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One Year Old biting....how Can I Stop This?

My one year old girl is developing quite a biting problem. She only bites me, not her dad and its completely unexpected when she does. Its not even an attention thing-the other day I was sitting on the floor playing with her and she bit me on the back of the arm, no warning or anything. I have told her that she is a bad girl when she does that and that biting hurts, but I really dont think that I am getting through to her. I dont know if she is old enough to understand the cause and effect yet. She gets upset when I scold her, but it has not stopped the biting, which is becoming more frequent. I would like to stop this before she starts biting anyone else. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Hi what i did to get my son to stop biting was take some peper on my finger and stuck it in between the bottom lip and the gum area . He stoped because he didnt like the taste of it

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I have an 1 1/2 year old girl and she is biting me too. I scold her and put her in timeout. of course she gets upset but I also tell her biting hurts and not to do it again she keeps doing it.
I really don't know what to do either and probably no help but just wanted to let you know that I am going though the samething. They understand at this age don't let them fool ya. haha
I know that she is teething so that doesn't help but biting is wrong. I do give her something for the pain but still does not help. Maybe try giving her a teether once she tries to bite and tell her to bite that. I do that and most of the time it works.
Good luck

Huh! My 9 month old would come up to me if I am sitting with him on the floor and put his mouth on me and just bite down. He will also bite my shoulder if I am holding him. Mind you, he doesn't bite ANYONE else. Just me! I know it's not malicious and that he is teething but it hurts! He bit me on the inside of my thigh the other day and I had a pefect 6 toothed bruise for the next 2 days. He also bites my breast since I am breastfeeding. If you are breastfeeding consider that they might view us as food!!!!

Hi what i did to get my son to stop biting was take some peper on my finger and stuck it in between the bottom lip and the gum area . He stoped because he didnt like the taste of it

I'm actually dealing with the same issue right now with my one year old. Consistancy is key but I would also strongly suggest that you find another way to talk to her besides calling her a bad girl. You could even substitute "bad job" instead. Telling her she's bad sends the wrong message - you don't like what she's doing but she's not doing it to be bad, she's not even mad when she's doing it. Be firm but remember, she's only 1 and this is a stage.

I've responded to this problem before (for someone else). This biting is done purely out of love. That doesn't make it hurt any less. The MOST important thing to do is not give her a response that will make her want to do it more (yelling OUCH!, laughing etc.) At this age communication is hard, and if they can get a response out of you, they will repeat the action over and over. A firm "we don't bite is ok too", but otherwise I would wait it out as long as she isn't biting strangers, peers etc.

Biting back is abusive. Who is the adult, the baby or the mama?! Also...pepper is a lousy idea. You are merely teaching the child that you can hurt her when you wish. This does not create a bond or attachment. Rather it creates hurt and distrust. It's a lousy idea.

We had a 'biting problem' with baby girl when she was about 14 months old. Every time she bit I would say firmly, "No bites! Biting hurts! Mouths are for kisses." And then I would kiss her sweetly.

The biting stopped very quickly.

my 10 month old is doing the same thing... i think sometimes she's trying to kiss me, but gets confused on what her mouth is supposed to do, since biting her food is "good" - it feels good to her, and i encourage it... maybe biting mama is a way of showing love too? i also sometimes think that she may just be hungry. i'm trying to remember that she's doing so much learning orally right now, and that she isn't biting me maliciously. hard to remember sometimes because it hurts so much! i've tried responding with a firm "no! don't bite mama!" and i've tried anticipating it and giving a preemptive "remember only gentle kisses, we don't use our teeth!" and she sometimes responds well by giving me an actual kiss (or the baby open-mouth version of a kiss), sometimes tries to bite me again. i've also tried responding with a sad, pouty face and saying "ouch, teeth hurt" - that seems to work well too. she doesn't try to bite me when i do that, and she doesn't freak out either (like when i scold her). when she bites me twice in a row, i offer her something to gnaw on and something to eat. i think its all about figuring out the communication. what is she trying to tell you by biting you? don't know if i've helped, but in anycase, good luck!

My daughter hit instead of biting, but it was also unexpected. She would slap me right in the face which was very upsetting. My reaction would make her laugh hysterically even if I scolded her. This is what worked for me.

As soon as she bites you, put her down and walk away. No words necessary. Withdraw your attention from her and show her that Mommy doesn't want to play when she bites. It might take a few times to work but this is what worked for my daughter. Don't worry everything at this age is just a phase.

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