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We are working on baby #2 and I have a question or two. I have been off of the pill since April and for some reason in March and April did not get my period and then in May to June and June to July my cycle was 25 days, which is short for me because it was of course 28 days while on the pill. I just got my period yesterday and my cycle from July to August was 29 days. I have been using an ovulation calendar and thinking I was ovulating around day 12 - 14. What I am wondering is could I be ovulating later than that. I realize I need to take notice of my cervical discharge but am having a difficult time noticing a difference. We have been "making love" anywhere from day 6 through 14. Any advice would be appreciated. It took 3 months for our first child and I didn't really pay close attention as it luckily just happened for us. What are your suggestions on ovulation kits?

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We had good luck with an ovulation kit- I want to say Clearblue Easy? There aren't that many different ones. They work like a PG test. The test will tell you when the best time is to take it based on your cycle. Good luck!!

the most important tool that you need right now is the book "taking charge of your fertility". it will explain every question you have and help you better understand how to nail down where you're at in your cycle. it requires some work but its so helpful when you're trying to conceive! theres no reason why your cycle would be anywhere near your cycle on the pill...it was a manufactured cycle. and coming off the pill can take a very long time to get a "regular" cycle back. this book will help you to know the exact window of ovulation and let you know that outside of that window sex is only for fun and really not useful for makin a baby!:) i seriously believe every woman needs this book...if not to make a baby just to know our bodies better! good luck and have fun!

It took me along time to TTC#2 after an easy first time around, and it got so frustrating playing the guessing game. I signed up on a site called fertilityfriend.com and started charting my cycles (taking your temp each AM to indicate when you are ovulating.)This worked wonders for me! You can also try the ovulation prediction kits or a fertility monitor, but personally the charting is what helped me. GL in your quest to TTC #2!

I'm unable to give advice on ovulation kits, but if you're charting www.fertilityfriend.com is a great website. I didn't understand cervical discharge either, but after going through their site I was able to understand it. It's a free site and a great way to keep track of your cycles. Good luck~

I'm not sure but I think most women ovulate about a week after their period ends. I know that I do because I get horrible pains that knock me out of commission for a few hours sometimes.

I used the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor and found out I was ovulating on day 18, when I originally thought it was day 14 or so. Well worth the money, as I had tried for over a year, but lost baby and than bought the monitor and got pregnany after the second month of using it....

Good luck. I have also been told, don't just "make love" when you think your ovulating, as it is more of a chore than fun....

I would suggest a fertility monitor. They are VERY accurate and take out all the guesswork for you. It tells you the exact date to have sex. We used one for our second child and were pregnant after only 2 cycles. I highly recommend the clearblue easy. It costs around $250 and the test sticks (3 month supply) are about $50. Good luck!

We used an ovulation kit, (generic target brand) with both our pregnancies-mostly because I am not very good at tracking...:)...and was pregnant within 3 months the first time and 1 month this time.

I think the definately help-certainly didn't hurt!

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