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Opinions About Circumcision

I would like to know some opinions about how moms and dads feel about circumcising your sons. I dont know if we are having a boy or girl, but I have to decide on that issue and I am mostly stuck in the middle. I would love to hear what you have to say for or against. Thanks.

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I have read evey response and message and I totaly appreciate all of your input. I was actually surprised to find that you all are split about 50/50. I keep leaning towards not cutting because you are given what you are given, and it is such a big deal, not like ears pierced, then I hear about the boys and men who have problems later (for whatever reason) and have to have it done, and it is horrible. So then I have the dilema (guilt?), what if that situation happens later in life and he has the problem, pain, expense and maybe embarrassment if they are elderly (or not)? I would like to hear from the men/boys. Where can I get stories from them without stopping men on the street? Are there men who are cut who have similar problems as uncut men? Feel free to keep sending your thoughts. Thanks again. Your sharing is valuable. (watch, i'll have a girl...)(also, my hubby doesnt really have an opinion, strange as that may be. i get to learn and educate him...)

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L., I also did not know if I was having a boy or girl. We made the desision to have my son circumsied for many reasons but the closing one was to look like dad. Dad being a sons main same sex role model we thought that it was important that they were the same. We hope that it will lead to less questions now (ie. potty training and baths) and better bonding and discussions later (personnel care and sex). Do what you are most comfortable with.

It was around twenty years ago the the American Academy of Pediatrics started to consider changing its pro-routine circumcision policy. In 1999, they officially stopped recommending routine circumcision. Here is the first sentence of their new policy:

"Existing scientific evidence demonstrates potential medical benefits of newborn male circumcision; however, these data are not sufficient to recommend routine neonatal circumcision."

The policy continues with details about circumstances in which circumcision is recommended or contraindicated.

do it! unless there is a religious reason not to. it's clean and better for him socially and if you are concerned about the pain he will feel (I was) it may make you feel better to know that my son didn't even cry. they give him a local and the pain is minimal. They brought my son back to me 5 minutes after the circumcision and he was sleeping and just fine. I'm very happy we did it.

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I have 2 boys (3.5 and 1.5). Both are uncircumcised. We have had zero issues with UTIs or any health concerns. I hope that later in life they won't be the only uncircumcised boys in the locker room... I think that Mothering magazine still has articles online re: circumcision. Check out www.mothering.com. There was an entire issue dedicated to the subject a few years ago and I think you can order a copy. They will make a strong case against circumcision.


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We have one son who we are adopting who was not circumcised and a baby who we had circumcised. Physical appearance didn't have much of an impact on our decision. I researched it for a long time before having the surgery done and I was there when it was done.

First of all, those people who say it will have more enjoyment for your son if it stays intact can't really say that for sure since they haven't had it both ways. When I was researching it, the MEN's stories were what tipped the scales for me. Here is what they said in summary. All had been circumcised as adults for medical reasons. All had had sex previously and felt that it was better after being circed. All had wished they had been circed as a baby because recovery time is MUCH quicker and as a baby there is far fewer nerve endings down there so it hurts much less.

I also took into account the MANY stories of people who worked at nursing homes/care centers and had to work with older men or those who were incapable of taking care of themselves properly for whatever reason and had to be circed at 80 years old because they were unable to clean themselves properly and got UTI's. And the stories of small boys who had to have it done because of UTI's and having it hurt much worse and being a much larger medical procedure/cost for a 5 year old boy vs a newborn.

Also, the rate of penile cancer is lower among circumcised men (even if it is not significantly lower...it is still lower).

Here is what the American Association of Pediatrics says about it: http://www.aap.org/publiced/br_circumcision.htm

They do not recommend circumcision for everyone, however they do state that there are medical benefits for having it done.

In the end it came down to did I want to risk having my adult son go through MUCH more pain or did I want to take care of it while there was still very little pain involved.

We had my son's done...it healed in 3 days...he didn't feel any pain because it was anesthetized and he didn't act like he was in pain afterwards. He cried the most because they had to strap him down to do the surgery (I did hate seeing that). He immediately stopped crying as soon as they unstrapped him. And he nursed just fine afterwards. After it was done, I kept a bunch of Vaseline on it while it was healing (A BUNCH...went through 4 squeeze tubes in 3 days) and I just make sure I can see the rim of it clearly when I change his diaper.

