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Ovulation Testing - 17 Days into My Cycle and Still No Smiley Face :(

My husband and I have been trying for the last three months for Baby #3. With my last three pregnancies, I became pregnant the first month that we tried. This time, my period was late a week the first month. No luck the second month, so this month I started using an ovulation kit. I am 17 days into my cycle and still no smiley face (ovulation)! The instructions (and my doctor) told me most women ovulate 7-10 days into their cycle. I am not under any great deals of stress, nothing really big is going on in our lives (just raising my two lively girls!)...I'm curious if anyone else has had this happen? I'm becoming concerned, and I am really excited to add another little blessing to our family!

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7-10 days into the cycle seems kind of soon to ovulate. I think the average is considered Day 14. I'm 6 months pregnant and when I was charting, I noticed I usually ovulated around Day 19 or so.

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I ovulate on Day 20 of my cycle. I have 32 day cycles. Day 1 is the first day of your period. It's possible that your Dr. was saying that most women ovulate 7-10days after the last bleeding day (spotting etc) which for "me" wouldn't be accurate. That would still put me 2 days off from when I know I ovulate.

7-10 days into the cycle seems kind of soon to ovulate. I think the average is considered Day 14. I'm 6 months pregnant and when I was charting, I noticed I usually ovulated around Day 19 or so.

My girlfriend did the same thing and found her ummm "friend" was not technically at the right time in her cycle when she tried the kit at what she thought was the right time no smile. She tested a week later (14-21 days)into her "cycle" and there it was. I know that my cycle changed completely after both of my children and breatfeeding. GOOD LUCK!!

It's not uncommon to ovulate later. The actual average day is 14, so 17 is NOT late. If you have a condition like PCOS (which I have) it's not uncommon to ovulate even later. I think I ovulated somewhere in the 30's when I got pregnant w/ DD.

When I was undergoing clomid and femara, even then there were times I would not get a positive OPK meaning either didn't ovulate or it was a weak ovulation.

Good Luck.

This happened to me as well. Guess what, I was pregnant! I have no idea when I concieved. I must have ovulated way sooner than i had thought and then all the tests in the meantime told me i wasn't ovulating. I was very regular with my cycles and used ovulation tests with my first son and had no probs with them for this time until the last one kept coming up negative. Yes maam I was preggers. Not to say that you are, but i guess it's a possibity.

good luck!!

Any research you do online tells you that YOUR actual ovulation depends on the length of your cycle. Noone can say that (based on a 28 day cycle) every ovulates on day 14. Some people have 35 day cycles and some longer... Some shorter. The only thing they know for sure is that you ovulate 14 days BEFORE you start your period.
Were you on Birth control?
Have you kept track of how long your cycle is while off birthconrol a few months?

It always seemed for hubby and I that it took about 3 -4 months with lots of "fun".
Try doing some google searches on ovulation. And relax. Its only been 3 months... Tension and worry doesn't help. It will happen when it will happen. :-) And have "fun"...

But the body can play tricks on you. What I would do is follow the first 2 pregnancies' patterns. If you got pregnant without the use of an ovulation kit do that this time. Because THINKING about it, and trying to perfectly plan when and if etc IS enough to throw things off balance some so that it doesn't work in your favor.

I would forget about the ovulation kit. Using it is causing enough body chemical imbalance and it isn't working for you. Toss it.

I've only heard that you should start to try beginning day 10 and up. 7 - 10 sounds early. I wouldn't get overly anxious about it though. Be patient it will happen when the time is right. You were lucky to have it happen so quickly your first 2 times. Our little love took a nice 17 months and nothing is wrong with either of us. I'll be really excited if our second try happens within 5 months!

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