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Painless Tape Removal

My 5 year old is wearing a heart monitor today and I will have to take this off before school tomarrow. The last time she had to wear this it was awful to take the little round tape off of her skin. Does anyone have any ideas of how to make this less painful. She will have to wear a monitor for a month and I will be having to continue to change these litte circle tapes. I want to make this as painless as possible. Thanks for and ideas.

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Rubbing alcohol will break down the adhesive and it will practically fall off for you! My son loves band aids, but screams when you try to remove them, so I found this easy, cheap and it really does work.

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You could try soaking it in Baby oil or olive oil, that might help loosen the tape.

You could also probably ask the doctor's office, they may have a really good solution too.

Alcohol would probably work but I wouldn't want to be putting that on the skin all the time...course I guess if you washed it really well and used some kind of moisturizer it probably wouldn't hurt anything.

Good luck and I hope that everything turns out okay.

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Hello T.,

We had to do the same thing about 6 months ago with our 3 year old. The 24 hour one was the worst on her skin, we got sensitive skin electrodes for the 30 day one. That one only had 3 leads, so not as many stickers. I also found that if I let her take a bath and then removed them it helped. I also used baby oil on the spots that I just took them off from. I also tried as much as I could to not let the old place and the new one overlap at all. The became more difficult as more days passed. She did have some skin break down but not as bad as it could of been. We also changed them every 2 days so they did not get such a good seal to her. Good luck to you

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Becareful with getting wet in water that sometimes makes them stick more. There is an adhesive remover we use at work, not sure if over counter or not. if not i would try baby oil or something to loosen first. Good Luck

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You might want to go to ask.com to find out for sure, but it was suggested to my very hairy husband to use baby oil or lotion to get it unstuck from the skin. Also, Avon's skin so soft gets rid of the sticky gunk left behind.
Best wishes for your child's healthy future.

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When we were leaving the hospital after an overnight stay and a heart monitor the nurse use a rubbing alcohol wipe and as she gently pulled the tape from the top, wiped at the adhesive to break it down. It did take a while and I kept my daughter busy while this was done but it was totally painless. It will take several alcohol wipes or maybe even cotton balls with alcohol.

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I agree with the baby oil or alcohol idea.

Good luck!

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I have found that putting some alcohol on a q-tip and going around the edges helps ease the pain. The alcohol makes it less sticky or something. I have done that several times with those sticky circles. Just rub it around until part of the circle comes up, then keep rubbing it around the circle little by little. This is a little time consuming but so much better than the pain.

I hope this has helped.


P.S. If you do not have any rubbing alcohol, try some face astringent. I have used that before also.

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baby oil! I had an infant in the NICU which means lots of those little sticky tapes. This worked great.

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