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Pale-Clay Colored Stool in Toddler

My son, 2.5, has had clay colored stool for the past week. No changes in diet. They are solid and of normal size otherwise. He has not complained of any issues and is his happy usual self. However, I'm kinda freaking out because I just read a few things about malabsorption issues with liver, pancreas, tumors in lower intestine .. etc. Has anyone else experienced this? I plan to call the doctor if this continues into next week but would love a little reassurance.

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Hi J. take your son in to see his peditrican as soon as possible because my daughter had a chalk colored stool and urine the color of pepsi and she had hepititis.

try eliminating milk, that is what my daughters' ended up being. OF course we had the barium swallow test, the contrast MRI and tons of other tests first so we learned the hard way.

Oh my gosh can we ever scare ourselves and read ourselves to death.And if we dont do it someone else will help us out. To date I have seen thousands of colors of stools, sizes, shapes, textures and whatever else. I have raised two children and worked in daycares. I babysat and changed diapers. At any given moment bodies will do all sorts of things. Sometimes we really don't know if their diet is the same unless you are monitoring them twenty four hours a day (and when could we do anything else) never know when someone or something else is changed. Even companies that we are used to purchasing their products have gotten cheap and have changed recipes or contents. Oh do try not to worry. If he is happy, energetic, and seems the same then relax. Of course like the other poster said, if you are really worried always, always call the doctor for reassurance.

i am one who will rarely see the doctor but i think you need to call in this situation. What gives bowel movements the dark color is the dead blood cells in the stool, if it is pale that means that process is being inhibited. Not necessarily a tumor or other serious issue but if it has been happening for more than 2 days i think you need to call the doc.

A call doesn't hurt...
but you can think about what he's eating: my daughter gets this color with blueberries, and sometimes black beans.
Any fruity treats that could have a dye as well? Kool aid?

but if you're concerned, don't wait a week. Either call or let it go, in my opinion. My doc never seems to mind the calls when I make them!

My daughter went through that at about 17 months old. I also read all that stuff and freaked myself out so I took her in just to be sure. They told me not to worry unless there was no color in it at all, if there is a yellowish or brownish tint to it then its fine and should pass. If it is white then be very concerned.
But like I always say, if you are concerned about it, call the doctor. At least they can put your fears at ease.

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