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Ovulation Kit Advice?

I just turned 42 and we have been trying for baby two for 6 months so far. To move things forward sooner rather than later, my OB recommended seeing a fertility specialist, and mentioned an ovulation kit. Does anyone have recommendations on kits or other tips on getting to the next step?

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Hi -
I used the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor, it worked great, but if you continue to have problems, you should see a fertility specialist.


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An ovulations kit worked for my friend 1st time. Based on that, try it. I tried to get pregnant and saw a fertility specialist. My FSH was high and I was told that my eggs were done when I was forty (diminished ovarian reserve). Well they were also wrong, since I got pregnant at 44 on my own and now have a perfect almost three year old daughter. Good Luck!

I'd get the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" right away, and also see a fertility specialist right away. Not to be too blunt, but at 42 you don't have time to take a "wait and see" approach. (I'm 42 also.) The book should be required reading starting for when we are teenagers! It's about getting pregnant and not getting pregnant. Oh, the ovulation kits are all sort of similar, and the book will help you pinpoint exactly when too.

Hi D.,

Do you have the book "Taking Charge of your Fertility"? If not, I highly recommend it as a first step as it teaches you to know your cycle like you never have before, including when you ovulate, and anything else in your cycle that may be impeding pregnancy. Having this info is extremely helpful to show your doctor, too. It was a Godsend for me! Good luck!

Hi D.,
Can't tell you much about ovulation kits, but I use the ovulation method of Natural Family Planning, and have always been able to pinpoint ovulation. It's based on observing sensation and "stretchiness" of your cervical mucous when you go to the bathroom. Mucous will be clear or partially clear and very stretchy when you are ovulating. Last day of this type of mucous is usually the day of ovulation. Don't want to get into too much if you're not interested, but I'd be happy to give you all the specifics you'd like if you'd like to message me directly. Sounds gross, but it's no "grosser" than changing dirty diapers, and it's pretty simple to do, plus a lot cheaper, from what I've heard, than an ovulation kit. Best of luck. Let me know if you'd like more info.

Well I feel your pain I am not even 30 and it takes me forever to get pregnant. I have used ovulation kits many times in the past and they get very pricey. I got some stuff at www.early-pregnancy-tests.com and their prices seemed decent. I only had success with the kits while in conjuntion with clomid so I can't say they were successful for us. I'd say that with each pregnancy (2) that I used them at least 3 months each time. I'd give them a shot but then I would chart and follow the calendar for a while. When I got pregnant with my son it was the first time I used pre-seed which is a great product you'll find on that website as well. It's worth a shot. Good Luck!

Try OV watch. Worked great for us and we waited to start a family. ovwatch.com

Hi, I just turned 42 and just had my second baby. I used an ovulation monitor for the second baby ... clear blue easy makes it and I got pregnant in 2 months (was trying for 6 months before the ovulation monitor) Good Luck

All of the kits work the same way, so get the cheapest one you can - they're pricey. What isn't always clear from the packaging is that you should take the test in the evening (as opposed to pregnancy tests, which you take in the morning). Do it right before you go to bed. Also, there's some debate whether daily sex during your high fertility period or every-other-day sex is better - I'd check with your OB about the latest there. Good luck!

I would take your ob's advice and make the appointment with a fertility specialist and try the ovulation kit. I had no trouble conceiving our first child (first try) and lots of trouble with our second. We saw a fertility specialist and the first thing they do is some basic tests to see if there is anything obvious that could be making it harder to conceive. One very common issue as women age is increased level of a hormone called FSH and this is one of the first things they check for (and my issue). Making the appointment does not mean that you are going to have to conceive using fertility methods it is just a step in helping to better understand what might be standing in the way. WE ended up conceiving naturally and having a healthy baby boy but it was helpful to know what was going on.

I had my kids at 39 and 42 and used the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor both times with great results!

My periods were so unpredictable that my OBGYN told me to take a test to see if I was ovualting. I though they were kind of a gimmic so I bought a cheap Shaws supermarket brand test. When it said I was ovulating I joked with my husband it's baby making time and 6 weeks later I found out I was pregnant. So they do work and it doesn't have to be a high end brand name either. It's one thing you can do on your own before going to a specialist. You can also take your temp every morning to find you ovulation times but that seems difficult for me b/c I got up at different times everyday. Good Luck.

Hi -
I used the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor, it worked great, but if you continue to have problems, you should see a fertility specialist.


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