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"Off Brand" Disposable Diapers

Updated question: So if I buy the Target brand, and he is wearing a size 5 in the Luv's, what size should I get him from Target? Thanks so much ladies!!!!

I usually use cloth diapers, but since my son outgrew the last size, I have not bought more right now. So I am using disposables. I really like Luv's, and they are the cheaper of the "name brand" diapers. I am looking for some feedback on the "off brand" diapers. Like from Target or Kroger. I had some from Walmart when he was a newborn, and he peed right out of them. So I don't think I want to try those again. I just wanted to see if anyone had success with any other store brand diapers before I spend any money on a pack of them. Thanks so much!

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Thanks for all the great suggestions! I got some from Target and they are working well. They are just like the ones from Sam's Club that someone gave me for a shower gift. They actually seem larger than the Luv's of the same size, so I think he will be able to wear this size for a longer period of time. Which is a good thing!

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Targey has awesome diapers for the price and they work just as well as luvs or Huggies. I have three children so I have tried Every diaper out there! Good luck

I have had really good luck with BJs brand. My son sleeps through the night with these on and we have not had problems with leakage.

most diapers have a weight recommendation on them as well as a size. I always go by the weight no matter what diapers I buy.

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Hi M.,
I used Parent's Choice on my little boy up till last year. And the only issue I had with them was at night. He did pee right throught them then. I now use the Kroger brand night time pants on him for night (I checked the back of the Good Nights and they are made by the same place Kroger night times are) and Kroger pull ups during the day.I know the Parent's choice should still fit your little one. My little boy has Down syndrome and will not potty train and he is 8 (7 when I changed them). I have tried several different pull ups and diapers from other stores and these were the ones I got the best results with. Hope this helps you.

I have been using target brand on my 2 month old and no leaks so far. They were half the price of Pampers and Huggies!

We use gdiapers now, but up until a month ago I was still using disposables at night. The 365 brand (I think) at Whole Foods (chlorine free) worked well for us, and the Target brand has also worked well. But I would agree with whoever said it, that the Target does tend to run small.

We use bumGenius, but use disposables at night. As a newborn, we found that Krogers brand worked the best in terms of allergies, but they don't hold as much as name brands and smell like pee badly. So it's a tradeoff. I really like seventh generation the best since they don't have any bleach, perfumes, dyes, etc in them, but the closest place that sells them is 30 minutes away and we can't afford the gas just to buy really expensive diapers....

I liked the kroger brand best. They really try hard to mimic the more expensive brands. Don't use true generics though. They are terrible! The ones that say "compare to .... " are the best off brands.

I definitely recommend the Target brand. Obviously, many other moms agree. I used Pampers with our daughter, now 2 1/2, when she was tiny, but eventually she kept getting overnight wet-throughs with the Pampers. I switched first to the Food Lion brand (the thin version), and I was very happy with those for a long time. Then I discovered Target, which is even less expensive and works equally well. Good luck!

First of all I have four boys. With all the boys, pampers always worked. However, I would need to use off brand some weeks. I tried Parent's Choice, leaked and broke my kids out. White Cloud is just awful. Kroger really leaks. Also, i like Luvs some. I do agree CVS and Ekerd works but sometimes not very cheap unless you catch them on sale. Now i agree with target, have never had any problems with them and they are inexpensive. Also, believe it or not i used Dollar General brand and they are cheap and works good also. Anyway, I hope this helps. Also i wanted to let you know i saw you like "green living". Have you ever heard of a company called Melaleuca The Wellness Company? If you want to go green they have over 400 products that are green, personal care, laundry, cleaning, men's line, baby line, women's line, vitamins, even food. I love this company and it has really helped my kid's and my husband and i's health. Anyway if you want more info you can go to my website www.workathomeunited.com/myfoursons. Just thought I would mention it. If not I hope the other info I gave you on the diapers help out.

I have had really good luck with BJs brand. My son sleeps through the night with these on and we have not had problems with leakage.

