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OxyClean And HE Washer...

Got a new front load HE washer and dryer a few weeks ago, YEAH! Do any of you use OxyClean with yours? The instructions for the washer say to sprinkle it in the actual washer drum before adding clothes and I just wonder if it all comes back out of the little holes when the clothes start to wash? Seems like I am thinking about this too hard, getting a laugh at myself while writing this! But really, when you sprinkle it in the drum, it falls into the holes. I really like to use OxyClean for odor (stinky gym clothes), stains (2-year old!), and husbands work clothes. I just wonder if it is efficient in the HE washer? Please have mercy on me if this seems really stupid, I seem to be suffering from some silly pregnancy-brained ideas lately!

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I don't buy the special HE soaps, For 1 they don't have it available in the brands I like and I can't stand TIDE and that seems to be the main soap with HE. I use regular soaps, take out the insert for powders and put powder soap in the soap dispenser as usual. I have had my washer over 2 years and haven't had problems with it. I have bought the color safe liquid bleach that has oxy clean in it for special stain loads. I don't think it will hurt to put it where the soap goes. The main thing about HE soaps is that they are more concentrated and use less, it doesn't mean that the only soap you can use in your washer is HE.

I prefer Arm and hammer liquid soap, It is a lot cheaper and clothes smell fresher.
I am not excited about my front loader though, I think my last washer washed stains out a lot better. I have to actually pre treat just about every little stain for the front loader and some of them still don't come out. My 15 year old Kenmore outwashed this frontloader anyday. In fact I gave the washer to my parents and plan to take all my stained clothes to their house to wash them to get the stains out. I had friends bring their baby formula stained clothes over because their washer wouldn't wash the stains out well and that kenmore got them out. I didn't see a difference in the water bill at all which was the main seller of it and my other washer held more clothes even though we bought the largest capacity front loader in the store so now doing 15 loads of laundry a week.
I do like the dryer as it dries the clothes quicker.

You will figure out how much soap is too much as front loaders use less soap.

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I use it in my front load with no problems. I put the clothes in, sprinkle it on the top of the heap, close the door and wash. Works great!


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I use oxyclean and gave a HE front loader , I have always put the oxy in the drawer with the washing powder , to be honest I never bothered reading the instructions and assumed this was how it was done. All ok so far and stains are removed from the clothes.

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I use it once in a while with whites or my daughters stained clothes and I love it. I let the water fill up about an inch, then sprinkle it in and let it finish filling before I add the clothes. Once I add the clothes I close it up and run the cycle as normal and my fabrics come out fresh, clean, and lacking any waxy build-up.

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I know they make a liquid OxyClean for HE washers. I used it and it really helped.

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I don't think it's a silly question! I just got a new HE front-loader about 2 months ago, and it bothered me to put the powder in the bottom of the drum for the same reason. I ended up buying those little Tide pre-wash packets. They look just like the packets I use for the dishwasher detergent! Anyhow, since it's in a packet it makes me feel better, like it's not falling through the holes (I swear, I must be the most neurotic person alive). Anyhow, it works well and the laundry gets clean! =)

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I use it as well and I have an HE washer. I do just put it in the drum, because that is what the directions say to do. It seems to work fine but have wondered if most of it is going to waste because the way the HE washers work. My clothes get clean and smell clean so I assume it works ok. I am interested in the liquid oxy for HE washers from the other post. I didn't know they made it.

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