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Organic Milk Vs. Non-organic Milk

What are your views on using organic milk (and other organic products)? We have recently switched to organic upon hearing stories that additives to milk can lead to an increased rate of puberty in girls. The organic milk is much more expensive and I personally don't care for the taste (but my kids don't seem to mind yet). I would love to hear some opinions on this issue. Thanks

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I've just made the switch to organic milk for my 2 year old daughter. I'll be anxious to read the other responses, especially anyone who has been using organic milk for a few years for their daughters.

We switched to organic milk as well because of the additives as well. We buy the HEB brand of organic milk in Katy. The one off of Grand Parkway is $4.99 a gallon, but the one in Sugarland has it for $5.25. It seems to do a good job of lasting as well, because we buy 3 - 4 gallons a week. As for the taste I can't tell a difference. Good luck.

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I had to switch to lactose free and the brand I normally by doesn't use hormones. The 'research' says that the hormones don't hurt humans, but do you believe everything you hear on the news? I did a little research a few years ago and everything I found lead me to believe that hormone/antibiotic free is the best way to go.

Now I buy whole wheats, hormone/antibiotic free milk, cage free vegitarian eggs, and I try to stick with unrefined sugar. At a minimum this is what we all should do, it's just better for our bodies.

Best wishes!

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This was ahuge topic in our house as I have 2 girls. My mom went through cancer and treatment 3 yrs ago and then converted to organic everything. She began pushing the organic issue with my husband and I and I really resisted. However, I have friends who have daughters in 3rd grade that have already started their periods - YIKES!!!

SO we have switched to organic on some things. Milkk was a big one - expensive but I have found that I actually like the organic better than conventional now. There is a list called the dirty dozen, if you don't want to go full board organic you can just try the 12 on the list.

The biggest ones are dairy and meat products due to the additives (so think beef, milk, cheese, yogurt), try all natural chicken, berries, apples and lettuces are the other big ones as thye soak up the pesticides more than other fruits and veggies.

The cost of going organic is somewhat expensive, but then again so are feminine hygiene products, so you will hopefully just be trading one cost for another :)

Good luck and experiment!

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I have two beautiful girls and I've always used organic milk. It is expensive, but my views are, cancer, or any other disease that can brought on my an onslaught of chemicals is much more expensive! (When we lived in Hawaii, it was $12 a gallon! So this is 'cheap' for me now)

I use organic whenever possible - but there are definitely some foods that are more important that they be organic than others - strawberries, for instance, are loaded with chemicals, so organic is best. If my children drink/eat a lot of a food - I try to go organic. Milk is definitely in that category, espcially when they are young and ovaries, etc. are developing.

Whole Foods and Central Market are excellent places to educate yourself. There are also websites that can give you lists of foods to only buy organic, when it's okay to buy "not" organic, etc. HEB has a great organic section and their organic milk brand is less expensive than most.

I just don't think we can be too careful where our and our children's health is concerned.

I think you'll find some very interesting facts out there - a great book I've recently read is "Lunch Lessons : changign the way we feed our children" Ann Cooper and Lisa Holmes.

Best of luck!


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My pediatrician mentioned it to me when my oldest daughter was 2. We've been using organic milk (and other organic products) for 7 years now. I've read many supporting articles over the years that keep me buying organic, one in particular was a dateline show on the toxic chemical levels in a test group of children and adults. So, even if the hormone research proves false, I use it for the chemical/pesticide benefits as well.
My kids hate the Horizon. Don't know what the deal is with that brand. Try O brand from Randall's, or Archer Farms from Target. I think "O" tastes completely normal.

I think that even if the hormone dangers prove bogus, the fact that there will be little to no pesticides/ chemicals in the milk is a huge plus. My mom (who drinks organic milk) once told me that my milk tasted terrible, she could strongly taste the pesticides. I didn't believe her but a year or so later I started hating the taste of milk- it tasted off so I stopped drinking it. Every once in a while I'd try it but just couldn't tolerate it. Then I bought some Horizons milk on clearance, about four gallons for $3 each. I had no problem drinking the milk (it does taste different but it also doesn't have that weird twang I couldn't tolerate.) Well, after drinking the Horizons milk for a couple of weeks (we put them in the freezer and thawed them as needed) we went back to regular milk. There was that awful twang again!

I recommend doing your own taste comparison- drink organic for a few weeks and then try regular and see what you think. pesticides are really bad for us and if you can taste it in the milk, that's a clear danger sign.

S., mom to four girls

Have alwayS used organic. Hormones etc. Nephew was drinking non-organic and started breast like develop. Family switched and all was ok. Other sister swears by same. With or without puberty impact, which I think iS accurate, with antibiotics/hormones, it is at least one place we can avoid influx of same.

Meat, chicken, milk....all dosed with antibiotics. Can't afford organic meat at this point so at least this is something.

My kids, since they have had no other, are happy.I like it.

Hi Jennifer,
I personally believe that buying organic milk (as well as meats) is pretty important due to all the additives and hormones that can and have led to early puberty in girls. (I have a friend that has a daughter who started her period when she was 9 years old.) However, it is outrageously expensive and if you aren't crazy about the taste, I would recommend switching to Borden. They don't use additives or hormones, but don't brand themselves as "organic".
Hope this helps!

Take care,
R. N

We used to buy organic milk as well, until I discovered that it can actually put you at risk for various diseases. These organic farms do not give their cows the recommended antibiotics and vaccinations in order to keep their products "organic". And even though the milk is pastuerized, some of the viruses these cows get because they are not vaccinated can remain in the milk. I've heard the early puberty argument against non-organic milk, but to be honest I have not seen this with my neices and other pre-pubescent girls I know that drink it. And, the organic fruit and veggies are not a good idea because the lack of pesticide use puts you at risk for parasite infection. I'm a nurse, so I have to stay up on this stuff.

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