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One More Poop up the Back and I'm Running Away from Home!

Hi Moms,

I'm about to lose my mind! For the FOURTH time this week, my one-year-old daughter has pooped in her diaper and it has gone shooting up her back. She hasn't had any new foods for about 10 days and the consistency of the poop hasn't changed (sorry!). My first thought was that maybe her diaper is too small, but she's only 22.5 pounds and is wearing a size 5 diaper which is for 27+ pounds. Before anyone asks, she's in a size 5 because she was over 95th percentile for weight back in December at her 9 month pedi check. She's now in the 70th percentile but she's all belly and thighs (like me, sadly!) so the diaper seems to fit her well. Any ideas? Please help! Thanks!!

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That happened all the time to me with my son...I stuffed a few cotton balls in his bum crack and it helped control the flow a little and was soft enough that he did not feel it...good luck!!

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I wouldn't go by what the manufacturer says is the weight of the diaper but how it fits your daughter. Are you sure that she is pooping up the back when she goes your when you put her on the changing pad? I have noticed that sometimes if I lay my daughter down from her bottom to her top the poop can get pushed out the top but if I set her down from the top of her back down to her bottom the poop stays in the diaper. Just a thought.

L. M

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Been there, done that...With 4 children. GET BIGGER DIAPERS!
Works most every time. Night time and long car rides are most important.
Good Luck!

I agree with Susan, try going up a size. I had the same problem throught the first year of my son's life and everytime I went up a size the problem went away. You can only use the weight on the package as a general guide I have found. Each child is different therefor the same daiper will fit each child very differently. My son has been wearing a size 6 since around 1 years old. He is not overweight or unportional. My 3 year old nephew and 20 month old son are in the same size, so like I said you can't just by the weight you have to see them on and how they fit. I would buy a small pack of bigger diapers and give it a try, if it doesn't solve the problem, no real money lost because you will use them at some point.

That happened all the time to me with my son...I stuffed a few cotton balls in his bum crack and it helped control the flow a little and was soft enough that he did not feel it...good luck!!

Hi M.,

My son used to do that as an infant. At some point he transitioned from explosive, loose b.m.s to constipation. When he was age 4 I realized he had food intolerances. That solved his unexplained vomitting and constant nightmares. So my guess is maybe your daughter has a food intolerance. I noticed that the major brand baby foods contain some form of starch as thickeners, such as corn starch. That might be a possiblity. Don't know if there are baby foods that don't add this.

Good luck,
: ) Maureen

My daughter is only 2.5 months (big difference I know), but I love Seventh Generation diapers. I tried others, the poop always came out the back. SG has a well designed elastic that stops poop in its tracks. Very rarely does it leak out the back, only when I happen to be holding her, thus 'squeezing' her bum and not leaving anywhere for the poop to go. Pampers would leak right out the back no matter what.

By any chance are you feeding her apricots? That used to happen to my son whenever I fed him that.

Just because she hasn't had any new foods doesn't mean it isn't food that's doing it. It amazes me that people don't know you can develop food allergies and intolerances at anytime. The first thing I would suggest is try taking her off all dairy and see if that helps, generally I say go up a size in diapers but I would say drop down a size my son is 2 yrs old and weighs 26 lbs and still fits comfortably in a size 3 diaper, and third try another brand of diapers it may be that the brand you are using is not a proper fit they don't all fit the same or every child the same way.

I'm sorry but I have to laugh! I only say that because I went through it about a year ago with my daughter. She used to poop 2-3 times a day and every time it went up her back and was a total mess. I couldn't figure out why. It was really gross. It will pass and I can laugh about it myself now. Hopefully it won't last too long for you.

I switched to cloth diapers when my daughter was around this age because I was so fed up with having this problem. I've never had blow-outs like this with cloth diapers, and frankly the lack of blowouts made it worth washing all the diapers.

Dear M.,

I'm new to this blog so forgive me if you've already been asked this question. Does your daughter eat dairy products? If so, take her off of them for 2 weeks and see what happens. Dairy is a common food to cause diarrhea in infants and toddlers. If you haven't gone this route before and need advice on how to substitute dairy products for plant based products, please let me know.

K. F.

This happened to my son (now 5). For him it was an allergic reaction to milk. His poop would go everywhere, up the back down the legs. We went through this for about four years before the doctor said it was an allergic reaction. I would call the doc and see what he says.

Have you considered switching brands? I know I always had that problem with Huggies, but never did with Pampers or Luvs.

Ugh, I hate when that happens because not only is it awful to clean, but it ruins the shirt they're wearing at the time! It sounds like the diaper more than fits her... my 22 month old is only now in a size 5 actually! Maybe it's the brand of diaper? Have you tried other brands just to experiment? It could also be that she is teething, so even though the general consistency of the bm is the same, it might be a little more watery when it comes out (I know, gross), leading to the shooting up. This happened with my girls when they were sick, teething, or had a cold, since the extra mucus all drained down into their tummy. If it keeps up, you might need to dress her in old clothes for a while or layer everything with cheap onesies until it subsides. I hope this helps and good luck... hope it stops soon!

Maybe you should try a different brand of diaper??? My girls could always wear the generic diapers without any leaks, but my son must have Pampers or Huggies. I can't even get Luvs for him as he leaks through those.

Are you sure they aren't too big the diapers though? Just because she's in the 90th %tile doesn't mean you have to get the biggest diaper possible. Maybe you should try going down a size. My son is 17 months and still wearing a size 3 diaper. He's 21 1/2 pounds. Now granted my boy is a peanut.

Also, it has occurred to me that since beginning solids my son's stool has become much firmer. Sounds like your daughter's is a little loose if it's shooting up her back. Maybe you could try giving her some foods that are a little more binding like cheese and see how she does with that.


I've always like huggies the best and you can try folding the back top of the diaper inward toward your daughters lower back (like the top inch). this worked for my 3 year old son when he was sick - it seems to "capture" what needs to stay in the diaper better.

I think you should go back to a size 4.

Poop up the back...isn't it fun!!??
You should try to change brands of diapers. That could be the problem.
I just have to say one thing. Whoever the person is that comes up with the weights for the diaper companies is CLUELESS! I have seen kids who's parents go strictly by the weights and the poor child looks like they are wearing bikini underwear. The diaper is like 4 inches below their belly button! It is a strange pet peeve that I have. My daughter is 20 lbs and she is in a 4. She is long and slim. They fit fine. My boys were all huge and they were definitely in a size 5 at your daughter's weight. They were built different than my daughter is. It is just something that you can not go by weight. Every baby is built differently. They are all different. Just like us. Could we buy our pants by a weight chart?
Maybe try Huggies. I think they may have elastic around the back of the waist. Good luck :)

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