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I am wanting to return to school. I am looking at online schools, due to the fact that I am a single mom and I have a 45+ hour work week. Has anyone had experiance with any online school? I am going for Web Design or a Associates in Early Childhood Education. Any ideas or advice?

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Thank you all for your advise and info. I am going with Kaplan University. I am starting with my Associates in Information Technology, with emphasis in Web Design. All of the responses were helpful and greatly appraciated. Thanks again. You are all great.

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I go through Penn Foster and have been very happy with them. I have already received one certificate from them and am going for two more. Just go to Pennfoster.edu and you can look up all of the degrees/certificates they offer. Good luck!

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Hi R.!

I too was a single mother of a very active 3 yo when I decided I wanted to go back to school. I went through the University of Phoenix to achieve my Bachelor of Science in Accounting. I will forewarn that it is a tough program if they still run it they way they did when I went there 5 years ago. Basically, all the classes are accelerated. You take a 16-week course in 5 weeks. You are then off one week before your next course starts. I opted to take the max number of days off without losing my financial aid during the summer so I could spend it with my son.

As a single mother, I did receive financial aid and some grant money as well. So I would suggest that you look into that. When I start, UOP was 1 of the only online schools that had financial aid.

I will tell you that you MUST be disciplined in YOURSELF. It takes ALOT of self-control and MANY LONG NIGHTS!!!

But in the end...it's all worth it to have your little one see you walk across that stage in that black gown and cap.

Good Luck to you!


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I have only done one online class. At first it is a little getting used to how to log on and turn in assinments, but if you attend the orientation for that - they should answer any questions you have. Also, I would cut back hours if possible to allow some time for class. I also have two kids and am going to school but I don't work full time. It is challenging but rewarding and not as bad as you think going back and being older (for me anyway- 30) You fall into school work better then you might think, I have been more serious now. Good Luck- and go for it. Try one online class anyway and see how it goes- start with doing the fasa online and get you financial aid going.

I took the web administration & development program at Macomb Community College - it was online and wonderful. It gives you an associates degree.

Hi R.,

I received my MBA from the University of Michigan - Flint, seems like a hundred years ago. Anyway, when I was finishing they were starting more and more online courses. A few years ago my husband started looking into getting his MBA and at that time they had a full time online MBA program. I know they have many other programs available at the school, and since UofM tends to be pretty progressive, I'm guessing they have several available options for online learning. I really enjoyed the online classes I took with them. It was convenient and easy.

And, if I might add...I would really look into the Web Design career. Although Early Childhood Education is great... 1) I don't think you're goinig to find a lot of online programs for that, or at the very least you will have to do a full time internship at the end. (My father and BIL are both in education, so I know alot about the requirements) Also, due to Michigan's economy, many of the schools are seeing a drop in student population because people are moving out of state. Consequently, there aren't many jobs in education in Michigan and I think it will stay that way for awhile. In my BIL's district they just announced they are laying off 35 teachers for the fall... and only expect to be able to call 10 back! Thankfully my BIL is in Special Education... so he still has a job.

However.... things with computers.... that is a growing, and will continue to be a growing field. Not that finding a job won't be tough.... but they will be more available then education in the forseeable future.

Congrats and good luck!

I went to University of Phoenix, but it wasn't online, however I only had to attend classes twice a week and they were at night (6p-10p) It was a great experience and the only way I would have been able to get my Bachelors degree.
Good luck!

I received my MA from Ball State all online. My only advice is to find a college/school that exists in real life. See if you can find a school that puts all of the courses online!

I returned to school this past February to finish my bachelor's degree in hotel/restaurant management. I "attend" the Art Institute of Pittsburgh's Online Division and I think it is a great way to take classes! They are very knowledgeable with financial aid and the online format is VERY user-friendly.