Thats a good idea, to ask around before you buy. Well between my mother in law and i we have tried wa; mart brand thru aldis brand. family dollars brand is no good, and i dont like aldis but she did. I used Pampers and Huggies when my kids were newborns, and they worked great until they got big and they started waking up wet. Luvs is next best, but my fave now it Top Care in Bilo-the supremes with clifford the big red dog (but hes a puppy) on them. When on sale they are 5.99 for a 30 pack, and the same brand but not supreme, just the regular (you know how huggies has the supremes then the lesser diaper) is 5.99 anytime and has 34. The supremes i love, no accidents and they dont feel wet you when touch the inside. They have cloth tabs and look just like a huggies supreme inside. But beware of the regular top care brand, if the kids throw them around out of the pack the liner inside will bunch up, thats why i stick with the supremes. My little one will stay put to put a new "puppy on"
The walmart brand white cloud was my fave until they changed the diaper, then it sucked. The parents choice are about the same as the bilo top care brand, the liner will bunch up if taken out of the pack and thrown around. hope that helps, and go try the bi lo brand top care supremes with clifford on them!!

I always used Luv's. All the other name brand and off brand he peed right through them. I hated him only waking up at night be cause the dipaer didn't hold up. My son grow out of the Luv's before he used the potty so we had to use the over nights. You can us pull ups but if you don't caught it when they first p you will have a mess on your hands!! So we use pull ups in the day and over night at night. I never thought I would get him potty trained but he just start going on his own a few months before he turned 3. He is 3 and half and is still going stong!!! Good Luck. When you have a big baby there isn't a GOOD dipaer out there for you, you kind have to see what works best and this worked for us!!!

Our daughter lives where there IS no Kroger, so she's always had me to get their brand when they're on sale. I think Wal-Mart's cheap brand (in the yellow pkg) are thinner and overflow more quickly. (Never tried Target brand, but they're evidently popular with MamaSourcers, too! Probably the ones who use them haven't tried the Kroger ones, so they're probably about the same -- maybe even manufactured by the same company!)

M. I love target brand diapers and have had no trouble with them.

ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Target brand diapers. Agree about Wal-Mart brand, not worth bringing home. I have used the Target ones through 3 kids now and have to drive 30 min. to a Target, pass 2 Wal-Mart's to get them but love them!
Also use the wipes.
When you get to pull-ups I have found the Target, Kroger and the Wal-Mart ones look to be made by same company. They all worked great for us.
But definately the Target diapers.
Oh, I also use the Target formula. Have on my last 3 babies. Compared to using Similac on my first 2. Almost half the price!
Have Fun!!

We have probably used ever brand of diapers you can imagine, and we ended up using the Target brand as our primary brand. We have honestly been very, very happy with them and have never had the first problem. I suggest them to everyone when this topic arises.

My daughter (1 year old) was going through Pampers at night and I decided to give Huggies a try; they work wonderfully. I tend to buy Huggies for the house and buy SAM's Club brand to take to daycare. They work well for us and are a bit cheaper as well, since daycare goes through more than we do at home.

BJ's (like Sams's) has a really good diaper.

i use off brand all the time. try the walmart again (parent's choice, not white cloud) i had also used them once when my DS was a newborn and didn't like them but since he is older they work fine. i also use food lion's and i think my MIL had got some from walgreens or somewhere like that and they were fine.

If you have an ALDI grocery near you, they have a store brand (can't remember the name)but they worked great for my little boy. But they only come in size 3, 4 and 5. They're only like 5.99 a pack. I tried about every store brand to save money and these were by far the best for us.

I like Luvs, too. As far as store brand diapees, I like Kroger's "Little Comforts" and the Target Brand and KMart brand's "Little Ones". I do not like Wal-Mart's "Parent's Choice" or "White Cloud". Kroger sends me coupons every now and then. I have a friend that says he gets a good deal on Luvs on amazon.com

Good luck!

