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Hello Everyone,

I have bought several ovulation kits and done the "online calendars." I just cannot seem to find the day I am ovulating. I get my period every month like clockwork (except when I was pregnant). The calendars tend to say I should ovulate right after my period, while the brochure w/the kit says to wait about 10 days after my period. I guess my fear is that perhaps since I am older, I am not emitting the LH chemical at all. Does the fact that I cannot find my ovulation date mean that perhaps I should see a fertility Dr? The ovulation kit I am using is Clear Blue...

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Update #2...so I took everyone's advice about testing everyday as well..and bingo! Today appears to be my big "O" day....hopefully it will work!!! thanks again
WOW! Thanks everyone for your advice and taking the time to respond. You all gave such good advice. Number one seems to be that I should tune in more to my body. Thanks again for all of your help...hopefully soon, I will be pregnant!

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When I used these tests I freaked out, because I found the ovulation tested 4-5 days later than expected by their charts. Keep taking the tests until you find it.

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when I got pregnant with my third child it was day 7 after my period... Drs. I hear say to have sex daily if you are ttc.

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Hello! Your story sounds familiar to me. I bought the ovulation kit and tested for like two weeks, two months in a row and never got anything. My periods were very regular but could not get the kit to show ovulation. Well I had similar thoughts to yours and didn't really pursue it or worry about it. About 6 months later my period was a few days late and I thought I was going through early menopause - well I did a pregnancy test after almost a week and there it was, positive as can be! SO even though I couldn't detect ovulation, was 39 years old and we weren't trying, I managed to get lucky! My daughter as born in AUgust and I am 41 now, wondering if I could possibly get double lucky. I would disregard the ovulation predictor kit and just let nature take its course. If you can't get pregnant after about 6 months of relaxing about it rather than stressing, then I'd see the fertility dr. 35 is not old.

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You may or may not be ovulating. Even if you are, there are several hormone levels your gyn. can measure that will impact how fertile you are. These are LH, FSH, and progesterone. For me, it was my progesterone, and my dr. put me on Clomid. I think it helps you produce better follicles which in turn make more progesterone to support the pregnancy. That was 12 yrs ago. After 2 months on that medicine I was pregnant and carried to term..

Prior to this, i charted my bbt. It was always clear to see when i ovulated, and when my period was starting. The temps. were very accurate. i even knew when i conceived and also when i lost two early pregnancies just by seeing the temp. changes. There is alot of good information there if you chart your temp.

You can also keep track of your discharge. Using your pointer finger and thumb, stretch some between those fingers. The closer to ovulation you get, the clearer and stretchier it gets. When it becomes slippery like raw egg white, that's the ticket.

good luck.

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Are you trying to figure it out b/c you want to try and get pregnant again? or to know for other reasons? If to get pregnant again...

My Dr gave me this advice when we wanted to get pregnant... 9 days after your first day of your period - have adult relations (LOL) that day and every other day for 9 days... (My husband was estatic) - We did this two months in a row and was pregnant the second month. My friend did this and was pregnant the first time both times she tried this way :) It doesn't really answer your question... but might help depending. Good luck!

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Hello S.. I read a fantastic book called "Your Fertility Signals" by Merryl Winstein. My husband and I were married for almost 2 years before we had our first child, and I bought the book b/c I like you, couldn't figure out when I was ovulating. After reading the book, I learned that you are most fertile up to 4 days after the end of your period. I really learned a lot from the book, and I'm hoping this helps. Good luck!

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If you are getting your period, you likely are ovulating, but you may not be emitting enough hormones to sustain a pregnancy. You might want to check out the book, "Taking Charge of Your Fertility", which describes very clearly the menstrual cycle. I suggest you do basal body temp charting: buy a basal body thermometer, set up a chart, and take your temp every morning at the same time, before you get out of bed. When you see your temp spike up, that means you have ovulated; then you need to chart the number of days that it stays up. You need to maintain a minimum of 10 days of an elevated temp to sustain a pregnancy. This means that, even if you get your period every month, and it's at the same time every month, your ovulation can happen at different times during that period, and if it's happening too late in the cycle, it won't work. You need to chart this for at least three months to get an accurate feel for what your body is doing. Check out the book, chart your temp, and then take the info to your doc to see what can be done. Good luck!

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Both right after your period and 10 days after would be early to me...i don't usually ovulate until 15 or so days after my period...so i would test a little bit later and see if that's where your at. Everyone is so different..i wouldn't be worried yet.
Your just a younger to me! I have a 3 year old and a 16 month old and i will be 40 in September!
Have done 5 rounds of invitro..so if you have any fertility questions feel free to PM me!

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I'm going to second Melissa's suggestion - the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler (sp?) is a must-have! I learned so much from it that helped me understand my body's signals all through my cycle.

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Have you tried using a basal temp. You take your temp each morning before rising. It tells you by increase or decrease
when you are ovulating. After four years, I conceived my son by using this method. Prior to that, no luck. It only took a few months and I was pregnant!
He is now 22 and joined by 2 younger siblings, 20 and 17.
There were no ovulating kits that I know of back in the day
I was trying. This simple method of taking your temp is cheap
and can work! Check into it, if nothing else.

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