Also, having experience with an uncircumcised boy, I can say he has already had it irritated several times because it wasn't cleaned properly--especially when he was potty training. My circumcised son has not had any problems.

I'm not saying it was painless or that it was easy for me to watch. But I still feel I made the right choice... sometimes doing what is best for your child isn't easy.

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While we don't have boys...yet :).....we have discussed it. My husband is circumcised and so will our son. We decided it is easiest to look like Daddy.

Hi, L. ~

You've gotten SO many responses, at this point mine hardly seems worth the effort. But in glancing over the existing posts, I haven't seen our issue addressed, so let's do it.

I had my firstborn son circumcised at his father's request, since I didn't know anything about it. The only reference I'd ever seen was biblical (and by the way, God only required it under the Old Covenant, not after Jesus's sacrifice), and I wasn't even sure what it entailed. So we did it without too much talk or thought. Then when our second son was born, there was no decision to be made. But when the doctor wheeled my baby back into the room and said she couldn't complete the circumcision because of a condition called hypospadias. The condition is no great big deal if you get it taken care of early. My baby had surgery at 6 months to repair the hypospadias and complete the circumcision. But I'm glad it was caught when it was. Who knows how long it would have gone unchecked had we not done the circumcision.

Anyway, that's my two cents. It's a very personal decision based on personal preference. :)

Congratulations on your new little one. Enjoy the daylights out of him or her!

~ R.

All I can say is that my DH is uncircumcised and the sex is soooo much better than with circumcised men. In this day and age, with regular hygiene as it is, it is archaic. In many countries, Europe and Australia, it is no longer the norm. I remember my brother saying the only time he had been naked in front of other people (Sauna in Finland) was when he was conscious of being the ONLY circumcised guy around. Being naked in front of other people other than your SO doesn't ever happen in the US :-P If you have a boy, IMO, I'd spare him the hurt :D

I know this is kind of old, I don't know if you had a son or not but here is another issue. I have 2 boys and both are circumcised. The catch is, my insurance company wouldn't pay for it. We have deductables ($300.00 per person, $500 for family) So I had to pay for the circs out of pocket. $280.00. I was told by the doctor that most insurance companies do not cover that at all so many people who can't afford it do not have it done. AHCCCS does not cover it but they will cover it when it becomes infected.
The way I look at it: My second son was "tounge-tied." It was not extreme, but we had his frenulum (the thing that ties the tongue to his mouth) snipped at 3 months. Tounge-tie is a fairly common thing but if you don't do it when they are young, they have to be anethsetized when they are a little older to have it snipped. My cousin's son is 3 and they are now having major surgery for something a doc should have done when he was an infant. I think to have these things done when they are younger is just preemptive medicine.

Do it. Just be sure you have a doctor who is comfortable doing it. My son's pediatrician seemed to prefer not doing it but since we decided to do it, she did. I think she took a little bit too much off (just my guess, seeing other baby boys) but I dont have any regrets having my son circumcised.

When we had our son we knew right away would would have that done to our son. The main reason was my husbands parents were from Germany where you just didnt do it. Well when my husband turned 14 and was having to change clothes and stand at a urinal with other teens it became a huge issue. As funny as this my sound. When my husband was 14 his christmas present was to be circumsised!!!!! for us it was a no brainer!!

I personally did not curcucise my son. Although it is socailly axceptable or considered 'the thing to do', I find it cruel and unfunctional. People say its for religion, but if we really want to go there: If god didn't want ti there it wouldn't be there. Maybe you should go watch a brand new baby boy be stapped down and tramatized before you decide to do it to your child. I am sorry if this comes off kind of brash of something, I just dont think that babies should be exposed to that kind of pain so soon for meer cosmetic reasons. Ooh yeah, and uncleanliness has nothing to do with uncurcumcision, it has to do with people who are unclean.
Your descision is your own, I admire your wanting to become more educated on the subject.

do it! unless there is a religious reason not to. it's clean and better for him socially and if you are concerned about the pain he will feel (I was) it may make you feel better to know that my son didn't even cry. they give him a local and the pain is minimal. They brought my son back to me 5 minutes after the circumcision and he was sleeping and just fine. I'm very happy we did it.

We opted not to do any of my three sons.

