idea of the team signing a soccer ball for the coach :)

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Hi K.,
My daughter's coaches threw a fun party at the school where they had their practices. They rented a snow-cone machine and asked one of the bordering neighbors if they could run an extension cord to their house to plug it in. They had sack races and some other games kicking the ball at a target, but mostly the kids just ran around with each other and their snow cones. They also had a silly string fight. It was a great time.
Hope you have fun too

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Try a soccer goal and a back yard. Maybe pizza and pop. Make it last only about 2 hours at the most. Turn them loose but keep an eye so no one gets hurt.
C. B

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I've only just thrown my 3-yr-olds first big birthday party, so I don't know much either -- but here are my thoughts.

First of all, trophies and pizza sounds great all on it's own, so you're good to go there. If this is a new experience for most of the girls, perhaps it would be nice to print personalized little certificates on your computer? I just did a google image search for 'soccer certificate' and there are TONS of sample templates you could print and just fill in the blanks.

Each girl could get a certificate for being outstanding players, and/or you might think of special qualities for each girl and acknowledge her for that... (best sportsmanship, fastest runner, hardest kicker, highest scorer, best goalie, best sweeper, etc.)

I've got to run now, but if I think of anything else I'll get back to you. Good luck and have fun!

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My husband coaches both our daughter's basketball teams. We always do the typical pizza/trophy party which is awesome...but we also add a field trip to watch high school girls basketball! The girls LOVE it and it is benficial to them in so many ways! Also, be sure to have the parents remember the coaches...a little gift of some sort. One year the parents all chipped in to buy the coach and the two asst. coaches basketballs and all the girls autographed it. There has been anything from that to gift cards for dinner and a movie. If you want to get really into it, a slide show of the girls playing or at practice is always a hit!

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I have been throwing team parties for over ten years (my oldest is now 15). I urge you to make it as simple as possible. Go to the pizza place, eat the pizza give out the trophies and be done with it. If you try to do too much now you will be burnt out and your child will just expect bigger and better each year. Believe me, all the kids really care about (even at 13) is the food, the friends and the attention.

sounds great! if it's like chucky cheeses where kids can play, you should be fine. don't worry about putting in tons of effort. little girls (actually all kids) are good at entertaining themselves.

My husband and I one year collected photos of my nieces soccer team and made a movie (using Windows Movie Maker- very easy to use) with them. We put in all the pictures, used fun transitions, and put music over it all--It was a big hit!

Hi K.,
I agree the Parents vs. Kids soccer game works out great. The kids want to run and play and it easier on everyone. We have done this in the past and it is a lot of fun. If the weather doesn't permit there are a lot of pizza places that have banquet rooms and they are awesome too! Let me know what area you live in and I can give you some names of restaurants. Have Fun!

In my opinion, you should not have the party indoors at a pizza place. Have it outdoors. Have the girls play soccer games or team building games. Have the parents play soccer against the kids. Or have mixed parent/kid teams. Start with an ice breaker activity (no more than 15 minutes) --- more for parents than kids. Have food. Have fun activity (ies) (no more than 15 minutes each activity) . Have dessert & prizes. Have a positive anecdote prepared to say about each kid if possible --- get coach's help. Have something to give the coach (ask other parents to contribute). Try to keep it within +/- 2 hours. Keep it simple and affordable. Have fun!

At our soccer party we are going to have a soccer "game" with parents versus kids. Since we are all not in the best of shape, dads will play part and moms the other. Siblings are also going to be allowed to join in.

Hi K.,

We did our Soccer party at Chuckie Cheese. Call them, they make the party super easy and very affordable too! We were surpirsed how inexpensive it actually was for pizza, drinks and tokens for the kids! Have a great party!!

Hi K.! I'm also in charge of planning my 7 year old daughter's end of season party. This is our 3rd year (5th season) and we've done alot of different things from having it at a restaurant to someone's house. The thing I"ve learned is that the kids don't care what they have or where it is as long as they can play. Having them somewhere "enclosed" didn't work out too well. This year, we're having it at the park right after the game. I did a sign up list to make sandwiches, chips, and fruit. That way, the siblings can also play and be part of the whole celebration. It's always too cold to do in the Fall, so we thought Spring would be the best time for this type of party. (Hopefully it doesn't rain:) Good luck!

Hi K.

Well we were new to soccer last year but I was also in charge of end of season party. Last year we went to Einstein's because the weather was crappie however we were going to go to Jamba Juice. This year we are planning on going to Dairy Queen, but I always thought McDonalds would work too. So nothing to fancy but hopefully these few other places get your creative juices flowing. Good Luck and don't forget the kids will be happy with anything you plan.

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