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Odd Ongoing Rash on 6 Month Old's Face

Hi moms! At around 3 1/2 months old my daughter developed a small, roundish, red, rough, rash on her cheek. When I took her to her 4 month check-up I asked the ped and she said it looked like it was just eczema and to put aquaphor ointment on it a couple times a day. Well, a month and a half passed and there was no change in the rash. It never seemed to bother her and she had no other symptoms so I didn't think much of it but I went ahead and called the ped back and she wanted to see it again. She said she still thought it was eczema even though she didn't have it anywhere else on her body and that it didn't look like ringworm but if the hydrocortizone cream didn't work then she would treat it as ringworm. My daughter was prescribed the lowest grade hydrocortizone cream which she told me to use on her once daily for 5-7 days. This helped the redness slightly but that is about it, so I called her back and she decided she would give her lotrimin. I believe this is some kind of anti-fungal cream. I used it on her for three days and it just burnt her little face up. She got upset when I put it on her and it looks worse than ever now. Its more red, more rough and even seems to be raw in the center. I'm afraid now I did more damage than good. I just hope its not going to scar her face. The ped said to discontinue use of everything and to only wash it with dove soap and water for the next 6 days until the ped sees her again. What in the world could this be? I don't think the ped has any idea either. Has any one had anything like this on their child? I've got to figure out what this could be because it is not going away on its own! Please help mommas!

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My daughter has the exact same thing. I had tried everything and finally found an eczema cream put out by disney. It is in a blueish-green bottle and it says eczema cream on the front. They also have a body wash. I saw a huge improvement immediately. I hope this works for you as well!!

Eczema has definitely been linked to food. Try cleaning up diet for awhile if she is breast fed. Especially stay away from white sugar. Hope this clears up for her very soon.

As crazy as this is going to sound - try plain chapstick. My son had what seems to be exactly the same problem on his cheeks and chin. I tried all the eczema creams, ect. to no avail & it was actually my ped. who suggested the chapstick. I just rubbed it on several times a day and within a week it was completely gone. Crazy I know, but I promise it worked!

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Sorry to hear about your baby's rash. My son also has had a similar rash, although it never got as severe as your daughter's. I use only the most natural detegent on everything and organic soaps to wash my son with, but he was still getting the rash. My ped and I determined that it was actually my lips that were causing it from kissing him on the cheeks so much. I had usually put Aquaphor on my lips, so when the ped suggested that as a treatment I ignored it. Petroleum based products can irritate some babies. So, here's what I did to resolve the issue. I went out and bought organic lip balms and gloss and only wear that now. This resolved the cause. To clear up the rash, I tried something instinctual. If the skin is dry, it needs some moisture. I tried putting just a dab of extra virgin olive oil on his cheeks before bed. This worked like a charm! The very next day his cheeks had cleared up. Olive oil is also great because inevitably the baby will get whatever you put on his/her cheeks in their mouth. If you can afford it, I would recommend organic extra virgin olive oil. If your baby's skin is broken (i.e., bleeding), I would not try this because it could possibly cause an infection, but try it when the rash is milder and see if it helps. Make sure your hands are freshly clean when you apply the oil. Good luck!

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If you could find a pediatric dermatologist, I would recommend taking her. I had a friend whose son has excema, but they also found he had allergies. Turns out where his saliva touched his skin (sucking thumb, etc.) he broke out more.

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Hi S. my granddaughters face stayed broke out when she was younger. I found that aveeno products work the best for her. They have body wash to lotions. They also have hydrocortizone cream. They have a lotion that is for exzema for babys. It has a dark blue cap on it. I hope this will help. Good luck and god bless

Hi There,
Maybe your daughter does have eczema and it just didn't go away or maybe she was bitten by a bug. In either case, a months time may not be enough for it to go away. My daughter has eczema and sometimes i have to put regular cortaid on it just to relieve the redness.
Hope this helps! Good luck to you.

Dear S. I

That does sound bad. I be concerned too.
Find out if you can use a soap that is made of oats.
Ask the pharmist if they have that natural soap.
My son would break out with spots or rash.
I was told to use oats in his tub of water or the bar
made of oats. I feel it is natural. It stop the itch and help slowly.
And it is all natural.
Are you washing his cloths with too much soap?
Maybe he reacting to what you use on the cloth that you wash his face with.or his body.
I hope this gave you an Idea.
Too is there anything in the air at home that could be bothering you child.
A air conditioner or dirty air.
Try a air filter see if that could help.
Just some ideas.

You have a good day Today

Vicki W.

My daughter used to get these funky red blotchy patches of skin on her face all of the time. They looked terrible. I used to put Aveeno diaper rash cream with oatmeal on them at night and most of the time she would wake up looking much better. My daughters Nana (no relation to us) who has been caring for children for 40 yrs told me to do this.