My husband is circumsised and wishes he wasn't.

My brother waited until he was 20 to have it done and regrets it. He said there is so much more sensitivity and sexual gratification from not being circumsised (he did it because his first wife prefered the "look
of it).

It has been pretty easy to teach the boys hygeine. Around age 5 when the forskin can be fully retracted we taught them to do so and wash the area. Other than that no problem!

I just took one look at my perfect, intact little baby boys and didn't want a thing messed with. I figured they can decide later (like my brother) if they want it.

Good luck on this decision! It is a hard one to make!

I just had my first child, a son, and my husband and I could never decide if we should or shouldn't. We finally decided to after hearing a few stories of boys who had to get it done later due to an infection. If I had the choice agian I would NOT circumcise him. Most of the men in the world are uncircumcised with no issues. Why put your baby at risk through the minor surgery when there is no medical reason for it. He cried and cried until he fell asleep after the procedure and I felt horrible and have regretted it since. He was perfect just as he was. Unless you have religious reasons (which has always been the reason for the procedure - there is no solid medical evidence to support it otherwise the American academy of Pedeatrics would recommend it, which they don't), I would opt not to, just ask the nurses to show you how to keep him clean.

my first hubby wasn't circumcised, and so neither was our son. My second hubby is, and when we had a baby boy, we had him circumcised. It's a big difference! So much easier to keep clean, both as a child and as an adult. I am absolutely for it, and wished I'd had it done with my oldest. As he's nearly 21 now, that ship has sailed! :)

HI L., I too was 36 durring my pregnancy and 37 at delivery. We did not know if we were going to have a boy or girl. After a long discussion with our doctor and the other moms and dads in our prenatal group my husband and I decided not to have our baby circumcised if we had a boy. We could not find any medical reason why we should have our newborn go through such a precedure and had someone tried to take my son from me after I had just gone through labor and delivery I think I would have freaked out! I think back and I am so glad we did not have the added stress of worrying over cleaning a circumcision and the possible pain for the baby. Many parents are opting out of circumcising so I know my son will not be "the only one". Best wishes to you and your little one.

Hello L.~

Well to help make my decision complete (14 years ago =O) I took a personal survey to everyone I came in comtact with. I wanted to know how they decided, culture background, current "trend" etc. Everyone was aware I was pregnant as they could clearly see so I just had to put in the part that I was having a boy & needed their help with my decision. I got nothing but support & a wide range of circumstances.
My conclusion came to if "every other male is doing it" haha or not. I remembered & thought that- the worst thing they can feel is to be different, especially when he is coming into his own at that delicate sensitive age.
I did not want to stick a feather in it & call it macaroni if all the other boys were not! LOL
The fact & reality that kept pressing me was that all boys/men.... ALL PEE IN THE SAME ROOM OPENLY!!! =) Yes- Yes,there is those lovely urinals that are in there..wide opened & staggered down the line. He would be ashamed if he was the oddball. In a guy way- they do look..he could get humiliated or clowned or if we are lucky- nothing would be said.
I went with the majority vote of boys in his would-be age range on what the current trend at that time was/would be.
I did have some issues with A)the chances of having to deal with my son as a young boy (& growing up to an adult with) his could-be a lack of cleanliness "down there" (from men & parents that have told me)& B) the majority of females young & old that have expressed to me their lack of interest if this was the option I chose.

To each their own. =D

I insisted to stay in the room during the short length procedure to comfort him (barely cried)while his dad tried not to barf in the waiting room. He was not keen to the procedure but is content in our decision.
Good Luck.
Post Note: regarding the problem/issue the poster JC? (sorry) had... just a matter of keeping "it" lubricated & smearing the lube inside the diaper where the diaper & "it" touch/rub/dryout & can make it irritated. Did this with every diaper change & with the frequent checks for any lube upkeep that may be needed. This lasts for a few weeks..just minutes to you then...it is like babying his soft spot or cord for a while til it heals.

L., I also did not know if I was having a boy or girl. We made the desision to have my son circumsied for many reasons but the closing one was to look like dad. Dad being a sons main same sex role model we thought that it was important that they were the same. We hope that it will lead to less questions now (ie. potty training and baths) and better bonding and discussions later (personnel care and sex). Do what you are most comfortable with.

