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Painful Intercourse After C-section?

OK mamas, this is a personal one... but... I had a c-section and now my dd is 4 months old and we are trying to get back some intimacy. BUT, sex is super painful (only tried twice though since it is so painful!). It is SUPER tight and hurts. I am b-feeding so I do know that can lower libido and cause dryness. We do use lubricant (maybe not enough?) and try to take it slow (but not a lot of down time with the kiddos!)!! I should also mention that it has been awhile, as we weren't all that active during pregnancy. It is strange to have this after a c-section? Has anyone had this and did they do anything that was helpful to overcome it? How long did it take!?! I am thinking of taking some ibuprofen (or wine!!) or something beforehand, not sure if it will help though.

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It took awhile for us too, but it's worth it! Lubricant, foreplay, manual stimulation, all good ways to get things started! Good luck!!

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Dear E.,
My name is T. and I'm a mother of twin girls. I also had a c-section. I didn't have as much pain as you're having but it was uncomfortable all the time. I didn't get out of it until around the 5th or 6th month. I didn't do anything different to make it better it just finally did. So don't worry if it's taking you a little more time than expected to get over this rough patch in your sex life. It does end eventually.

i was a physical and emotional wreck and my dr neglected to mention the fact that sex might be painful so i thought i just wasn't into it. tried a bunch of different things that didn't work but i finally got an insert for lubrication that helped, tho i can't remember if i bought it OTC or from my dr.

i never had any incision pain during sex tho. i healed up pretty nicely altho i have a good amount of adhesions on the inside. good luck!

I had the same thing after my lasst 2 c-sections. Because you are nursing, your hormone levels are still off causing it to be uncomfortable. Talk to your doctor because he/she can prescribe something like "vagifem" which is a tablet you insert daily for two weeks, then about every three days after that. Unfortunately, there is some yucky discharge, but it does help the hormone balance and makes it comfortable again. It didn't go back to normal for me until I stopped nursing all together. I hope that helps.

It took awhile for us too, but it's worth it! Lubricant, foreplay, manual stimulation, all good ways to get things started! Good luck!!

I had that same problem! Its hormonal - due to the preganncy and enhanced by the breast feeding. Go to your doctor and ask for the vaginal cream that they perscribe for menopausal women. Basically you insert a small about of estrogen based cream and that assists the tissue to regain its elasticity and lubrication. I only needed to use it for about a month and things have been going much smoother since! Good luck :)

Hi E.. I never look at "Mamasource" anymore, but I just happened to look today! I wanted to respond to what you wrote about painful intercourse after a c-section. This also happened to my husband & I. I have had 2 c-sections. I was also nursing. I told my OBGYN about this problem & he gave me a prescription called "Premarin" There is not generic for it. It cost us about $50 after insurance, but it worked for us! It was a huge help!!! Then after a few months I did not need the cream anymore. Just wanted to pass this on to you & your husband! I pray it works for you guys also. Blessings, M. B.

As a military wife and a fellow c-section "survivor," I can tell you that what you're experiencing is completely normal. The nurses at the Navy hospital call it "deployment disease" because it happens everytime the husbands come back from being at sea. Simply put, your body got used to being without sex and started returning to a presex state (ie smaller and dryer). Just take it slow, maybe once every three days, use lots of lubricant, and be willing to gradually work yourself back to a practiced state. Make sure your husband is willing to work with you. He might have to work his way in gradually and back out some times. It can take a couple of weeks, and you might have to go without satisfactions some of the time, but things will return to normal soon.

Good luck.

I just read in FIRST magazine the other day that the BEST lubricant is coconut oil. It doesn't evaporate like water based lubricants and it's all natural AND it smells really good. I haven't tried it yet, how often do we get to have sex with three small people running around, but I intend to. I'm sure if you google it you could find out some more info. Just a thought:)

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