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PAIN 32 Weeks Pregnant

Today I had REALLY sharp vaginal pains, it was hard to even walk! Anyone have any advice on what they could be and what to do about them? I'm calling my Dr. in the morn. but I've had similar pains, just not this intense, and they weren't concerned. Like to know if anyone else had these types of pains.

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I was about as far along as you were when I started having about the same type of pain....I could barely walk and was doubled over in pain. I went to OB & she touched my pubic bone and I thought I would die from the pain. I had Pubis Symphasis, which is a separated pubic bone. Nothing really that I could do for it, I went to physical therapy 2-3x a week and went on 1/2 days @ work since I couldn't sit for long periods of time. I still will go out of alingment down there & chiropractor puts me back, but I don't have the pain since I no longer am carrying the weight on it.

I had these pains with my later pregnancies and my Dr told me that they are spasams (sp) and that they are normal and not dangerous. They were very intense and I remember thinking for sure that I was going into labor or something had torn or a foot had just popped out of me or something!!!! But all always checked out ok. Its good that you called. Everyone is different and they may find something different with you, but I was always fine. Its the joy of pregnancy!

I have two words for you "BIRTHING BALL!!!!!" I had those same pains in the end of my 3rd pregnancy, My whole vaginal and pubic area was not just sore I was also swollen. My midwife told me it was pressure from her head dropping and from basically being pregnant. The only thing that helped was straddling a birthing ball, It kind of supports the baby and it gives your sensitive regions a rest. I watched TV, folded clothes, bounced my older kids, everything I could from that ball, then after she was born I used the ball to bounce her to sleep and to do my yoga work out (It was just a large Yoga ball I bought from Marshalls for like $10) also my two boys say it is the best ball to play with outside! Best $10 I have ever spent hands down!! Good Luck and remember, soon this will just be a memory and you will have that cute little bundle to hold!

Hi C.!

I had horrible, horrible, horrible pubic pain from 24 weeks until I delivered. I was a retail manager at the time and I thought it might have something to do with being on my feet all day.

When I asked my doctor about it, he said it was the way the baby was laying, and once the baby turned, it should subside. However, it did not. I learned it was just something I had to deal with. Nothing was wrong with my baby and everything else was completely normal.

I had to go on "bed rest" the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. And it wasn't until then that the pain lessened. It didn't go completely away though. Good luck!

I had something that sounds like you describe when pregnant with my daughter. I don't remember the exact time. It felt almost like someone had kicked me in the vagina or pelvic bone. I doubled in pain. It only happened a couple of times. I don't know what it was, but I've been told that it could've been the baby moving or kicking or hitting. I knew that she was already head down, so I figured that she may be stretching. But, to help with your concerns, I delivered a beautiful & healthy baby girl at 38 weeks. Hope that your OB can give you an insight as to what they are.

I had pains like that were i couldnt walk. It ended up being a blader infection in my case. I had to hold on to the walls and whatnot to get around and i walk sideways. After a day of meds i was doing alot better

I would have them check you for pre-mature labor. When I was 32 weeks with my son, I was in pre-mature labor for 2 days, I thought it was braxton hicks. I even drove myself to the hospital. This was even my second child, but who has labor pains at 32 weeks, i was thinking. I did learn to listen to my body. It was a good thing my son was breech or they say I would have delivered at my job !! Better to be safe then sorry. Defintely call the doctor.

When I was pregnant, I had vaginal pains fairly often. There are a couple of nerves that run along the uterus that can cause phantom pains when the baby sits just right. I also had feelings like there was something in my birth canal, and at times I could have sworn that there was a foot or an arm sticking out. They pretty much stopped for me by 36 weeks, but I also had a huge baby (9lbs 3oz) that had beyond run out of room at that point. Mention it to your doctor at your next visit, and she'll probably say its no big deal.

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