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Parents 50Th Anniversary Gift Idea

My Mom and Uncles are throwing a surprise anniversary party for my grandparents (their parents) in May. They are at a loss of what to get them. They are all going in together to get a gift. Besides a family portrait what would be a great gift for the couple? I cannot come up with any other ideas. I, once again, come to you wonderful ladies for ideas. Thank you in advance for your input.

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Thank you for all the responses. I should have described them a little better :) My grandparents are the hardest people to please. They are what you call "set in their ways" and not up to modern times at all. They just got satellite tv and cell phones a couple of months ago. They never go out of town and they wouldn't go on a trip/honeymoon/cruise for anything. Even with all expenses paid. LOL. But I love the memory ideas. I think I am going to find some pictures of them and make them a scrapbook of their lives. I love doing that stuff and I think my grandparents would really appreciate it. This is all a surprise. My Mom and Uncles are throwing a surprise party on my Nephew's birthday, so they believe they are going to his birthday party. Thank you for all your ideas. I loved some of them but they are "just not the type" to appreciate them.

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What about a trip or a weekend somewhere quaint. I don't know if they'd be up for that, but it could be fun and a it's a nice special thing that they can do for themselves.

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When my parents had their 50th, I got a memory book from a company called Exposures - you mail out the individual pages to family and friends, and ask them each to complete a page entitled "Remember When..." They send the pages back to you and you put them all together in a bound book. There is room on each page for people to include photos, clippings, etc. I don't know if you would have time to do this, but it's a great idea. When my parents opened it and read all the wonderful tributes, they were so thrilled. Now that they are both gone, I look through it from time to time and really cherish it. Hope this helps!

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How awesome!
I love hearing about people who can stay married so long.
I have to say, it makes me sad that it's a milestone I will never have the privelege of meeting in my own life. Unless I get married tomorrow and live to be 98.
Nobody knows your grandparents as well as you and their own children do.
Do they love to travel?
Do you have anyone in the family who can put together a memory montage on a disc?
My step son did one for his brother's wedding and let me tell you, it is so beautiful. It has music in the background and photos of the couple from the time they were babies, etc. That was his wedding gift to them. He did it so wonderfully, it makes me want to cry just telling you about it.
If you have a gathering, maybe you can find a way to show something like that for everyone who attends.
Maybe each of you can write a note or letter to them and have photos of you with them in a big frame.
I hope you get some great ideas. 50 is so special.

I don't even know them and I think they rock!

Very best wishes!

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What about a trip or a weekend somewhere quaint. I don't know if they'd be up for that, but it could be fun and a it's a nice special thing that they can do for themselves.

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when my grandparents had their 50th, my dad and his brothers and sisters went together and bought them a really nice mattress set. The one they had before was so old there were two people size dents in it from where they'd slept for so many years. Maybe there's something that they could use but wouldn't necessarily buy themselves.

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You can get a commendation certificate from the White House and your State Rep. They are really lovely. And, they're free!
Ask them what they want. The parents of friends of ours only wanted to have a dinner with everyone... They wanted to enjoy the grandchildren and all the members of the family. They didn't want a big to do... just a simple picnic that was relaxed and fun for all.

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I gave my parents a watercolor of their home for their 50th. They loved it!

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We had a 50th anniversary for my parents and we were equally stumped as to what to get them. We ended up asking all the kids, grandkids, their sisters/brothers for memories of my parents. We collected them and then I put them together in a book for them. We also then put out note cards at the party we through for them and asked guests to note down their memories. My parents loved the memories and truly cherished them. The family and guests also had a great time remembering...

I've been to two of these...both were low key. At the request of the kids, the first one everyone from siblings, offspring, cousins, etc. told a favorite story about them and provided photos. and then a slide show was compiled.

The other one everyone just got together and celebrated at a local restaurant - courtesy of their sons. Some people told stories of them, but was not very formal.

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