-If I read correctly, your daughter has had the rash now for 2 months. I understand the pathways the pediatrician has tried, she hasn't been wrong with her thinking, but enough is enough.
-I agree to discontinue everything, use only Dove Soap/water, and get the baby to a dermatologist. I doubt if you need to worry about scarring, but make sure to ask the dermatologist about that, too.
-I wouldn't be surprised if it does turn out to be exzema, just like the pediatrician suspected initially. The dermatologist may give your daughter a stronger hydrocortisone cream and maybe oral medicine, also.
-This may be some sort of an allergic reaction, and you may want to start a food and location (diet, where she's been, animals and plants that she's been around, etc.) diary.
-Good luck!

I know this is weird but I work in a hospital and a Dr told a girl that I work with this. She had the same thing on her neck. She had gone to dermatologist and had put all sorts of things on it and it never went away. If it did, it always came right back. This Dr told her to put Selsum Blue on it and wash with that for a while. She did and it went away and has never reappeared in 3 yrs.
Try it. She swares by it. She thought it was strange and weird too but it worked.
Hope it helps.

I had the same problem with my 2.5 y.o. and I agree it's probably eczema. The only problem is that it's on her face and it's hard to keep the ointment on there long enough to actually do any good. I would try the Aquaphor again. We kept our eczema for months and it was right around my daughter's chin and mouth. As soon as I figured out when/how to apply the Aquaphor to give it the most staying power, it finally went away. Good luck!

I had a similar problem with my son but it was on his head.
My ped didn't know what it was either. I MADE them refer me to a dermatologist and they diagnosed him right away and treated him correctly and has been fine ever since. If I were you I would DEFINITELY take her to see a dermatologist A.S.A.P. I hope this helped and good luck.

I'm not sure what it is, but you could try a dermatologist instead of your pediatrician for a follow-up. Since they deal with skin specifically, they've probably seen just about everything.

Try eucerin cream. It is expensive but my daughter has excema on her arms, butt and mostly all over her legs. It helps to take away the red scaly skin. I usually put it on and rub it in until it soaks in. You can use this 3-4 times a day and it won't effect her skin badly. If that doesn't work, contact a dermatologist. Your ped isn't doing much for this.

I hope it heals quickly for her.


From a holistic point of view:

Your skin is your body's first defense and often the first place your body shows signs of weakness. Putting medicated creams (hydrocortizone)suppresses the body's natural immune response.

If it were my child I would stop putting stuff on it, observe it, (worse/better/same - flare after certain foods [that you eat if breast feeding]) give her body some time to work it out. If it is eczema, that is usually food allergy related. Do see a good dermatologist and ask for alternatives to suppressive therapy. (dont just make the symptom go away, find the root of the problem & deal with that)

Good luck!

I think your ped gave good advice, it does sound like ecz to me too but I would take your baby to a pediatric dermatologist. I know Vanderbilt has one. Our children had it and the Aquafor really worked well so if that did not work, try a specialist. You can also just try baby lotion. Get it a bit wet and then put lotion on her face so it is moist.

love the name Lola. :o)


Hi S., As I understand it eczema is a mixture of dry skin and allergies. The cause is mainly genetic – an inborn tendency toward dry skin and allergies. There is no way to change the genetics. The important issue is not what causes eczema in the first place, but what allergies and skin irritants is your child exposed to that is triggering the flare-ups.

To avoid dry skin you need to moisturize and avoid skin irritants and environmental allergies.

I shop at an online store that has products with mostly natural ingredients and they do not contain any harsh chemicals or preservatives. They also have a lotion that works phenomenaly well on eczema ... it is clinically proven to work better than Eucerin and is very reasonably priced.
My cousin had eczema so bad that her hands bled and now they are healed. You definately want to check this company out. Switching your detergent, your cleaners, and your baby products could help tremendously in addition to using their lotion.

See my site for more information:
You can request more information if you like and we can talk some more.

Good luck! D..

Hi S.,

My children are grown. My daughter had/has eczema.
Please don't think of this as a commercial, but you may want to try some baby products that have been helpful to many.
I sell Arbonne products and they have a line of baby products. There's a wash, lotion, diaper rash cream, body oil and sunscreen. From my experience with clients, these products have been so helpful.They are very soothing and nourishing.
If you want more info,or just want to talk, please, feel free to contact me.

D. Freeland

I have the same thing right now and after 2 weeks of using Rx on my face and scalp I went back because the ointment was burning and causing redness. They gave me a sulpher based lotion that has made a difference in 1 day and actually feels soothing and not painful to apply. I can recommend the dermatologist I use that is at Hope Grueber, Karen Gould, and to get seen fast the PA is Carol Marks Dermatology Specialists 510 North Elam near Wesley Long Hospital. Maybe just ask the Pediatrician to change to a sulpher based treatment.
Good luck!