I have two boys and neither of them were circumcised. I did alot of research when my oldest son on the way and found that it was really needed as long as you teach them how to clean themselves. It realy is on how you and your husband feel. I didn t want my children to be different from daddy and also I didnt want to put them throught unneeded pain. They are 7 and 5 now and we have had no problems at all.

Our first child was a boy, born in 2002. When we found out we were having a son, my husband and I actually started the whole "do we", "do we not" discussion. I had a very strong opinion about NOT circumcising - and I was surprised to find out my husband had the same opinion. I did a lot of research, both for and against, and came to the conclusion that the procedure is general for cosmetic and traditional reasons. When we met what was to be my son's pediatrician, she asked right away what we had decided, and to confirm our decision, told us that she would NOT perform a circumcision under any circumstance, because she took an oath: "First do no harm". I literally hugged the woman! I could not imagine putting my newborn child under such stress and pain - even though I've been told they don't remember it, etc. My son is now 6 years old, and we've not had any problems. As long as they're taught how to keep everything clean "down there", he should not have any problems. Don't believe the hype, sista!! :o)

Hello L.,

I was stuck in the middle too. I asked everyone in my family what I should do and it was really 50/50. These are the factors I was concerned about, one was why cause the baby any pain and two, what if it gets infected. I know two people who's boys have had to have corrective surgery because of infection. Again, more unecessary pain for the baby. I decided that since his dad was going to be toilet training him that they should be both the same, so we didn't have it done. I am totally happy with the decision.

More and more I hear it is not neccesary. 20 years ago my Dr said (in response to my asking the same question)it is best to consider if the Dad has been circumcised. Then there are no questions later from your son asking why he's different then Dad. So neither of my boys were circumcised (like their Dad). I always stressed to them to keep 'it' clean and they've had no problems. My older brother on the other hand had to be circumcised in his early 20's due to an infection.
I recently went in with my newest Grandson for his circmcision and it is awful to watch what they do.

We have not circumcised either of our boys. We did research and found that there really was not reason to do it. It seems today, that more and more boys are not being circumcised so it should not be an issue in "the locker room." We teach our oldest to clean himself, and will do the same for our newborn.
I really saw no reason to do it and my husband was in agreement. At first he was wanting to because he was. I suggested he research it just like he would anything else and he did. There is quite a bit of information on line...

My husband was not circumcised and he felt emberrased during school gym! kids are mean! he felt very strong about having our son circumsied so he wouldnt have to go through what he did!
Good luck

Have a heart to heart w/your husband and sort it out between the two of you. It doesn't matter what other people think about it. You will hear strong opinions for and against it but in the end what matters is that you and your husband make the best decision for YOUR child. As you raise your kiddos you will run into many decisions that you just need to make based upon what is the best for YOU and YOUR child. Your decision might not be the most popular or rational one but as long as you feel good about it and it is right for you then that is all that matters.*

*obviously not advocating the making of crazy decisions that endanger your child and then justifying them by "well, that's what is right for our family".

We decided to circumcise our son. Factors involved in our decision were the decreased chances of STD's, HIV, cancer, and the geriatric factor. My friend's mother worked in a nursing home and decribed a higher incidence of infections and urine retention in the prepuce in uncircumcised men. I don't if this is published anywhere - just her personal experience.

Well, we decided to circumcise our son. For no other reason than we felt that was best. Changing him is easy and I never had to worry about getting poop in his folds. Nor do we have to worry about cleaning it in the bath...which it is hard enough to bath him along with his 2 year old sister let alone having to do that too!
You will get all types of answers about "health," but no matter who you talk to, one will say it is healthier one way and another will say it is healthier the other. There is plenty of evidence for both sides. So it really is just a personal preference.
I refused to be in there during the procedure though and I made my husband go in there with him for "male bonding." They strap the poor little newborn to some device and cut off the skin. It was VERY quick and he recovered very quickly.
I don't think he was in pain, just scared.
Good luck with the decision and don't think on it too hard.

There is not need for it. There are myths out there, but they are just that - myths. My husband never had any problems and my son has not had any problems.

