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Pads or Tampons????????????

OK .... My daughter is 12 ( 13 in April) started her period in June since she has had one about every two weeks we are getting her in to the doctor but we had a male and she wants female so of course our wait is long any way until then we have been dealing with it my question is she flows heavy and she is very devolped for her age and some times has a hard time with this as her mindset is 12 and she is still my little girl but i have noticed that she is struggling with finding a pad that is thin enough and works well. She is in dance and has to weat tight clothes and is having issues with that .......do i let he know about tampons?? Is she to young? Of course i am torn i would love to help her so she is preppared when this happens and can go to dance with out worries but she is still my little girl and i think she is to young :( please help!!!!! and if i do how do you even start ????????

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I like the always maxi that are in th eorange wrapper they are medium flow they have wings and they are thin but long. I would explain that if she ever wants to go swimming or for dancing she could wear this and explain to here she needs to still wear pads because she is young but to wear a tampon for dancing or swimming is fine. I would let her.

When my daughter wanted to go swimming and was on her period, I bought her the slimmest tampons and explained to her that I would help her out if she needed to - and also gave her the directions that come with the tampons. I would just give her that option - esp since she is in dance..Good luck!!

H. ~ wow, that is something that I will have to think about in 12 more years! :-) However, i have found an alternative to tampons... They are called Insteads. (I buy them at CVS) They are AWESOME, and do not have the risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) I have never had a leak... Hope that helps... Does Tampons have an age requirement?

Best of luck...

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Tampons are the only thing I used from day one because I was a competitive swimmer. NO big deal. She will thank you, because she will feel way more comfortable. the American girl book taking care of you or something like that . My 10 y/o daughter reads it all the time, it talks about hair and nails and shaving, brushing your teeth etc...and has a good description of insertion of tampons for girls. Good luck

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My personal opinion of pads is that they are uncomfortable and gross. I think you should give her the choice. if she is old enough to have the period, she should know all of her options. i am surprised there is even a question of whether she should know about them. when she finds out there was another option, she might be upset that you kept it from her. if she is uncomfortable with using them, that should be her choice. what's the difference? she may seem like a little girl to you, but big girl things are happening to her and she should be well informed of how to handle it, and learning about her body.

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Tampons! Why make her go through the hassle of pads!

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My only daughter started her first period this year on Halloween. She is 12 (13 at the end of next month) We had already discussed the options of pads or tampons, so she knew her choices. I had her use pads for the first couple of days to see how heavy she flowed and so I could verify it was ok at this age to use tampons. I talked to our family doctor on Monday when I was in and he said it is perfectly fine for her to use the tampons. He felt the biggest struggle would be getting her to agree. Well, she was asking about them from day one. I told her monday evening that the dr said it was ok for her, and she immediately wanted to try one.

I went in her bedroom with her, opened a tampon, and explained how to use it. I did draw a diagram so she understood clearly where to put it. (Had to explain that you do not urinate and flow from the same opening) She got it on the first try and her only comment was that it felt weird having it in there. No problems so far, and that was a Kotex regular absorbency.

I recommend explaining it to her and letting her choose. Get some of the smaller sized ones for her to start with. If she is ok with them, then you may want to try the heavier absorbency for extended dance sessions and such.

In my doctor's words, "it is hard to swim and play basketbell with a mattress between your legs." I hope everything goes well, whatever you decide to do. Good Luck!!

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Hi H.,
I would let her know about tampons. My daughter started her very first period the morning of an all-day gymnastics meet. I showed her all about tampons right of the get go that morning, because I just didn't see any other way and she never had a problem. At least give her the choice. I hope it all works out!

The rule for us was that we couldn't wear tampons until we were at least 15. And then only OB until older. (with a smaller body of a preteen/ young teen the applicators may be too big...)
But none of us were in dance class and didn't have to worry about the form fitting clothes your daughter will have to.

Personally I would say pads... Shes really young for tampons and may not be emotionally ready for them. How much does she actually know about her body... Does she realize that things go "up" there? And are you comfortable with the idea of possibly having to "show" her if she can't quite understand the directions?

They do make very absorbant thin pads(active types). Classes and such only last a short amount of time...

Really the best thing to do would be to talk to her and ask HER what SHE is comfortable with... explain all the health issues about leaving them in too long and all that... And ask what SHE is ok with.

i was 11 when i started mine, and i think i was 12 when i first used a tampon.....of course she should at least know her options. i mean, she's entered into this new world and should know all the in's and out's of it. try not to tell her about these things as if they're taboo to talk about or scary in any way. try to help her understand she's entered into womanhood, it's a happy (yet sometimes uncomfortable) time and she should be proud! i knew a girl that started hers when she was 9, so there are worse scenarios! explain to her how a tampon works, show her one. i think kotex has a special gift pack you can get for girls who first started or are going to start their period. i remember my mom got me one and it had a little book explaining how the female organs work and came with pads and maybe tampons, i don't remember. maybe you can look online for something like that.

i hope you find a good doctor for her and get the help you're looking for!

you certainly should tell her about tampons. if she has heavy flow.. she might need a tampon and a pad at the same time. the first year of so of periods is bad.. then it seems liek the hormones smooth out and it gets better.

there is not much the the OB/gyn can do for her.. they like to put girls on teh pill as that does make periods lighter.

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