Target brand are BY FAR my favorite! I don't use anything else.. $13.69 for the huge box where I live.. that's about $.14 per diaper, depending on the size! can't beat it!

Targey has awesome diapers for the price and they work just as well as luvs or Huggies. I have three children so I have tried Every diaper out there! Good luck

I've had great luck with the Kroger brand diapers. I even use their pull-up kind for night-time and potty training.

I had tried all the off brands and they all seemed to be horrible. We ended up using Luvs with my son and they were wonderful.

I used off brand from Lowes foods on my boys many, many years ago and they worked great... and now I use the cheap brand at dollar general and they are great also... just make sure when you are looking for off-brand that they look like the luvs and pampers style with alil elastic at waist...
Hope this answers your ?

I use the BJ brand diapers and they work great.

If you get a coupon and check the walgreens ads you can get name brand for the same price or cheaper, I noticed they had Jumbo packs for $7.99 and if you have a coupon it comes out the same. The last couple of months walgreens has been giving killer deals on diapers.

There are 2 off brands at Walmart - one works really well and one doesn't work that great. I think the Parent's Choice are the ones that work well. Try those (if you haven't yet). As long as you don't let him over load it he should be good (sometimes my daughter over loads it and it still doesn't really leak so much it just gets really heavy).

I am almost 100% sure that Target, WalMart Sam's, and Kroger diapers (and probably others)are all made by the same company. My little one is 4 now, but I remember comparing many several store brands at varying prices and besides the printed design, they were identical.

Personally, I think no newborn diaper is worth it's salt, but found store brands adequate for older babies. Give the generics a try again. I'd start with the cheapest!

Hi M.: years ago (10) when my youngest was born I switched to the "Babies R us " brand and they worked great unless he had a n extremely heavy pee. I dont know if they have changed but at the time they were very good and I highly recommended them for the price as well. The case was extremely affordable.I also liked and used the Target brand.

Target all the way!! Way cheaper than other brands even the bulk kinds at Costco!

The Walmart diapers in the yellow package worked really well for our toddler 2-3 yrs. Our newborn peed out of them like you said, because they aren't shaped well to stay around the little ones behind, but the toddler being on his feet most of the time did fine. They seemed to work better than the ones from Kroger. I am thinking that when my littlest one gets around 2 yrs, I will switch to cloth, so that he will potty train easier. Disposables don't let them feel the wetness much and they don't care that they are wet like with cloth.
I am actually raising my second crop (grandchildren) and the our first boys (30 yrs ago)were always in cloth and potty trained by 2 1/2 yrs. Our 3 yr old grandson was difficult to train and I think disposables had something to do with it.
Hope you have good luck!!

I have tried several off brand diapers and I have found that Kirklands at Cosco have been the best.

most diapers have a weight recommendation on them as well as a size. I always go by the weight no matter what diapers I buy.

I haven't tried them yet (I will as soon as I use up the Luv's I have) but my sister swears by CVS diapers. The ones in the dark purple pkg not the light purple. I tried them when mine was newborn but they didn't have stretchy velcro tabs and he peed out of them. But they just added the stretch and she says they are great now. Plus CVS policy is to take back ANYTHING with a reciept. They might still have some old packages that don't have the stretch, so she always opens them in the car and brings them back in if they are the old kind. I have tried several off brands (target, walmart, grocery stores) but I never like them if they don't have the stretchy tabs- they just won't fit him right.

I use Luv's right now, but I use Huggies at night. He needs that super absorbency for overnight, but cheaper works great in the daytime.

After a recommendation from a co-worker of mine, I have been using target brand diapers since my daughter was 8 months old. My best friend started using them on her son too. They work like a charm!

I do use Huggies overnights on her, but I honestly believe that she would leak through any regular diaper through the night.

