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Pacifier Rash

My 2 YO daughter has developed a rash around her mouth - it's been about 6 weeks or so I would say. I think it is from her pacifier, but it seems to get better, only to get worse again. She only uses her pacifier for naps and bedtime and her pacifiers have vent holes. I wash the pacifiers with soap and hot water every time. The rash looks better in the morning, but seems to get worse throughout the day. I tried A&D ointment, but she hated it (probably because of the smell!). I switched to putting Vaseline around her mouth before giving her a pacifier but it just isn't clearing up. One day I think it's better, then the next day it seems worse. It's been cold here, too, so that might be part of it, too? I don't want to minimize it, but I also don't want to take her to the doctor if she's just going to tell me it's from her pacifier! Any ideas?

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It sounds like what my grandson had a few months ago. Doctors said it was a yeast infection. Funny to say but it was cleared up relatively easily with Monistat 7. He told her to put it on around his mouth and under his nose area before a nap and before bedtime at night and it was almost completely gone in 3 days. Doctor did tell her it was very important not to use the same wash cloth, towel etc on him as it can be contagious.

Have you boiled her pacifiers? It could be thrush or something to do with the pacifier - Latex?. It might be a good time to ween anyway. My dentist says after two, pacifiers can begin to affect the dental bite and speech.

Try using plain chapstick-the kind with the black label. I have used it on my kids faces when they get chapped. It really works!

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Good Morning J., My son is teething and is a drooling machine. As a result his face has a rash and is very chapped all the time. I have just recently started putting Aquaphor (you can buy it at Snyder's or Walmart or Target or any place like that). Completely safe to use around the mouth, lips, face area and it is thicker so it doesn't rub off as easy and really soaks in. I would use it 3 times a day or whenever she goes lies down. It has worked wonders for our little 9 month old! Let me know if that helps and good luck.


Is the tip of the paci latex? She may have a mild latex allergy. you might try using the silicone tipped pacifiers.

try the vasilene only at night before laying her down and lettin her sleep with it. It sounds like it's due to slobber that staying around her mouth when sucking on the paci. the dr's told me to use the same stuff you put on your nipples when you breast feed to help protect them from cracking. you can put it around her mouth too it's safe. its like patrolim jelly

We are fighting the same thing. If your daughter is anything like mine, she has taken the same type of pacifier forever. Allergy just doesn't seem the cause to me unless you have changed to a new pacifier. I suppose she could develop an allergy. My first thought is chapped skin from the constant moisture and the cold. It has been cold here too. I use Aquaphor by Eucerine. It is like petroleum jelly, but I think better. I have seen other people suggesting hydrocortisone, but I would check with your pediatrician first. It probably is mild enough, but to be on the safe side. Good luck! ~S.

might be a yeast infection. I would take her in to the doctors just to be sure. Even if the doctor says it is the pacifier dosen't mean you have to take it away. But at least you would know for sure.

i agree, it is probably from the pacifer....we had the same issues...get rid of them. make a big deal of it and get her some special big-girl toy. do you have another baby in the family, neighborhood etc?? we tell our 2 yr old that we gave her bottles, nuks etc to that baby. she likes being praised as a big girl and does not want the baby things anymore.

Have you boiled her pacifiers? It could be thrush or something to do with the pacifier - Latex?. It might be a good time to ween anyway. My dentist says after two, pacifiers can begin to affect the dental bite and speech.

You might want to take her just in case it is a bacterial infection and she may need an antibiotic ointment to get rid of it.

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