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Ok to Use Baby Lotion?

I have a 1 month old and was wondering if it's ok to use baby lotion on him. He's colicky, and we have this Johnson's lotion that we wanted to try massaging him with, but I don't remember if we were told not to until a certain age (and pediatrician's office is closed today)...Can anyone help? Thanks!!

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Thank you all for your advice!! :) I will pay close attention to any product I put on my little one...I really appreciate all the help!

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I think it's fine but if you want to massage him with an oil, safflower oil is really good and doesn't clog their pores like baby oil and isn't toxic if swallowed.

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yes it is ok. yes they do say don't use them till 3 months old on them but i used them when the babies was that little. if anything call the ER and ask them but i hope the best of luck. i have 5 kids and i have used everything from birth on. when i was a new mom i was scared to use anything when it says not to do something but if anything call the ER if you are really scared.

Cetaphil is great, unflavored olive oil is good for massage, I've used both. Olive oil also worked to make cradle cap go away, just for future reference (rub a little on, let it sit for a couple minutes and comb out the gunk)!

I was always covering my kids with lotion. Just loved the smell.lol I had one with colic. I used gas drops and (heat)a heating pad on the belly. I would lay the pad (lowest setting)on my knees and the belly on that and pat her butt. That helped for most of her cranky spells and also keep her from wanting held all the time. I was told to do this from my husbands grandmother who was the daughter of a indian medicine man. I was game to try anything at that point. I was 22 and wonder why in the world I ever wanted another child. Now 4 children total I remember why I wanted to be a mom. Playing with my Grandson reminds me even more. I know it's rough but hang in there it's going to turn out fine 25 years from now.

Be careful of anything scented, it can really irritate. You're better off with natural oils (especially around those hands he's bound to put in his mouth).
On another note...have you had him checked for reflux? Our baby screamed for hours each night until we put him on Zantac and it made a world of difference. He never did appreciate being lotioned up.
Good Luck!

My oldest is 25 years old and I used baby lotion on all my babies from the time they were tiny (just days old). Your baby would love the massage, use the lotion!

Hi J.,
I have used baby lotion right from the start on all my kids. I know that my clients have used it right away too.

Are you talking about the J&J one thst is lavender to relax that you want to use to massage? I loved that one. You can massage with any of them. I did this with my son all the time and still do. He is 4 and has a seizure disorder and we are getting him diagnosed now with Autism too. It is very good for their little systems. I hope this helps.

S. bailey CLD

I would keep in mind that anything with alcohol or fragrance may aggravate the skin. I just recently put baby lotion on my 4 yr olds face and he screamed because the alcohol burned his wind chapped skin. I had never really used baby lotion on him and upon looking I saw it had alcohol. If you really want to use a lotion just look for something as natural as possible and alcohol free. Good Luck!

We used lotion on our little one from the day she was born. You can also use oil for massage. Not baby oil though. Get something that had been cold pressed. I think we have grape seed oil. You can get it at most grocery stores. We took a baby massage class and they recommended the oil over the lotion. It works great as a moistruizer too. Do you have any baby massage classes you can attend? They really are great!

I think it's fine but if you want to massage him with an oil, safflower oil is really good and doesn't clog their pores like baby oil and isn't toxic if swallowed.

I use the best skin care I've ever found. It's called Arbonne and the baby skin care is AWESOME! I've never found a diaper rash cream that works like theirs does! It's dermatologist tested and formulated in Switzerland. GREAT stuff!
G. Browand
Auburn, IN

My Doctor said it was, and our dermatologist said it was ok they both recommend cetaphil moisturizing lotion. It works great for sensitive skin and really worked when both my children had really dry skin.

Lotion??? YES!!!! I am a birthing assistant and we always tell our moms lotion!! You can use about any baby lotion for your litle one just remember not to use Vicks baby rub until 6mo. but that is the only OTC topical ointment I know that has an age on it (baby wise). Johnsons Bedtime works pretty good and there are othre calming baby lotion that are out there also. Colicky??? Try the calming baby bath, gas drops or they also have a belly wrap out there that helps...Dont know if you use LTD catalog but they have one in their newest catalog. Hope this helps!!! Also with the little one don't know how you are on disinfecting but I have a product that kills almost every virus imaginable even Hepatitis and HIV virus and is safe around kids and pets...I use it daily!! My fiance even uses it in his police car after transports so he doesnt bring anything home with him.....Interested??? send me a message and I will get you the info....plus it is inexpensive!!!

Dear J., do not use lavender scented lotion on your son unless you want his breasts to develop.
I assume J&J has removed such lotion from the market but you never know...It originally was advertised as helping babies sleep...

Johnson's and Johnsons baby lotion is what the hospital gave us and I have used it since his first bath. He gets a message after every bath before bed. His skin has never had a problem and its gentle enough that it doesn't even burn their eyes if they accidently get some in there. My son rubs his eyes a lot after bath time becuase it's part of our bedtime routine. He usually finds a way to get some lotion on his hands first too, but it's never bothered him. What ever you use make sure it's hypoalergenic with no alcohol. Their skin is really sensitive for the first few months to a year.

We used lotion before they were 1 month old. I would just be sure to use lotions that don't have any perfumes/etc and watch out for any irritation. :)

While everyone is saying "go ahead", I'd say proceed with caution. If you want to do massage, grape seed oil is a better bet. Babies can have VERY sensitive skin. If you want to do the lotion, try a small area first. We used the Johnson's Bedtime lotion on our daughter when she was about 4 or 5 weeks old after a bath and we had to give her another bath because she was writhing in pain from the lotion. When she was about 3 months old we tried it again on a little bit of her leg and she was fine.

When my little ones were in NICU we were told NOT to use baby lotions of any kind. We took a baby massage class and I even ordered a couple of books on it and they all recommend to use natural oils. I used and continue to use olive oil for their baby massages and they love it... and they smell yummy too!

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