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Out of No Where Fever

My 18 month old slept terrible last night, this morning he has a fever with no other symptoms of anything else, I felt around in his mouth and I feel no new teeth. And he acts like he feels fine unless he's trying to get to sleep, or stay asleep. He had his 18 month shots last Wed. could he just now be reacting to the shots? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Thank you all, I took him to the doctor and as many of you said, it was an ear infection. Thanks again for all the help.

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Is it possible he has an ear infection? Rubbing or pulling at his ears. Cries when layed down. I think it could also be due to the shots.

I know that if my son had bad nights with a fever, we were usually looking at an ear infection. I am not an expert but I wouldn't wait too much longer before you took him into the doctor... it just makes everyone's lives a whole lot easier if you can get everything ruled out. Also, I know that is how my son's hand, foot and mouth was started... be on the look out for that as well.

Could be an ear infection. Does he pull at his ears or do they seem sore if you try to look at them? Probably not from the shots, those symptoms are usually gone within 2 days. If the fever hangs around its probably viral or an ear infection.

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i would not worry until he has kept the fever for 24 hrs or if it gets over 103. usually virus' carry high fevers and the dr will just tell you that it has to run its course. I will pray for your son, he is going to be fine.

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Fever and no other symptoms could be a urinary track infection.


I am a Grandmother (MiMi), this weather has really been crazy latlely and maybe he might some kind of allergies or a little bit of a cold. I take care of granddaugther and give her a health beverage that I am a wholesale dist. of it seems to help her with teething(never has had a problem sleeping or with new teeth coming in), no colds with this crazy weather, and when she does have shots she is fine!! When they are so young you worry a lot and you yourself do not get a lot of sleep, best advice if fever continues call the dr.

Most likely he caught something from the Dr's office. Many viruses present with a fever and later will show other symptoms. It is not likely that it is related to the shots. Give him Tylenol or ibuprofren. You can alternate each every 3 hours normal dosage if the fever is high (check with your Dr.) You can also spray his hair with a water bottle and keep it damp to keep fever down if it is high, or sponge baths. anything that will cause the water to evaporate to keep him cool. I would wait another day before bringing him in. Most likely it is a virus, but if it is something else, if the fever just presented it will take a day or 2 for other symptoms to come out. Keep him comfortable.

Depending on how high the fever and if it's controllable. When my son was that age he would get spiking fevers. It was due to constant ear infections. He had to get tubes put in his ears. Be carefull with the fever, especially if it comes out no where. My son went into a seizer a couple of times because of the spiking fevers. Your doctor may refer you to an ENT if it's ear infections.

Hi. I don't know if this will help, but that is what happens to my son when he has strep. He will have a sudden fever for a few days without symptoms, or at least symptoms he can tell me about. His fevers are usually 101-103. Good Luck

It could be nothing ... or he could be coming down with something. One thing I learned about my son from age 9 mos or so to about 18 mos: after he went to the doctor, even for shots, he came down with a cold or other illness! It is hard to say...but maybe extra rest could be beneficial. Good luck!

Hi A.,

I would check his fever constantly and check his glands to make sure they are not swolen. Although it may be teething (because they do not have to have any signs of teeth coming in), it could possibly be an infection. My daughter had an infection when she was 3 months old and she ended up having to go into the hospital and have surgery to remove the infection (where it was swelling). Her symptoms started out with just a low grade fever and I didn't realize until we got to the doctor, that her lymph nodes were swelling up. She had a very low grade fever for a couple days (with no other symptoms) before I took her to the doctor. Please don't worry because of what I am saying. It is probably just teething or something minor, but all that to say, I would keep a close eye on it and take him to the pediatrician if you are concerned.

My 9 month old had this last week. We went to the dr. we were worried it was the flu. He had a high fever, but no other symptoms. He didn't have the flu, but just a fever virus that lasted 24 hours! This weekend he got a fever again, but with a runny nose!! I think he might be working on his molars!

