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Open Cps Case and Pregnant!

i'm 4 months pregnant with an open cps case my mother has temporary custoy of my children and is about to adopt then and i'm worried that cps will take this baby away to! can i avoid it by moving to another state? I'm also clean and not doing any drugs or smoking! Cps said i cant get my kids back .......they said it's to late! I had them taken away for a false reason and never did drugs in my life! can u guys please help me out i'm a good parent just wasn't at the right plase at the right time!

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well i thank everyone who answed my questions.I dont really care who talked all that bull.. but every thing went really well i have my daughter cps didnt take her away . me and my husban r very happy cps got involed but just to make shur were suitable parents and which we r and i'm goona get my other children back every soon!!

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I don't know, but, a friend of my sisters had her two daughters taken away. She latter had a son and was able to keep him. That is until she just couldn't get a handle on her drugs and alcohol and eventually lost him too, but it was a separate case.

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Sounds like the safest thing for you to do is to stay put and make sure you have a good support system for you and the baby and to resolve any issues in your life that got you in the situation in the first place, and to be a good person to the children you already have, Otherwise, what's to say you won't put your new baby in harms way either?

In all honesty and meaning no disrespect to you, if you haven't been able to be the mother of your other children they need, then maybe this one should also be put up for adoption.

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You need to stay in where you are and straighten out what's already been going on with your other kids, and tell the truth.

Tell the truth tell the truth tell the truth! You are pregnant again, and that great! A new baby is not a bad thing... try your best to use the resources available to you and get things together for yourself and go from there.

You can totally do it. There are people out there who WANT to help you, no matter what your situation is. Counselors, social workers, mentors, teachers and doctors - they're all there to be used, take advantage of that!

Use the network of people around you... and if you don't have one - make one. If you don't like the one you have.... make a new one.

And don't beat yourself up, or let the other moms on here do it for you. IT is never too late to clean up and get things turned around - and let me tell you, NONE of us have clean hands.

Sending love and prayers you're way - L.

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What will that solve? If you are not caring for this new child, someone will report you there as well. Plus you won't be near the ones you've already lost. Concentrate on doing what you need to do to straighten out your life. Might I suggest some birth control. God bless.

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Hi, I am really trying not be judgemental but aren't your other children worth a fight too? Leaving the state to try to protect your rights to this child looks like you don't care to be a mother to the others. Why not work on the issues that you have had with the other children and work on getting your status with all of your children as a "fit" mother? Wouldn't that be a more responsible way to go about this and might prove to the courts that you are working on being a better parent.

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OUCH! Some pretty harsh responses here. Without knowing your situation, I can definitely say that you should stay where you are.

CPS will only take your baby away if they fear for the baby's safety and wellbeing. Make sure you provide a safe environment for this baby and yourself. Don't be afraid to ask for help and find a good support system.

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Do you not miss your other kids to fight for them back & just say o'well i'll move to another state to try & keep this baby.If the state has gotten involved and your mother is adopting your just not fit to be a mom the state has proven that your an unfit mom.Are you seriosuly wanting to move they will follow child protection services will not let something happen to this baby since all the other children have been taken away from you.I hope whatever it is that happened to your other kids this baby will be able to go to a good loving home no child deserves any less.Think about next time you have sex all the children you have living else where and not with you where they belong but in their case i'm hoping they are in a loving home with your mother.

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You could try that. But, running away is not the answer to solving your problems. You would be better off trying to solve the problems that caused CPS to take your children away and prove that you are a fit mother. Running away with an unborn child just confirms to CPS that you are not the responsible parent. They do have contact with other State agencies, and if somebody were to give them information as to where you were, it's possible you would end up under investigation in a new state. I would think about this carefully before you make the easy decision, instead of the correct one.

