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Opinions About Products I Got at My Shower

I didn't have a 'shower' per se for my daughter... LONG story.

Anyway, I just had the one that work threw for me... wanted to get people's opinions on some of the products we have.

-Fisher Price Aquarium tub (with hammock for when he's newborn)
-Diaper Genie with level 1 refill
-Dr. Brown's bottles in various sizes (I will be breastfeeding and pumping, but only when necessary- no forumula whatsoever)
-baby 1st mouth, rectal and/or underarm thermometer (digital)

the only ones I asked for were the diaper genie (because we're using a regular trash bin for my daughter and it's awful!) and the Dr. Browns, ebcause I heard about how good they were with colic and gas.

Any input would be appreciated.

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Thanks everyone for your input... I had an adjustable tub with my daughter... hated it and just used the kitchen sink. I just really like the colors and design of the aquarium tub, so I'll give it a go.
I used (and still do) Playtex drop ins... Just wanted to check another brand, and Dr. Browns seem to have a similiar reputation. Plus I'm tired of buying those bags/drop ins all the time.

I set up the diaper genie, and so far so good. I can't stand using the trash can we have in their room... it gets full in the span of a day, and my son's not even here yet! This is saving me from emptying that dern thing so often.

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I love the Dr.Brown bottles. I used them all the time. (I was breastfeeding and pumping too). I used them for the first 4 months.

Hello there,

Dr. Brown's are the best, I used them when my baby was little, she is 2 1/2 years now. I think it's great to breastfeed omly, I did it, a lot of work but is very rewarding, LOVED IT!!!

We tried the diaper genie thing and hated it. You end up emptying that thing just as often if not more. Also, the refills are expensive.

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We used Dr. Browns and they are wonderful!! Alot of piece to wash but really help with gas.

We tried the diaper genie thing and hated it. You end up emptying that thing just as often if not more. Also, the refills are expensive.

I recommend the aquarium tub because we have it and DH likes it. I would tell you to change the diaper genie to a diaper champ so that way you can use your own garbage bags. I can't help you with the bottles because I am using ventair from playtex. A thermometer is always a good idea to have and I had to buy mine.

The Dr. Brown's bottles are fantastic. I wish we had known about them with our first daughter! Neither one of my babies would breast feed due to them both having very bad acid reflux. These bottles eliminate the baby sucking in air while drinking. The only thing with these bottles is many people have never used them before. This means that babysitters, sunday school nursery caregivers, grandparents are not used to them. You need to take just a little extra time so that if someone else is watching your baby during a feeding they know how to put the bottle together correctly...otherwise it leaks!

We switched from the Diaper Genie to the Diaper Champ after we broke our Diaper Genie. The Diaper Champ takes regular trash bags and didn't smell with my 1st daughter until she was about 18 mos. old.

Congratulations on both your babies!

thermometer is good I used that kind when she was an infant then I got an ear one way better for toddlers because it only takes a second as far as a tub I used the kitchen sink till she couldnt fit anymore I had a tub and only used it once..(for her first bath) the sink was way easier I thought...good luck!

I LOVE the Dr. Brown's bottles. My son had reflux really bad and they were the best bottles on the market. We tried everything. We tried the Avent bottle, the Playtex dropins, the plane jane old fashion bottles, everything and nothing worked but Dr. Brown's.

I researched all the diaper pails and we ended up getting the "Diaper Champ" because with it you can use regular trash bags, you can even get the scented ones at the dollar tree, and with the Diaper Genie and others that take special bags if the change the model and stop making the refills you are out of luck. We wanted to be able to use it for all of our children and not have to worry about the expensive refills. JMO

Good Luck

E. J

1. LOVED the Aquarium hammock tub...my son is 10 months and just stopped using it last month.
2. I actually have the diaper dekor, which worked better for me because there is no twisting in the middle of the night when you don't have a free hand.
3. I heard good things about these bottles, but I only nursed for the first 6 months...after that my son would only use the drop in bottles because they allowed him to hold it at any position and get food...ALSO, he would not take bottles from me for a while, so don't stress if he wants the real stuff :)
4. All of the basic thermometers for under the arm are about the same. If the temp is high enough to worry about, there isn't much difference between 102.1 and 102.3

Good luck, this is an awesome time :) Even when you are tired and sleep deprived know that it only gets better!

Dr. Browns are great!! 2 of 3 of my kids were colic and all 3 had formula "sensitivities" actually one of them was completely allergic to formula!! anyway, Dr. Browns saved me!! I was not able to breast feed, so i had to get the "specialty" formulas.. anyway, they can be a little hard to clean, i just soaked the parts in warm soapy water to get them clean- other than that they are great! I personally don't like the diaper genie, i had one and the bags are very complicated to change, there is one called diaper champ that "seals in" the smell but uses regular trash bags.. my best friend uses it w/ her baby and you can't smell a thing! I asked my doctor about the accuracy of a digital, they use the digital ear therm. at my ped's office. they love it and said as long as you keep the batteries fresh it stays accurate. I don't know about the rectal/underarm - but Braun thermoscan is a good ear digital, it reads in like 1-2 sec.'s (which is great when your baby is screaming w/ a fever!) they are like 30 or 40 dollars, but worth it! and i don't know anything about the tub.. but i hope this info helps! best of luck w/ your new baby..

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