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Obsession with Drawing

My 6 year old daughter seems to be obsessed with drawing. She probably draws about 15 or more pictures a day when we are home all day. They are usually pics of a combination of people in our family, or fairies, flowers etc... I wouldn't think anything of it but she was exhibiting some OCD type symptoms last year so I was just wondering if this constant drawing is normal. I told her once "ok no more drawing for today" because we were low on paper and she literally started crying. Does anyone else's child this age draw this frequently?

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Don't stop her. It's a passion. And if you can actually recognize what she's drawing, she may have a budding talent. Christmas is approaching, so I'd ask for paper - even get a $20 box of office paper from Costco (would be about 5000 sheet). Let the family know about her love of drawing and ask for supplies for Christmas.

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My 7 year old son is just like this. He even takes paper and pencil with him in the car. I wouldn't worry.

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my daughter could spend the entire day being creative whether it is drawing or coloring or painting. We even went on a cruise and when she went to the youth center she was on the computer the ENTIRE time creating her own fairies. She made 25! They were all different and had their own names. If it is something she is good at she probably wants to do it more. Help her establish her own boundaries and at least do some other activities too. Either how much time she gets to do Art in a day or how many pieces max she gets to create. i know in school kids often do not get to do much art so maybe she really wants to take advantage of the time afterward.

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Sounds just like my dd!! There are drawings hanging all over our house. She started drawing before she could speak in complete sentences. It is her way of processing information. Her drawings are extremely detailed, showing she has a good eye while observing. This is how your child is learning about the world around her. She can think in 3D and has good spatial development. People who draw tend to be creative and smart.

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I havent read the other posts, so hope my response is fresh.

My oldest daughter as a little child sounds like yours. paper everywhere, crumbled or neat, under bed, closets. no paper? no problem, she drew on her dresser, closet doors and one time scratched drew on my car hood!! of course we got after her for that. but i really didnt stop her artistic juices. bought her chalk for side walks and other areas, easy to clean off. relatives always bought her paper for b-days and x-mas. naturaly she would join all art classes at school.

Today she draws pencil/chalk portraits in such accuracy everyone jaw drops. she did go to Art Institute of LA. and does paintings now. In restaurants she will draw on the napkin of who ever shes with and they keep for mementos, lol. she will draw on any piece of paper still. she paints little figures in kids faces at events.

Have ur daughter sign and date every piece of art, even if it looks like blobs, just never kno.

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Don't stop her. It's a passion. And if you can actually recognize what she's drawing, she may have a budding talent. Christmas is approaching, so I'd ask for paper - even get a $20 box of office paper from Costco (would be about 5000 sheet). Let the family know about her love of drawing and ask for supplies for Christmas.

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O please dnt stop her. I loved to draw and paint and sketch and it was such a great outlet and I would de stress I loved drawing anything and everything

And now my daughter who is 21 months draws everyday :) it's fun!
I would never think art is bad plz encourage her an support her
Like others have said teach her to draw on both side :)


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Yes, my son has done this for about 4 years at least, he is 9 now. He spends literally hours sitting at a table drawing. He doesn't stop at one, he draws whole books, like cartoon strips with dialogue.
I could probably fill his whole room with the books upon books of drawing pads he has filled.
I think let her at it!

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You know, practically every one of us has SOME OCD traits, and artists seem to have more than most! Don't freak out about OCD traits. Every child gets obsessed with something or has to have things a certain way. My daughter has to have both closet doors shut and the light has to be off and her stuffed animals have to be in a certain position or she can't sleep. OCD? No, I asked her once and she is still afraid of the Monster In The Closet. Shutting the door tight and arranging her stuffed animals as "guards" makes her feel safe.

Lots of baseball players have "rituals" they do before the game or some kind of lucky charm. They are not OCD! Don't confuse OCD with being a NORMAL human being with creative rituals or tendencies.

And let your daughter draw! My daughter would draw 15 pictures a day if we let her. She has lots of drawing notebooks, she will even draw on lined paper.

When it's time to stop because she has to do something else, tell her to save her idea for later. You could even mime taking the idea from her head and putting it in her "pocket." 6-year olds like that, and it's a fun way to make a transition to another activity.

Congrats on your budding artist! Perhaps one day she will be famous and when they interview you, you will say "Yes, I knew she was going to be an artist because when she was 6 years old she drew 15 or more pictures a day and cried when I told her to stop!"

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I drew constantly as a child...it is what I loved to do and I felt like I was good at it. I think about it now and it must have been funny to my mom to see the things I drew. I would go for a year totally obsessed with drawing fairies. Then I'd be completely obsessed with some other subject. In high school I doodled people all the time...faces and bodies. You should not worry so much but you should make sure she takes some good art lessons off and on her whole childhood. I wish my parents had done this - serious art lessons where you learn different techniques. Anyway - today I am a Biologist but I also still create art and sell it in a gallery. It gives me great happiness! :)

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My daughter has been drawing since she was 2 years old. She absolutely loves it, and as with anything that someone works so hard at she's very good at it. We've always encouraged her without pressure.

What kind of OCD symptoms is she exhibiting? Or are you just worried about the time spent on drawing? My daughter will often choose something that she likes to draw and then draw it over and over again. She did it with tigers, Disney Princesses, people, cats, characters. We would have a hundred pictures of, what looked like, the same pictures drawn again and again. But she was unsatisfied with some aspect of it and so needed to draw it over and over until she got it " right." The other thing noticed was that she would draw as an outlet. If she felt stressed or overwhelmed she drew as much as when she was bored. And that piece was important to me. I feel like if she never does anything with her art in terms of a career, it's an outlet that she'll always have.

One day we went to the store and she saw a logo that she liked. She couldn't wait to get home and draw it. She does this with movies too. When I asked her about it, she says she looks at the picture and sees it in her mind and then can draw it. I think it's a gift.

Our daughter would most definitely cry if we told her she couldn't draw. It's just a part of her. I haven't ever worried because she does have different interests and it's not something that interferes with her every day life or social behavior. And it's a great way for us to bond together too. She has moved way beyond being dazzled by my stick figure drawings, but she LOVES when I sit down with just her to color or draw. It's the time with me doing something that she loves that makes her happy.

If I were you I would let her do it. Give her the tools she needs to encourage her. Teach her to use both sides of the paper and keep her things organized, clean up her work and recycle. Giver her different mediums to work with... tracing paper, pastels on black construction paper, fine tipped markers. colored pencils. Let her do what naturally comes to her, vs buying "drawing books" that teach her to draw with a grid and limit her natural tendencies.

Good luck!

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