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difficult to respond to this question with out A LOT more information, i hope you'll elaborate, i also hope the needs of the new baby are your very first concern

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Where you live is not as important as HOW you live. I'm sure you're scared and angry, but it also seems as if you're a bit relieved to not have your other kids with you any more. Get a handle on whatever problems caused you to lose custody, and you'll be in a position to be a good parent. Ask for whatever help you need, and make decisions based on what is best for your child, not on what you want for yourself. Good luck! God bless!

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i think that you need to stay here, and give that baby to your mother. everyone makes mistakes nad nobody is the perfect mother but have you done to prove that you are making strides to improve your life? And what have you done to improve your children's life? That fact that you are considering running leads me to believe that you have none of the above because if you were you wouldn't contenplate having to run, because if you were doing right you wouldn't have to ask that question. I think you may need to stop having children, i'm quite sure you know how babies are concieved so why are you still having unprotected sex? I know that my nerves can't handle much so even though my boyfriend has a vasctomy i still yuse the pill! Because what am i going to do with another baby? Why bring the added stress on myself? So why would you continue to get pregnant when you know what the outcome is going to be? and you had to know because you wouldn't be trying to run. Give that baby to your mother and get a hysterectomy because you are OUT OF ORDER! If i seem harsh i mean to be and i hate to be like that but it upsets me when there are ppl out here that would DO ANYTHING AND I MEAN ANYTHING to have children and cannot under any circumstance have them naturally and here you are playing with these kids lives.

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The question you should be asking is why does your mother have custody of your other children and would this child be safe in your care...moving to another state does not change what kind of parent you are.

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I have to agree with Julie B. and Jenn D. Why on earth would you get pregnant again (there IS reliable birth control...and abstinance is the best one) when your other children are going to be adopted by your mother? You don't give us a clue as to why that is happening, but I can guess. Is it really in the best interest of this baby for you to attempt to raise him/her? I think you should seriously consider making this baby available for adoption. If your mother can't take on another baby (you didn't say how many you already have), there are hundreds of thousands of couples who would love to adopt a baby. You really need to get yourself straightened out before you have another child. It is not fair to him/her, plain and simple. (And does your mother know that you are pregnant again? I'm sure that CPS will find out sooner or later, so you'd better start thinking about what you're going to do).

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J., I don't think moving to another state, is the answer. If you were to do that, you won't be able to see your other children. Try & fix whatever is going so you baby doesn't get taken from you.

Good luck!

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I think your mom would tell them! You just need to get your act together and they will not take the new baby! Proove to them you can provide for the baby! I had a cousin in a similar situation and when she ahd the new baby she could keep her. Then she messed up and they took her.
Prove your residence, income etc. Be drug free etc., not sure whay u lost the others but prove you are a fit mom and they should not take your baby away. If u need someone to talk to call me, I may be across the country but at least we can chat!


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I don't know, but, a friend of my sisters had her two daughters taken away. She latter had a son and was able to keep him. That is until she just couldn't get a handle on her drugs and alcohol and eventually lost him too, but it was a separate case.

In my opinion, you would be turning your back on your other children. And unless you plan to live like a fugitive, the case can be transferred to the new state once you are found. Michelle Q M gave you great advice, especially about coooperating with CPS. And she is correct, there is no guarantee that this baby will be taken. However, if you are not fit to parent your other kids, why would you even think about parenting this one? If your mother can't take this baby, please consider putting it up for adoption.

I think alot of you Moms are talking and not thinking about what you say before you say it. We dont really know her and her situation she asked for advice not you are not a good mother responses even tho they were not said in that way thats really what you are saying. Every one makes mistakes no one is perfect NOT EVEN YALL THE ONES WHO ARE GIVING HER THOSE KIND OF COMENTS .Well J. I did not do this to defend you I did this case no one should be called a bad mother by another mother and they dont even know each other or the situation you are in . Pepole should take more time to look at ther selfes and talk about there problems in there life before they talk about some one else .Good luck with your issue and i wish you the best for all of your children.

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