Only 14 Weeks Pregnant and Have Swollen Ankles, More on One Side?

Updated on May 24, 2010
Y.P. asks from Tempe, AZ
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Hello ladies. I am 14 weeks pregnant and have occassionally noticed a little numbness in my calves. Tonight I felt that same numbness in both calves and also noticed that my ankles are swollen, one markedly more than the other. Isn't it a little early to be having swollen ankles? I have gained a lot of weight in the first trimester, 14 pounds and I am a health nut and exercise so I don't know how this is happening to me. Could it be the weight gain causing the swollen ankles??? Am I too heavy? I'm 5'8" and 175lbs. I just think this seems very early. I am soaking my feet in a hot foot bath with bubbles and I plan to prop them up for the rest of the night. The problem is that I am worried whatever is causing this is hurting the baby. This is my first baby and it took 7 years and 9 cycles of IVF to get pregnant so I am very parnoid about every little thing. Appreciate anyone's wisdom on this! Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks or everyone's responses. The swelling went away after about 36 hours, my cankles turned back into ankles. I spoke with the pharmacist at the compounding apothecary where I buy my drugs and also the on call OB and neither one was worried about it being anything serious, especially not a blood clot, since I am on Heparin and the weather has just turned here to become very hot which often causes swelling. Very relieved that it wasn't anything serious!

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A friend of mine had a blood clot during her pregnancy, and it caused one leg to become much more swollen than the other - if the swelling doesn't go down after putting your feet up for a period of time, get to the hospital right away. Better to be safe.

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Def. tell your Dr. I had those issues early on, and had to stop in once or twice a week just to pee and get a blood pressure check (it was free). The pee would show a protein if in trouble, and swelling alone can cause a raise in blood pressure (and vice versa). Epsom salt baths can help. SWIMMING helps a LOT, both for exercise, leg help and lowering the swelling. Also, drink, drink, drink more water, although it goes right through you - it should. The more you drink, the less you swell, because the body doesn't try to hold onto liquid as it does when it thinks you are dehydrated. A cool foot bath would hurt you more, and see if your Dr. wants you to use those hose that compress your legs to prevent swelling. (Yeah, grandma was right, when she wore them.) Do keep up on it. I ended up w/preeclampsia w/both, and had to be on bedrest for 12 weeks with my first, and 1 week after the birth of my 2nd. It is normal, but these are ways to help. As for are you too heavy, only your Dr. can tell you as we don't know your build. I also used a nice, upgraded foot massager for helping the circulation. Ahhhh. Oh, and foot massages by husbands are a requirement.

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Doctor time. It could be nothing. It could also be toxemia, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, lymph system issues (the lymph system is what cycles all the fluid that is not blood around in your body)... gosh... any of 100 things can be an underlying cause of edema.

I was also a health nut when I got pregnant (ummm... a little too much, female-athlete-triad anorexia and pregnancy cause some really bizarre results... I didn't LOOK anorexic, I didn't ACT anorexic, but I just consistently didn't give my body the calories and nutrients it was burning. i SHOULD have been consuming apx 4000 to 6000 calories per MEAL for the training I was doing... but wasn't, instead I was getting that per day). And ended up with a bizarre medical thing (see above) that shut down my metabolism with the baby... (read gained apx 20lbs per month until kiddo's totally healthy birth, aka gained slightly over 185 lbs)... but I ended up slammed into bedrest in my first trimester. And on a 2100 cal per day diet for doing nothing but lieing and sitting around, with over 100 grams of that being protein and enough calcium to make a cow look at a glass of milk in the face and cringe. But my bones needed ca++ and my baby was GROWING bones.. so there you have it. LOL... I ALSO lost 40lbs the day he was born... and another 30 over the first week (just peeing and peeing and peeing). So a LOT of that weight was edema / swelling. Actually, my first symptom was edema. Hellooooo "cankles".

Is this you? Probably not. But weird things happen when we're preggers... and I just sharing to show that even athletes have weird things happen. I couldn't have been MORE healthy appearance and lifestyle wise... but it was just that that did me in. My 10lb 23" gorgeous baby boy was born completely healthy and normally.

So ... doctor time girlie.

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I can't remember how far along I was when the swelling started, but it definately was worse in one leg (my right). My OB never said much about that, but I was definitely monitored for other signs of preeclampsia. Much of my swelling was a result of my job, I was on my feet all day. Put them up whenever you get a chance, and it also helps if your hubby can massage your feet and lower legs in an upward motion, literally pushing the fluid up and away from your feet. If you put your feet up and the swelling does not subside after a little while, you need to call your OB right away because you may have preeclampsia. Otherwise, make sure you rest and definitely bring it up at your next prenatal appointment. Please do not stress too much, as that may make it worse! Congratulations on the baby!!

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It seems like you may be retaining water! You should try a natural diaretic such as water with extra lemon juice or decaf coffee, something that obviously won't harm the baby but help you get rid of the extra water. Check with your doctor though, it does seem a bit early to have gained so much weight especially being so health conscious to begin with!

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I agree with the other ladies... call your doctor!

I went through 5 years of infertility treatments before conceiving our first child (I'm now 21 weeks preg with #2) so I can relate to your paranoia! I would think because of your difficulty getting pregnant (and staying pregnant?) you would be seeing a perinatologist. I am in Albuquerque and see the Perinatal Associates and they have been fabulous for both pregnancies, making sure that each step of the way, the baby and I are healthy. One of the things I experienced this time around is a blood swelling/numbness can be related to this. I have had more swelling and discomfort during this pregnancy, as early as about 10 weeks. It is a simple blood test to determine if you have a likelihood of blood clots during pregnancy. I'm going to have to take these injections until right before delivery, but it's worth if for baby to be healthy!

As far as being too heavy, I don't think that's the problem. I weighed over 200 when I conceived my first child. Although I lost almost 30 pounds in the first trimester because I was so sick, I didn't have any other complications that I didn't already have. I nornally have hypertension, but it's well controlled with meds and did not get worse during pregnancy.

Bottom line is you should talk to your OB and a perinatologist if possible. Either your infertility doc or OB should be able to give you a referral. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or concerns! N.

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I would call your OB ASAP. Swollen legs/ankles could mean high blood pressure, which can be life threatening to you and the baby. It might be nothing major, but it's better to be safe. Good luck!

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Because it took so long for you to get pregnant I would be more cautious. I recommend that you call your doctor.

I'm not sure that a hot foot bath is the right thing to do. Heat causes swelling of the ankles and feet. But I would keep them elevated as much as possible.

I was not pregnant when one of my legs, ankle, and foot became swollen but not the other one. I took a diuretic and it went down but is still, several years later, slightly larger. The doctors do not know what has caused this but said not to worry.

You describe numbness in both calves. That would cause me more concern than the swelling. I would definitely see my doctor.



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Are you eating enough Protein? 75 grams of protein is the recommended amount you should be getting while you are pregnant. If you are not a common side affect is swolleness, especially if you are on your feet a lot w/out much rest.



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Are you restricting your salt intake at all? Low salt/low fluid can cause swelling. Low protein can too - specifically low levels of the amino acid albumin. Have you been sitting or standing for long periods of time?



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Sounds like its time to make doctors appt. I gained a total of 30 pounds, not much of that was in the first trimester. Only eat when you are hungry, you really aren't eating for two. Although, the third trimester seems like it! Please get checked out to make sure nothing serious is going on.

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