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One Year Old Shoes

how do they do sizing for infant/toddler shoes? my daughter is one and walking all over, so i figured it was time to get her some shoes...i got a size one, thinking that was for a one year old, but they were too small, so i got a two. i measured her foot and the shoe, and it measured plenty big, yet it still seems small for her. but i don't want to get too big of a shoe or she might not be able to walk in them. any suggestions?? (she hates wearing shoes by the way!!)

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I took my little ones to the store with me so I could get the opinion of the sales person. Then, when I had the last child we just put the handme downs on her until the size seemed right :)

Robeez, Robeez, Robeez! Or Target's version of them. The soft leather protects their feet while still allowing their toes to "grip at" the ground. My little guy has just about worn out his first pair and I'll get another when it's time. He's almost 14 months old now. I'm planning to keep him in these until next spring, then I'll look for something like the Pedipeds or See Kai Run that have a nice, wide footbed. I let him go barefoot whenever possible and only put shoes on when we're going outside or to an inside public place where I know he'll be walking some. As far as sizing, the Robeez he's in now are a 12-18 month size. They go up to 18-24 months. Enjoy - there are some CUTE shoes out there!

If you can let her go with no shoes do this. Children need to walk barefoot to grip the floor with all their muscles of the foot. This will help to strenghen the muscles of the foot for better walking. If you must have shoes go to a children's shoe store and have her measued. Infant feet are often wide and need a wide shoe. I know this is expensive but worth the money.

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My pediatrition told me there should be space about the width of your thumb between the child's toes and the end of the shoe. However, she told me that it is best for the development of their feet if they are able to go barefoot.

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I have 4 children and my youngest is 1 yr old. It is still actually best to go barefoot for stability, balance and growth. Obviously, now that they are mobile they need footwear for protection too sometimes so I always took my kids to Stride Rite at Oak Park Mall. They can measure your child's foot and they have great, durable shoes. You could always go there first but if it's too pricey for you then just learn their size and shop somewhere else. Kids feet actually grow rather fast during the first few years and then it will eventually start to slow down. I'm a mom who feels like you get what you pay for so the cost was worth it because I was looking for quality. You want a shoe (for this age group) that will flex with their foot not be stiff as a board.

Also with winter around the corner...I definately would keep my little one in socks with grippers on the bottom and if you're going out then you can always cover those tiny toes in house shoes instead of stiff boots that are hard to walk in depending on where you're going. You just want to make sure their feet are protected. My favorite houseshoes are the ones from Lands End for kids. You can shop Lands End online, catalog or at local Sears stores. Best Wishes!

Hi. You can get your baby's foot measured (for free) at any store that sells baby/toddler shoes. I would find your local StrideRite. You DO NOT have to buy shoes there. They are very expensive. My youngest hated shoes. So, I kept him in those soft Robeez until we could work him into a pair of sneakers. You don't have to buy $30 Robeez either. Target sells a great knock-off for around $12. Good luck!

We take our kids to Stride Rite. They will measure the feet and have sizes for those hard to fit feet. My daughter turned 1 in July and she wears a 5XW, she can thank her dad for that later! We have used the Stride Rite in the Oak Park Mall and there is an outlet at Legends. Hope this helps!

You should take her to a proper children's shoe store and let trained professionals measure her feet. They will put her in the proper size shoe that she needs. With children it's very important that they have a good quality shoe that fit properly. Good luck.

Take her to the store with you and try them on her.

Take her to stride rite.. they will measure your babies feet properly.

I always took my boys to payless(still do), we have to be careful how much we spend and the boys still love the little store version of crocks. The worker can measure and let you know which size to look at. I really like the shoes b/c they are not stiff like most of the other shoes out there. I like to bend my foot when I walk, I figured my kids do to:o) They are easy to get on and off which is a plus when you are in a hurry or if your child is in the "on, off" mood all day;o) Also, VERY easy to clean!!

Hope this helps!

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