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Party Favor, Party Bag Idea's for "COOL" 10 Year Old Boys...

Hello Mom's...My son is turning 10 years old next month. We are having him a skating party at a nice skating rink. They have a DJ, Fog machines, disco balls and lights and lots of music, skating and excitement for 10 year old. Anyway my son isn't onto little boy things he is more into music, skateboarding, hip hop dancing, writing songs and of course video games and his friends are into some things like this as well. Pretty much the pre-teen scene. Anyway I wanted to send home party bags with the boys and I want them to really cool and not corney. With my daughter I know exactly what to put in her good bags. Girls are sooo easy to find little cute things for their bags and I love shopping for girls, boys are different especially at this age. If I could get some helpful advice about what cool things I could put into these party bags for these 10 year old boys, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks to all!!

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sounds like fun!! Can I come! :) Try Rebeccas Wholesale - it's open to the public and is in South Euless on Euless Main. The website is http://www.rebeccas.com. They have all kinds of wierd stuff! J. D.

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My kids birthdays are 3 days apart, we almost ALWAYS have a combined party at the skating rink. I love having all the kids entertained and the mess cleaned up for me lol. The best party favors we've ever had were light up glow sticks, necklaces, and balls. They have all of these things at the dollar general or can be ordered from oriental trading. The kids enjoy them a lot at the skating rink and can then take them home. Another favorite of the kids is a coupon for a free snow cone from a local snow cone stand.

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Hi K. P.,

Just a thought. I used those little Tech-Decks that you can get at Wal-Mart. They have some that come 10 to a box and I let my son put them together the way each of his friends would like. We also bought hot wheels because all boys old and young love them. You can also buy skateboard stickers. I hope I have helped some. Keep me updated.

Good Luck

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As a mom of two boys - one on the brink of turning 13, I can tell you that the traditional goody (junk) bags are just not necessary.

On my son's 12th birthday party, we took a large group of boys to play at GatSplat, a paintball field. As a courtesy, I gave each of them a "Paintball Survival Kit". It was clearly labeled and the kids immediately dove into the bag to see what they may need. It included the single use ice packs, kleenex, bandaids, a glow stick, gum, a camo bandana, and a dollar for the vending machines. This kit was less of a 'goody bag' and more of a safety thing. Since kids do fall when they are skating, you could do the same kind of thing.

Have fun!

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My son had a skating party at 10 & 11. He went to the candy store and found some oddball stuff he thought would be fun.. like candy with a worm in it.. We also bought some of those plastic bracelets like you get for a "cause" from oriental trading in colors.. and some squirt toys. They loved them!

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Hi K.:

I agree! Boys are a little tougher in this area! What I started to do when my son was about 6 was get rid of the goody bags. Instead, I took the money that I would have spent on a lot of little things and bought each child one 'bigger' thing. Last year for his 8th birthday, we gave each boy a pack of signed football cards and two handfuls of bubble gum (that one was easy for us b/c my husband is a football coach). How about a gift card to Game Stop or Best Buy? Even $10 each is awesome (I'm sure you know how much you can spend on gift bags with lots of loot - not to mention the time you spend searching for the items and putting them together).

Good luck and have fun!

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I remember when my son turned 10 we took him and his buddies to a basketball game and got them all party favors in the terms of a cool hat to wear so we could always see them. (they got to sit on the floor next to the team) We had the hat loaded with "eats"/"snacks". Boys always love to eat. they loved it. It sounds like your son would be good at burning discs of his favorite songs for his friends. Then when they listened to the CD they would remember your son's party and him. We have also given $5.00 blockbuster certificates tied onto a bag of microwave popcorn. Hope your son has a terrific birthday. He already has a terrific Mom. Enjoy him and his friends. My son is now 25 and we are still so close. Have fun.. D.

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I got one of these for an adult party but i think your son woudl love it....
Have him help you make a birthday mix cd. 'cool' songs funny cut blurbs from his favorite tv shows, his inside jokes or secret boy codes. He can design and print the labels for the cd and the plastic case. You may even find the small cd cloth or vinyl carrying cases at the dollar store. I have seen them for an actuall 1.00. He could paint what ever the 'cool' symbol is or you could hot glue a patch on them to spicy them up. He can do a lot of the work and he could show off his talent as well.

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I love the CD idea, especially because I was going to suggest that, too. LOL ;) REally, though...maybe download some of his favorites that they can enjoy, too.

Make a cover label that he can (help) design. Maybe add a skateboarding sticker in the CD case as the "cover" or something (leave the sticky back covered, though, so the kids can use them).

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Not sure how much you are planning to spend on the gift bags, but you could always do a $5 Blockbuster gift card. Then they could go a rent a video game of their choice. Every once in a while you can find some inexpensive hand held games at Target, Walmart, and $1 stores. I found one for my son at Target around Easter. Boys are hard to shop for. My oldest is only 6 and I was worried if he would like his goodie bags for his party this year!! Don't have any girls. Good luck!

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I made CD's for my son's party. i just compiled a playlist of his favorite songs and burned it to a cd, then just made as many copies as needed, I named it Jordan's 11th birthday party hits and made a album cover to place inside the cd case. Very easy, and very inexpensive party favor. all the kids loved them. I still have parents tell me that it was a great party favor gift!

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