My oldest son had food allergies but before we knew it, he had a horrible rash on his face. Everyone just kept saying it was chapped from his drooling, but it looked awful. I finally took him to a pediatric allergist and as soon as she saw him she knew he was allergic to something. She pricked his back for different foods and eggs came back positive. He was a big baby and ate a lot of Gerber baby food before he was 6 months old. They used to have a macaroni and cheese that he loved so he ate it a lot before he could have meats, but I realized that it had eggs in it and it was the culprit to his rash. Shortly after I cut it out of his diet and anything else with eggs in it, his rash went away. I would also put some of the cortizone ointment (not cream) on his face when he was sleeping and it helped a lot. He outgrew the allergy after he turned three, but when I look back on his pictures I can't believe how bad it was and that they let it go on so long. I was better prepared for it with my second son and when his rash appeared after he oatmeal a couple of times, I knew to avoid it.

Go to a dermatologist. I had a facial rash that wouldn't clear up and my GP thought it was something else and made it worse so I went to a dermatologist and she immediately knew what it was and treated it.

Did you try looking "face rash" or "baby face rash" or some other combination on Google and then select images? That might help you find a rash that looks similar to your daughter's.

Hi S.,

Is there any way you could send a pic?

hi there...in all honesty, any baby i have ever known (all my nieces,kids i ever babysat for, my own daughter, etc) has had a rash on their face or body at some point within months after being born. my daughter had this for 2-3 months, as well...
what generally happens, the baby absorbs toxins from the mother's body while in the womb-it's a natural occurrence. these toxins can express itself through a rash on teh body.

the first 4 months are of the baby's life is considered the 4th trimester-when the baby's digestive system and such are still developing (hence a lot of babies get colic too!) this time of the baby's life, their intestines are starting to work, they are absorbing foods that they've never had...if it's breastmilk-then they need to get used to what the mother is eating (which is why mom's who breastfeed need to stay away from certain foods) and if it's formula, then their systems have to get used to the soy, sugars, etc. the rash is usually the baby's way of releasing and working with what he/she absorbed from the mother's womb, in addition to what their newbie intestines are working with. are you feeding her solids yet? stay away from sugars as much as possible...unless they are natural forming-like in sweet potatoes, fruits, etc.

probiotics are an excellent way to decrease/diminsh baby eczema. they even suggest the mom eating acidophillus while the baby is in the womb to decrease the chances of the baby having eczema.

maybe try rubbing some greek yogurt on the baby's skin? (greek yogurt does not have added sugars in it; not yogurt with sugars in it, as this might irritate your baby's skin) as i said above, i'm not sure if you're feeding her solids yet, but you can try giving her a bit of the greek yogurt (you can get this at greenlife, earthfare, ingles also) to eat, as well. cooling cucumbers on her face might help too, if it is 'burning' or irritating your baby. aloe, as well.

i would also use an all natural soap that is geared for baby's skin-like burts bees or aubrey organics. i know these tend to be pricier-but there are a lot of synthetics in regular soaps (even though they say that dove is for sensitive skin) that tend to irritate the skin and baby's skin is soooooo sensitive, as you can see.

if you need anything other info, i'd be happy to help!
i'm a mama of an 8 mo. old girl and a licensed acupuncturist, here in asheville...

my 10 year old daughter had the same problem. the md never seemed to want to admit that it might be more serious. then when she was around 5 mos she was in my lap and i was eating some cheese cake and she leaned in wanting some. i gave her just a little bit on the end of my finger and she went into anaphalactic shock. when i was at the er the md there told me that her cheeks being all scaly and red was a sign of severe allergies and that most likely it was something that i was eating that was causing it. (she was breast feed) but that since she obviously had some severe food allergies that i should not try to switch her to formula because it most likely would contain something that she was allergic to. after she had the epinepherin at the er her face was clearer that it had ever been. they sent her to an allergy md. when i took her we found out that she was allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, nuts, peanuts, strawberries and tomatoes. AAGGHH!! the md told me to continue to breast feed her for as long as i could and to eat small amounts of the things she was allergic to. he said that i would know if i ate to much because her face was break out worse. and that by doing this it would help her outgrow most of her allergies. it works kind like of getting allergy shots. so i nursed her until she was 17 mos, which was not easy. my plan was to wean her around 6 mos. but she has outgrown everything except the peanuts. Yeah!! by the way i switched doctors because i did not feel like the one i had was knowledgable enough about childrens allergies. the one i have now is older and has a lot of experience with allergies. i don't know if you are nursing or not but i have gotten to know many mom's that have children with allergies and one common thing to helping seems to be nursing. i am really good friends with a mom who did not nurse and her son has had a terrible time with his food allergies and still has excema at the age of 10. it is very hard to see your child have something on their body that you know burns or itches and you can not get any help from your md. i wish that i had done more research on my own and switched to a better md before i endangered my daughters life. you are right to be alarmed about this.--B. mom to 3 kiddos 13, 10 and 3

