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"Off Brand" Disposable Diapers

Updated question: So if I buy the Target brand, and he is wearing a size 5 in the Luv's, what size should I get him from Target? Thanks so much ladies!!!!

I usually use cloth diapers, but since my son outgrew the last size, I have not bought more right now. So I am using disposables. I really like Luv's, and they are the cheaper of the "name brand" diapers. I am looking for some feedback on the "off brand" diapers. Like from Target or Kroger. I had some from Walmart when he was a newborn, and he peed right out of them. So I don't think I want to try those again. I just wanted to see if anyone had success with any other store brand diapers before I spend any money on a pack of them. Thanks so much!

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Thanks for all the great suggestions! I got some from Target and they are working well. They are just like the ones from Sam's Club that someone gave me for a shower gift. They actually seem larger than the Luv's of the same size, so I think he will be able to wear this size for a longer period of time. Which is a good thing!

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Targey has awesome diapers for the price and they work just as well as luvs or Huggies. I have three children so I have tried Every diaper out there! Good luck

I have had really good luck with BJs brand. My son sleeps through the night with these on and we have not had problems with leakage.

most diapers have a weight recommendation on them as well as a size. I always go by the weight no matter what diapers I buy.

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Hi M.,
I used Parent's Choice on my little boy up till last year. And the only issue I had with them was at night. He did pee right throught them then. I now use the Kroger brand night time pants on him for night (I checked the back of the Good Nights and they are made by the same place Kroger night times are) and Kroger pull ups during the day.I know the Parent's choice should still fit your little one. My little boy has Down syndrome and will not potty train and he is 8 (7 when I changed them). I have tried several different pull ups and diapers from other stores and these were the ones I got the best results with. Hope this helps you.

I have been using target brand on my 2 month old and no leaks so far. They were half the price of Pampers and Huggies!

We use gdiapers now, but up until a month ago I was still using disposables at night. The 365 brand (I think) at Whole Foods (chlorine free) worked well for us, and the Target brand has also worked well. But I would agree with whoever said it, that the Target does tend to run small.

We use bumGenius, but use disposables at night. As a newborn, we found that Krogers brand worked the best in terms of allergies, but they don't hold as much as name brands and smell like pee badly. So it's a tradeoff. I really like seventh generation the best since they don't have any bleach, perfumes, dyes, etc in them, but the closest place that sells them is 30 minutes away and we can't afford the gas just to buy really expensive diapers....

I liked the kroger brand best. They really try hard to mimic the more expensive brands. Don't use true generics though. They are terrible! The ones that say "compare to .... " are the best off brands.

I definitely recommend the Target brand. Obviously, many other moms agree. I used Pampers with our daughter, now 2 1/2, when she was tiny, but eventually she kept getting overnight wet-throughs with the Pampers. I switched first to the Food Lion brand (the thin version), and I was very happy with those for a long time. Then I discovered Target, which is even less expensive and works equally well. Good luck!

First of all I have four boys. With all the boys, pampers always worked. However, I would need to use off brand some weeks. I tried Parent's Choice, leaked and broke my kids out. White Cloud is just awful. Kroger really leaks. Also, i like Luvs some. I do agree CVS and Ekerd works but sometimes not very cheap unless you catch them on sale. Now i agree with target, have never had any problems with them and they are inexpensive. Also, believe it or not i used Dollar General brand and they are cheap and works good also. Anyway, I hope this helps. Also i wanted to let you know i saw you like "green living". Have you ever heard of a company called Melaleuca The Wellness Company? If you want to go green they have over 400 products that are green, personal care, laundry, cleaning, men's line, baby line, women's line, vitamins, even food. I love this company and it has really helped my kid's and my husband and i's health. Anyway if you want more info you can go to my website www.workathomeunited.com/myfoursons. Just thought I would mention it. If not I hope the other info I gave you on the diapers help out.

I have had really good luck with BJs brand. My son sleeps through the night with these on and we have not had problems with leakage.

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