Hi L., I am so glad that you are stopping to really think about this and educate yourself. (When asking my friends why they decided to circ, they said they didn't really think about it. When asking those of my friends who didn't circ, why, they said they had done their research).This is a very sensitive topic, but so important. My first child was a girl, so we didn't have to think about circumcision (although in some countries they even mutilate the female genitalia). With our second baby, when we found out he was a boy, I knew in my heart I couldn't have someone cut off a part of his anatomy, especially for no reason. I researched this topic extensively and am completely confident in leaving our son intact, the way God made him! A great resource for you is www.nocirc.org. My husband and I are so glad we didn't have our beautiful boy cut. -no pain, no risk of infection or death, and most of all, no regrets. Best wishes for you and your baby, boy or girl!

We just had a little boy on 6/27 and chose not to for many reasons. I would encourage you to get online and check it out. What I found is that the American Medical Assoc, The American Academy of Peds (and so on) all say that they do NOT support the routine circumcision of little boys. The only reason to do it is to look like Daddy... seems silly to me. My sister had to watch them do it to her foster son and she had nightmares for months. No matter what they tell you , it hurts bad. They have videos and pictures online that helped me explain it to my Hubby. It can be hard to have those conversation without making him feel like there is something wrong with him. The other thing to note is that we are the only developed country in the world that still does this. Kids who are getting it done will be the minority in the next few years if not already. Where we live only about 30% of kids are getting it done.
Good Luck!

Dear L.,
We didn't circumcise our son. He is 11 now, no big deal, either way. He has not had additional UTI infections (that we know of). I don't know if there will be locker-room issues, later....I think it surprised my husband, when I said, could we not? but he reflected on his religious beliefs and other thoughts and decided it was ok with him not to.
Talk about it with your hubby....(before, if possible!)
Good luck!

It was around twenty years ago the the American Academy of Pediatrics started to consider changing its pro-routine circumcision policy. In 1999, they officially stopped recommending routine circumcision. Here is the first sentence of their new policy:

"Existing scientific evidence demonstrates potential medical benefits of newborn male circumcision; however, these data are not sufficient to recommend routine neonatal circumcision."

The policy continues with details about circumstances in which circumcision is recommended or contraindicated.

I had my husband decide. Since I am female and not going to be circumcised myself, I felt it would be better to go by his wishes and that way my son can't blame me for it :). The doctor told us my son slept through the whole procedure. They numbed the area first and after that he felt nothing. It was easy to clean and take care of and healed perfectly. There is no right or wrong answer just what you and your husband feel is right for your family. I would do it again if my second child is a boy but that is just our families opinion. Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy.

Hi L.. I am writing this as the wife of an uncircumsised man. Most of his life, the fact that he was not circumsized hardly ever crossed his mind. He had even said that if we ever had a son he would not, under any cirmustances, get circumsized. But that has all changed over the past year. My husband has been dealing with an infection off and on for over a year all due to the fact that he is not circumsized. He says that it's horribly painful to urinate and uncomfortable all the time. So now that he knows the pain and uncomfortableness that not being circumsized can cause, if we have a son, he will be circumsized, and my husband has started looking into having the procedure done as well. I hope this helps with your decision.

We circumcised our son and have no problems with it. We are Christians who believe the Bible, which approves circumcision, and we therefore believe that it is both acceptable and healthy, though not mandatory or necessary (as it is for Jews). Because we did it for biblical reasons we waited until the eighth day after birth (not at birth), and I believe that studies have shown this to be the best time due to increased clotting factors. Circumcision is a very personal decision, and you will be fine either way. It's definitely on the wane as a practice, but you should just do the research and make a decision based on what you believe - and you'll be fine! Blessings!

We circumcised my son, because my husband was very animate about it. I really wish we hadn't. Everything looks fine, but it's just unnecessary and a lot of pain for them for nothing. I sat there and held his little hand while they did it, and it was horrible. If you aren't sure, just don't do it.

We definetly decided it was a good idea... It is so much easier to deal with, than not being circumcised. Our dr told us if we didnt do it within a certain timeframe they wouldnt do it at all... it cost us about $200 with our dr. Our insurance didnt cover it, because they look at it as "cosmetic" they dont look at the health issues it can cause by not being done.... It was a painfull experience, and it killed me to have it done, but we did it and it was a pain to get through the week or so of healing because of the way you are told us to "keep" it until it is healed... but we definetly decided it was a good thing to do.

