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Painting Toenails?

My daughter is 27 months old and I was wondering about at what age is it ok to paint her toenails (or fingernails for that matter). She's very interested in my painting my toes and I'm not thinking of doing hers anytime soon, as just trimming her nails and toes is a complicated process, so I can only imagine how hard it would be to have her sit still to use polish. What do all of you mom's do? Wait until she's much older? I also wonder about organic or all natural polish being a better way to go?

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There are harsh chemical solvents in the polish and especially the polish remover, and babies and kids don't need to be exposed to this stuff. Personally, even if it were organic polish, I would never use that stuff on my child. But then again, I'm the mom who worries about the pesticides in produce, preservatives in packaged food, and the toxic ingredients in plastics, soaps and lotions (even in a lot of products made for babies).

I was so excited to have a little girl I painted her toenails when she was 9 months old by sitting her in the high chair while she munched on some cheerios, she did not even know I was doing it. They look so cute with little pink toenails!! I agree with some of the other Mom's that fingernails are a different story because you don't want them eating the polish when they put their fingers in their mouth, so I'd wait on that for a while longer. Have fun!!!

Does she put her fingers in her mouth all the time still? If so avoid polish on her fingers and good luck getting it on her toe nails and not all over her feet!!!! A.

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Personally, she is to young. I would wait till she is a teenager. She want to grow to fast.


Last week, my husband painted my daughter's nails for the first time! It was so funny as he is a blue collared worker and I got him just a bit later from work then he did. She comes in running to the front door telling me daddy painted my nails!!! she is 34 months old! She loves it. The nail polish was given to us from a goody bag from a little girls party. It has been a week and all the polish has dissapeared. I can't really tell you when is the right time except I would ensure she is not a thumb sucker or contstantly putting her finger in her mouth.
I think it's fine as long as you tell her not to lick it, or scrap it off and eat it. I guess you would know her maturity level.
good luck mom!

Hi A.
I am a 58 year old soon to be grandmother. When I was pregnant with my twins, they had articles in twin magazines that one way to tell your identical twins apart was to paint their toenails. No one ever mentioned fingernails. Nothing was ever said about babies who chew/suck their toes, but many things were written about painting toenails to tell them apart.
Your question brought back some fond fun memories of all those articles I read to prepare myself for our twins. By the way, they didn't help. Our twins were fraternal, and although they were much alike, we could tell them apart, even though others could not.
God bless you and your daughter.
SAHM of 4 grown children 2 boys and twin girls

Paint them! It's so much fun! I think I started at about 2 with my oldest (now 5). Pink with white polka dots was always her fave...or alternating colors...pink, purple, pink, purple...they love it and it's just as much fun for mom!! Even my son (3) likes to have his done, so I'll do his toenails blue...he hates to be left out! My husband just groans! I've taken lots of pictures so we can tease him when he's a teenager!!

poisons and other chemicals can be absorbed through the skin and YES nail beds...

'm not a "green" or "organic" mom, but I know enough about poison prevention to skip the pretty toenails till your kid weighs enough that the toxins her body will absorb will be diluted in a larger blood stream.

I personally didn't let my girls paint their nails on a regular basis till they were 13. But I did occasionally paint their fingernails with child-safe "Barbie" polish when they were toddlers.

I have two little girls, one almost five and one almost two, and I would wait until she expresses a desire to have them painted. It is a pain painting them, as you have guessed, and why go through all that trouble and torture on someone who doesn't even want it done? Wait till she seems to want to do it, then go for it!

Nail polish has ptthalates in it which can disrupt her natural hormones and lead to breast cancer.

My daughter is 20 months, and we have been painting her toes for quite sometime. She doesnt put her toes in her mouth, so I dont really worry about it. And her nails are so tiny, there is only a small amount of polish on them.

She loves to get her toes painted. She sits very still while I do it. It only takes a minute or two. And it makes for a great reward for getting her toes nails clipped. Something she isnt really a fan of. :)

I have done her fingernails a few times, but I find it chips off very easily. We will stick to just her toes for now.

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