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Pack & Play Question: Music/vibration ($$$) Vs. No Music/vibration ($)??

Hello! I'm researching pack and plays and would prefer to keep my spending down. I see pack and plays both with and without the music/light/vibration features and notice that there's definitely a price difference between them.

Do you find that you use these features quite often and is it worth spending a little extra money for them? (Currently, we do have a bassinet and a bouncer with these features, so maybe we don't need them on a pack and play??) Also, if any of you have a gender neutral pack and play that you're looking to sell (with changer), I'm interested. I'm looking to spend no more than $40 for a used pack and play.

Thanks for your advice!

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I think the music/vibration isn't worth it. I never had it nor missed it. I've heard some questionable things about reliability of them as well.

Hi! I don't have one to sell you because I'm still using mine, but I will let you know that through 2 kids I have never used the music or vibration. Also, the only times I have used the pNp were when I was working outside and needed to keep someone contained or when I was traveling and they had nothing for my baby to sleep in. Good luck!
By the way, if you get a used pNp, please make sure it hasn't been recalled for any reason. Some of the older units had problems with collapsing on babies. :-(

Hi H.! Congrats on your little girl soon to be arriving! I have a 13 month old little girl and she is just amazing. I bought the Graco with all the bells and whistles.....we have never used the music, lights, or vibrater. It is not worth the money. Our house is two story so we kept the pnp downstairs for her naps during the day (I had a c-section and had to limit my step climbing) We used the changing station all the time...that is a must!! Hope this helps! Best wishes to you and your family!

Go on the cheap for something like this. It's not worth the extra money. We bought our pack and play for travel/trips down to see my parents. We never used it in the house. If our boys needed sleep, they did so in their cribs, even from the first week home. If you can get one at a consignment sale, even better. I'd sell you my pack and play, but it's a weird one from Fisher Price that folds flat, rather than into a box like the Graco one does. It can't go on an airplane. Great for the car, but not a flight.


Our pack and play is made by graco and very basic (no vibration, lights or music). I think it was around $100. We have really enjoyed it and not once thought it needed extra functions. I agree with you, those are helpful to have on the bouncer. Our son uses the pack and play for either sleeping (while away from home) or for play time (he is now 16 months) and for play time, we put all his favorite toys in there and let him have alone play time every morning.


We have the mid-level Graco PnP that has the music feature. We actually used it during the first two months, when we had our daughter sleeping in the PnP, but I really dont think you need it. The music was really tinny sounding and annoying. The ambient noise settign is better, but you can just buy a white noise machine for your nursery, which you can use even when she isn't in the PnP. (I've heard these noise machines are really great for getting baby to sleep. We never got one, but I sort of wish we had). Also the battery seemed to die really quickly, and it's a pain to change it because you have to undo these tiny screws. I would skip it. I do recommend having a PnP w/ a bassinet and changing station. It's good to use for sleeping nearby when baby is really small, when traveling, and to corral her for short periods when she is too big for the swing or bouncy seat. Best of luck!

Congrats on your first little one! I personally did not use these features. I love the changing table and that's really all we have used it for so far. My daughter is 4mos now. I got this pac-n-play for a baby station downstairs. She took a few naps in it when she was an infant but i put her in her crib for all her sleep now. She didn't really care for the vibration, i was more excited bout it then she was. The music doesn't go that loud and the light doesn't do much at all. If i could lay it with the vibration on then i might get more use out of it!! Hope this helps. Good luck! ; )

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