There are no set class times; you only have to contribute to the classroom discussion threads 4 times a week... but it doesn't matter if it is 2:00 in the afternoon or 3:00 in the morning! It does take a bit of discipline and organization to make sure you get the reading done and assignments finished on time, but I really haven't had any problems there.

I hope you find a program that fits what you're looking for!!

Good for you!! I am signing up with Henry Ford Community Colleges online classes this fall. My sister took psychology through the online course with them and she really liked it. Their website is hfcc.edu. I know they offer both the courses your looking for. Good luck!!

Just make sure you inquire about how much time between online class time and homework you will be putting in. I had a friend who worked on his masters on line and he spent about twice as much free time than he would have in the classroom (though he also got his degree faster too). Random homework in the middle of the day, that kind of thing made it really hard for him.

Hi R.,
I am currently going to University of Phoenix online courses. I love it because I can put my daughter to bed at night and then do my school work. You only take two classes at a time, and they alternate. One will have a work week while the other has a discussion question week. Another thing I love is that they go by Arizona time, so homework isn't due until 3 am our time. I see you work at Steelcase, so you must not be far from me, the University of Phoenix Campus is on Alpine by the highway, you can see the building when you are driving by it, if you look. I think its behind Star theatre. Anyways, you can look it up online and see if they have courses you are interested in, then fill out an application and someone will call you to set up an appointment. I believe they just started classes for kindergarten teachers there. Good luck!

Hi there. I do not know much about online schools but I can tell you from experience that an associates in early childhood will not do you much good. I used to be a preschool teacher and childcare director for several years. After my second child I decided to stay home and since then the licensing regulations have changed. It is my understanding that a director must have a bachelors degree. The problem with this is that the classroom teachers make very little as it is. With centers and schools spending more money to pay directors with a higher degree, there is even less money to pay teachers. I think it is wonderful that the regulations are improving for the children's benefit and support that with all of my heart. It is so sad that early childhood is not seen as a priority and the teachers do not make enough money to survive. If you are interested in Early Childhood, I would go for the bachelors degree so you might have an easier time finding a better paying job. The down side of that - Michigan has very few teaching positions open, certified teachers are entering the early childhood field as a last resort to finding a job and are taking up many of the jobs you might be interested in. Sorry to be such a downer, I just know that my degree is just about useless in terms of making a decent income. When I go back to work I will (as I was before) be there for the children out of the kindness of my heart and not for the paycheck. The true paycheck is what the children give to your soul anyway. Good luck!

im not sure where you live, but I went to KVCC (kalamazoo valley community college) there they have something called a 'telecourse'. You have an intitial meeting with the instructor, and then you go in 3 or 4 times during the semester to the testing center to take the exams, and you have assignments or papers that you drop off or email to the instructor, the rest of the time you study on your own, on your own time. This worked great for me. You dont have to show up for regular classes, but the prof is there if you need them, good luck.

I'm not sure this school offers the courses you're interested in but for whatever it's worth, I really like what Indiana Weslyean University has to offer. I looked at several- even did some classes through Liberty University's External Degree Program but... I like this one much better. Most of the work consists of posting to topical forums or writing papers (my forte!) Some courses have quizzes but I haven't run into that yet. Also, everything is open book so, if you're like me and have test taking anxiety it's a real plus. Also, it's very personal. You have small classes and you get to know everyone you're schooling with. You take one course at a time and stick with your classmates throughout your degree program. It's very interactive... I wish I had done this a long time ago. Another plus is that the degree you get is the same as the degree a traditional campus student gets (it's all the same work) so your diploma doesn't specifiy that you got the degree online- if that matters to you. I like how that looks on a resume better. Best of luck to you!

I go through Penn Foster and have been very happy with them. I have already received one certificate from them and am going for two more. Just go to Pennfoster.edu and you can look up all of the degrees/certificates they offer. Good luck!

Are you hoping for a job some day in Web Design? My business has a division that sells web centers to small and medium sized businesses and you don't have to have a degree to do it.


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