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Ok to Give Adult DayQuil to Almost 4 Yr Old?

My 3 (4 on St. patricks Day) yr old son has had a head cold the past week or so. He was taken to the doctor but all they gave me was a cough sepresent and told me it was a virus. Now I think I've given him my sore throat and head cold along with cough. I was wondering of anyone knew if it was ok to give him the DayQuil Ive been using to relieve my symptoms? And if so how much is ok to give? The doctor said they can't call in antibiotics that he would have to be seen. But the car is completely tied up for the next few days and their closed on the week end...I dont want my baby to have to suffer like I did and since his dad is at work and will be till evening I'd give him anything to help his feel better. Ive given him the dayquil before but only about a teaspoon and and im never to sure if ive given him to much or too little.

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I gave him one dose yesturday (a teaspoon) and it seemed to help. But I did go buy him Triaminic.

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No Coleen, do not give him any adult cough syrup. I know it is hard to see your baby suffer, but it will pass. It usually takes a couple weeks, and the best thing to do is to make your baby as comfortable as possible. There are many things to do such as giving him children's Tylenol syrup, it does not have alcohol in it so you can give it to him day or night. It is pretty good. Make sure you follow directions and don't over medicate him. Also, if his nose is dry, you can buy saline drops (ocean drops). This helps him to produce mucus which can help relieve the discomfort he may experience. Maybe one or two good times put a very small amount of Vicks vapor rub mixed with a touch of petroleum jelly and rub his chest and back with it before he goes to bed, helps a lot too. You don't want to do it too often because it opens the pores and that is not always a good thing. Keep socks on his feet to keep them warm, and of course warm clothing, and don't be afraid to let him go outside to get some fresh air, cause it can help too. But again, this will pass, don't worry.

symptoms are there to get the virus out!it is not healthy for an adult to take Day Quill, much more a 4 year old..use a vaporizer and let nature do it's thing.

It is NOT recommended. HOWEVER you should ask your pediatrician, though. When I took my son to his pediatrician she said that it was okay to give him adult Robitusson-BUT only give 1/4tsp, NEVER the full amount.

No, do not give adult medicine to a child, especially one that young, without speaking with your doctor first. Get some children's over the counter medicine if you can't get in touch with your doctor.

I wouldnt try it...but have you looked for the childrens DayQuil. I know they have childrens NyQuil,but I am not sure about the DayQuil.

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