Hi S.,my oldest had trouble with excema and they gave her a steroid cream which did help. It sounds like you might need to consult a dermatologist to find out exactly what it is. With her being so very young I'd be afraid to try to many ointments without talking to someone who deals in skin alone. I hope she gets better!:)

Eczema has definitely been linked to food. Try cleaning up diet for awhile if she is breast fed. Especially stay away from white sugar. Hope this clears up for her very soon.

My 8 1/2 month old dd has the same thing on her cheeks. I'm guessing its contact dermatitis or eczema. I just started trying the Gentle Naturals Eczema cream yesterday. She's been to the dr. a few times for other things & the dr. has never said anything about it or seemed concerned with it.

DId it coincide with any of the shots that children get? Many toxic ingredients and many that kids are allergic too... I'd do a blood test for allergies and delay some of the shots or find out what's in them so you know better... one good source is Dr. Sears, Vaccine book.. it has all the awful ingredients used to make vaccines!
Seems epidemic out there... and vaccines are known to cause rashes... did it start after first 2 mo shot ?
SOrry for your child's troubles but I'm sure when you find the culprit it will be all clear.

You need to see a pediatric dermatologist. Pediatricians and Gp's know nothing about the skin, and there are meds out there that are very dangerous for your child. Don't fool around anymore, make an appt, you may have to see someone in a medical center.

My daughter had the same thing on her checks. The ped said it was probably eczema and recomended one of the million creams for that. She also did a poor job of informing me on all that eczema entails. We sent a ton of money and time on different creams and ointments. What works for one might not work for others. The best thing was finding out what she was allergic too. The ped didn't mention that most babies with eczema have egg allergies. Try to get an allergy test from an allergist. I hope it gets better.

I read this and my heart went out to you! We went through the SAME thing with my son when he was a baby. He is 4 now. It was eczema, and I bet that is what your daughter is dealing with as well...it sounds exactly the same. About 6 months after it started on his face it spread to his arms and then legs. We moved about that time so we had to get a new pediatrician. This new pediatrician had "gone green" 6 years before and was a huge believer that chemicals cause most problems. We listened to her and converted our home over to Green products, no chemicals at all. His eczema was GONE in 4 weeks. Now I have 12 month old babies who have perfect skin, they never had any issues. My son was actually allergic to his baby shampoo, Gerber Grins and Giggles...which is why it started on his face and spread as he got older.
We have been purchasing our everyday household needs from the same company for 2 years now. They have over 350 natural green replacements for the everyday items in your home. What is even better is that you same money with them...who doesn't need to save money in this economy. Anyway if you are interested please message me and we can talk some more!

Good luck!

It sounds like eczema to me. My son has it. I have to use a mild baby soap when washing his body, then I have to use baby aveeno. Since the day he was born if I used anything else he would break out. My oldest nephew gets it in big patches on his body and my sister has to but vasoline on it, it is the only thing that works for him!! It sometimes takes a week to two week before it looks better!! I live by baby aveeno, try it!!!

Well who ever heard of using Aquaphor for eczema? If it is eczema you need a special prescription for it and it will take a couple weeks to get rid of for one. Also, if it is eczema you then need to find out why. Many cases of eczema are due to some type of food allergy. My daughter's food allergy is dairy. Mine is chocolate (go figure!). We both have eczema breakouts if we have these two foods.

Elidel is the main medicine used today for eczema. And if it's not that it sounds like you need to take your child to a dermatologist. This is out of your Peds area of expertise it sounds like. God Bless~

As crazy as this is going to sound - try plain chapstick. My son had what seems to be exactly the same problem on his cheeks and chin. I tried all the eczema creams, ect. to no avail & it was actually my ped. who suggested the chapstick. I just rubbed it on several times a day and within a week it was completely gone. Crazy I know, but I promise it worked!

My daughter has the exact same thing. I had tried everything and finally found an eczema cream put out by disney. It is in a blueish-green bottle and it says eczema cream on the front. They also have a body wash. I saw a huge improvement immediately. I hope this works for you as well!!

Could very well be eczema...may be caused by an allergy to something...milk, wheat? ARe you nursing? If so, you might try cutting out dairy and then go down the list...wheat, eggs, nuts, etc. If the baby is on formula, you might try soy. Also try using a non-soap cleanser and frangrance free lotion. We use mustela cream cleanser and plain old Eucerin cream as lotion. Worth a try. HOpe it improves...it's no fun to see their pretty faces with red spots!

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