I hope you little guy is feeling better...

Hi A.,

I am a stay at home Mom of 2 girls, 4 & 8. I have 20 years experience in dentistry, 5 that were in a pediatric dental office.
Typically reactions to shots would be in the 24-48 hours after the injections. Teeth are always a possibility!
The tooth buds are formed in the mouth when the baby in invitro-still inside you. They can take a long time to erupt through the gum and sometimes play peek a boo. (also boys are usually slower at getting their teeth) Notice if he is drooling or looking to chew on things to gain comfort.
The lower front teeth are typically the first teeth to make their appearance. A cold, wet-not frozen wash cloth can help make him and his gums feel better. Hope it helps.
S. C.

My daughter had a series of those which the Doctor called a "dry run fever" as she had no nazal congestion or drainage, no signs of an illness. She was lethargic and overslept. The Doctor stated that her body could have been fighting an illness prior to manifestation. They are common and not something to be alarmed about. If it does not go away in several days a trip to the Dr. may be in order.


Some children run a periodic fever. He can have an ear infection without appearing to have one (no tugging on the ears.) The fever wouldn't be a 'delayed' reaction to the shots.

However, my daughter did get sick a few days after her four month shots and remained ill for two months. She had her 6 month shots and again was sick for two months. The DRs insisted it wasn't related to the vaccines, that it is NORMAL for a breastfed, no daycare, no siblings in school baby to be very ill all winter long. So when it was time for her 9 month shots I didn't have her vaccinated. Sure enough, she has stayed very well and healthy ever since (she is 11 months.) She will not be getting more vaccines until she's 2, if that.

Not to alarm you, but since you did ask if it is related to the vaccines, keep an eye out for social or language regression, sensory problems, ect. If he develops different odd symptoms or doesn't seem to get better, you might want to see if the Dr can do a blood test to see if there's something going on with him (including mercury testing.) I didn't have it done an I wish now that I had pushed for it because at least then I would have had tat report if in fact they did find a connection between the vaccinations and her illnesses.

And, it could just be a 24 hour bug!!

My 9 mo. old just got over a viral illness in which she only ran fever anywhere from 99-104 for 5 days. Our pedi said it is a virus going around. She would play during the day as long as she had Motrin or Tylenol on board. But same thing at night and for naps had trouble sleeping. I would take him in to the Dr. if he con't to run fever just to make sure he doesn't have any type of bacterial infection (i.e. ears).

My two older boys did this when they had ear infections. (So far no ear infections with the third.) It is most painful when they are lying down. The fluid in their ears puts a lot of painful pressure on their ear drums. You might see if this is the problem.

Could be an ear infection. Does he pull at his ears or do they seem sore if you try to look at them? Probably not from the shots, those symptoms are usually gone within 2 days. If the fever hangs around its probably viral or an ear infection.

Could be an ear infection. If it has been longer than 48 hours since the shots, that is probably not the cause.

I'm brand new 2 minutes ago to mamasource and don't yet know how to see the other responses so forgive me if this is a repeat. We didn't have delayed reactions to shots, but we have had a few times what I call the "fever bug." The "fever bug" is some virus that causes a fever as it's only symptom. If this happened when the kids were only 18 months, though, I would have checked with the Dr to make sure there wasn't an infection that we needed to treat. My pediatrician has guidelines for fevers and when you need to call based on actual temperature and age of child - then when you call there are additional guidelines. One thing I have learned is that children can experience symptoms very differently than we do. There were cases in my children when they should have been wailing in pain but weren't. e.g. a severe ear infection where child didn't complain of or act out pain - just a mild fever. Usually ear infections came with pain symptoms but at least once it did not. I hope you're fever free and this message is useless to you today, but it's my input if it's usefull.