Hi L.,
I have two sons, 15 and 11. When the oldest was born, my husband assumed we would have him circumcised just because he was. He also used the argument about it being easier to keep clean if they are circumcised and that "everyone else is". However, I felt strongly that unless an invasive procedure is truly necessary, it should not be done. I felt that if my son wanted to be circumcised, he could make that choice for himself when he was older. So far, both of my sons have told me they are grateful I stood up for them when they were unable to do it for themselves.

Bottom line, of course, is that each of us have so many choices to make for our children. As long as we think each one through, we will probably be just what they need. Blessings, whichever way you decide.

According to an article I read when pregnant seven years ago, more than half of the boys born west of the Mississippi are NOT circumcised. So the "being different" issue won't be huge as time goes on. It's not a medically necessary procedure and historically, once insurance companies stop paying for it, as has happened in england and is starting to happen here, fewer of them will happen.

I left the final decision up to my husband. After researching the procedure and weighing the pros and cons, he found no solid pros, really. Most he thought were psychological. So we opted not to do it. And then we've gone on to have THREE girls!

I would say write out your pro and con list. That's what I did and the pro list for doing it came out the winner so we did and I have two boys and I don't regret my decision one bit.

I am a local Occupational Therapist in Private Practice, with 30+ years experience.
I deal with cronic pain and trauma...There is a direct correlation between the mind/body.. The fascial system, the cells "remember". The 1st trauma is the actual birth be it vaginal or Cesarean....then next is cutting the umbilical cord...then circumcision, then a plethora of mandated vaccinations. ALL this trauma to a newly, air breathing infant with a very vulnerable immune system..
MANY of the adult males have a "cellular" memory of this barbaric, societal procedure...Totally unnecessary . After the protective forekin is removed, baby is placed alone and in pain in his hospital incubator. Every time he urinates the sting is unbearable. In the Jewish religion, often the Briss is performed at home during a "party" and celebration...at least the infant is coddled.
Adult male trauma, erectile dysfunction, oversensitive scarring, tight scarring, deformity.... To remove the protective covering of the glans "so that he looks like Daddy, or to keep it cleaner" are indeed flimsy excuses for a procedure that disguises genital mutilation. Adult males who undergo this procedure DO report varying outcomes.....The fear of cancer, etc. is ingrained in our society to perform this barbaric act ASAP.
Also PLEASE consider the effects of mandated, and voluntary vaccinations...Autism is on the rise, esp in our male children. Read the book Boys Adrift....
Consider breastfeeding, then a NON chemical formula, goats milk.. and ORGANIC food.
Have your child seen by a competent Cranio-Sacral Therapist for a session of rebalancing after birth. Alignment of the cranial bones will regulate the dural tube and hence the rhythm of the cranio-sacral system is key to wellness. This simple, quick unwinding of the birth trauma, will allow you as new parents, the bliss of babies who digest their food properly, have restful sleeps and little irritability.
I will be glad to answer any ?'s or comments privately.
I see over and over on this chat line the SAME conditions.
Isn't it time we take charge of our bodies and our babies?
Question the motives of Big Pharma, Big Meda and Big Agro.
Keep the chemicals out of our food,air water, cleaning products, and clothing. Demand accountability and above all research on the internet ALL options....
Eclectic Body Work

We had both of our sons circumsized. We had a very long discussion about it, pros and cons, and what finally decided us was our talk with a pediatrician, who told us about 4 different teenage boys who had to have it done for different reasons later and how horrible painful it was later in life. We wanted to save them that. Speaking of the pain though, quite frankly, I am HORRIFIED that there are still hospitals and doctors in the country that do circumsicisions with no analgesic! How dare ANYONE say that it's okay because they don't remember it, or that it doesn't really hurt them, or stress them out because they're 'just babies'! Both of my sons were taken to be circumsized by my husband (I had c-sections, I couldn't go) right after they were born. He stood right there with them, holding their hands and talking to them, keeping them calm. The doctors gave them a sugar pacifier to distract them while they gave them the local. Then, after the area was numb, they proceeded with the operation. Both of my boys fussed a little about being strapped down for the operation, but neither of them noticed the shot or the operation. If the hospital/pediatrician had tried to do anything differently, without the utmost concern and care for our babies' comfort, we would NOT have allowed it! We were trying to save our boys from discomfort later, not cause them anguish right out of the womb.
Good luck making your decision.

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