The ones I've tried are Kroger, Wal-Mart, Target and Member's Mark (from Sam's club). Of course I've tried the name brands too. I like Pampers the best because they are so soft and smell so nice. My favorite off-brand is Target. Kroger and Wal-Mart are so stiff. Member's Mark are fine too, but Target's were always more convenient to buy. BUT I have a girl and we've had a few leaks, but not many in any diaper. If you have leaks maybe you could try a larger size with more absorbency. Best of luck!

Someone once recommended the Target brand. Every since then I have been using them and they work out fine. Also, the Target brand of wipes are good too.

The diapers from krogar are good. They are made by huggies in the same factory, they just have diffrent caraters and lableing. If you have a Sams card the Members Mark brand are great and about the same price as the white cloud(that are no good). hope this helps.

We use the Wal-Mart ones since Target's didn't work for us, neither did the brand names. It all depends on the shape of your son. By using a small pack first you won't spend as much money - that's how we found out. A "green" way would be using cloth training pants with either the plastic liner on the outside, or a separate plastic underwear over it. That's what we did on the week-ends at home, our daycare lady wasn't too fond of this idea...lol.

I use the Target brand diapers and I have no problems with leaks. I have tried the walgreens and walmart brands and do not like them. They leak more than any other diapers I have used.

My favorite off brand is the Sam's Club brand. They are just like Pampers. But when I don't get to Sam's, I use Targets, Babies R Us, and Walmart's White Cloud. I know you said that you have used Walmart's and I didn't know if it was Parent's Choice or White Cloud. The Parent's Choice gave my daughter a diaper rash. Those three work great for us.

I've been using the Food Lion diapers (I forget what "brand" they call it... it has Clifford on it), and have been very happy with them. After reading these other responses, I think I might try the Target ones next time, especially if I can get them for $0.14 apiece! I think the cheapest price I've gotten on the Food Lion ones has been $0.20 or $0.21 apiece.
Like you, I was using cloth diapers until my son outgrew the size he was in. Since then, I keep thinking he's going to potty train any day now, so I don't want to invest the $$ in the next size cloth diapers. I do feel guilty about the disposables though. At one point I tried some "greener" disposables that I got from a local co-op, and they worked fine. They were a little stiffer than regular disposables, but seemed to work fine. They were a tad more expensive though, and very inconvenient for me to buy (closest store is about 40 minutes away), so I gave up and went to "regular" disposables. I agree with one of the other moms though... try different kinds in small packages first until you figure out which ones work best for your child's size and shape. Good luck!

Target brand diapers (and now pull-ups) have worked great for us since our daughter was born. Also, the Target brand wipes (no fragrance) are good.

I love Costco's brand diapers.

I used Luvs only once. They were given as a gift. My son peed right through those. I have found Huggies to be the best fitting and absorbant. It's a learning process to find out what is best for your child. Some things are worth the extra money.

After reading the other responses, I think I'm going to try the Target diapers for my twins! I have used the BabiesRUs brand, and loved them when the twins were smaller. They just didn't hold them well enough when they started sleeping all night. I just bought a case of the Sam's Club diapers, and so far I like those too. I think that sometimes you have to be sure you point baby boys down, and I've found it helps to use the cheaper diapers during the day and a better quality at night. Hope that helps.

We had good luck with the Target brand. The only thing was that we had to be diligent about putting Desitin on the babies' bums during really hot days but there was no discomfort that we could tell. They'd get bumps with the national brands as well but it seemed like they got a little more with the Target brand on the hot/humid days. Desitin or other cream did the trick and no bumps with any brand. Hope this helps!

I only used Target brand diapers for my last 3 kids. They worked great, but they run smaller than the name brands. My kids were all allergic to different perfumes in different name brands, but they had no reaction to the Target ones.

i use luv's too ... but sams club brand diapers are similar to Huggies (like almost identical) and they work for my girls too...
white cloud always leaked on them...
target "pullups" are good but not sure about the diapers...

We use Target diapers during the day and Huggies Overnight for night time. My 19 month old son really could sleep in Target, but my 33 month old daughter needs the Overnights. Very happy with both. Goodluck.

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