Hello A.! Well, I can tell you for sure that it's not the shots. The shots usually bother them within 24hrs, and nothing more after that. The only thing I can think of is that he may have some drainage, and it is bothering his throat. Our daughter has a stuffy nose and a little cough right now, and nights are AWFUL. We took her to the doctor yesterday, and they said everything looked fine, and to try and have her sleep elevated (yeah right). For us, it's just something that we will have to wait out, since they don't want you giving meds anymore at their age. Is he coughing or has a runny nose, pulling on his ears, loss of appetite? Maybe you can give him Motrin and see if the fever breaks. If the fever doesn't break within 24 hours, I would maybe call the doctor, you should never mess around with a fever. I hope I helped.

I know that if my son had bad nights with a fever, we were usually looking at an ear infection. I am not an expert but I wouldn't wait too much longer before you took him into the doctor... it just makes everyone's lives a whole lot easier if you can get everything ruled out. Also, I know that is how my son's hand, foot and mouth was started... be on the look out for that as well.

My 23 month old has been having the same fevers for about a year now. The very first time I did not know how to control the fever and he stop breathing and shook like crazy. That was a very scary moment in our life. All I have ever been told was that it was caused by a very high spike in the fever from 99 to 104 in seconds. The fevers are the body recognizing that there is somthimg going on in the immune system more than likly a virus. The fever comes first to try and fight off anything thats wrong. We all know that there is nothing we can do about a virus but let it run its course. Most important you need to control the fever. You have to alternate tylonol andy motrin every 4 to 6 hrs its okay to give at the same time. tylonol every 4 hrs and motrin every 6 hrs. consult a doctor if you have any doubts. hope I was of some help.

Sounds like my daughter's ear infection. She was fine as long as she wasn't sleeping.

Maybe an ear infection? When my daughter has one, she acts totally fine during the day, but at night she has trouble sleeping. She also gets fevers when she has one.

My two boys have had the same problem since they were small. Every time they get over tired they run a fever. I spoke to the doctor and he said it had to be something else but since there were no other symtoms I did not worry. The fever always made them sleepy and once they woke up the fever was gone.

Since your son is only 18 months old, he is not able to verbally tell you what may be bothering him. Usually fever is the first symtom of an illness. It could be his ears, throat, stomach, etc... Just watch him and if the fever is still there by tomorrow or intensifies later today, you may need to take him to the doctor.

He might have an ear infection. My daughter frequently gets them. She exhibits no signs other than a fever. She will play all day and act fine until bedtime. Apparently when lying down the pain be pretty bad. Just a suggestion.

If he is pulling at his ears it could be an ear infection . Also he can be teething even if you don't feel no tooth in place . Try looking in his mouth and if you see any white bump on his gums he is teething . Good Luck !!

Have you had him checked for an ear infection? Also, if you think he is reacting to the shots, do bring him back to the pediatrician and have him thoroughly checked out. He may have some other kind of infection and it is wise to check. You can decide if you want to use natural, or regular medicine, but get a diagnosis . J. K.

Take him to the doctor and have his ears checked. An ear infection can spike a fever sometimes. If he just had his shots then you should always check out a fever following the shot.

I had the same fever a few weeks ago. It was a low grade fever with no other symptoms that lasted from Thursday to Thursday. Good luck!

When my 20 month old has a hard time sleeping and is running a temp. he has an ear infection. He won't stay alseep because laying down hurts his ears.

Is it possible he has an ear infection? Rubbing or pulling at his ears. Cries when layed down. I think it could also be due to the shots.

You should definitely have him checked for ear infections. Ear infections are usually worse when they lay down and they will have a fever with it. Take him to the doctor!
M. - mom of 4

A., I'm not a doctor but I am a mom....which is the next best thing right. lol It sounds to me like an ear infection. Take him to the Dr. right away to have him checked out. In my opinon ear pain is the worst for our little ones. And it has been really windy lately. Pour baby.(both of you)well let us know what the Dr. says. and Good luck.

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