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Oatmeal-looking Diarrhea Smells like Rotten Eggs!

I will preface this by saying, I called my pediatrician and even they are stumped... My daughter (7 mos.) has had a cold for about a week now. Starting yesterday, she has had really bad diarrhea (blowouts) that look like grownup oatmeal and smell like rotten eggs. They are burning her skin and she screams when I wipe her. She has not been introduced to any new foods and, what's more, she really doesn't have an appetite. I'm concerned and am wondering if anyone has had the rotten egg oatmeal poop.

Also, any good suggestions on diaper rash creams. I have Aveeno right now, but I need something stronger!

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I'm so sorry to hear about her bottom. You have some good suggestions on what could be causing it. For the irritation on her bottom, I would suggest using Vaseline or Palmer's Diaper Ointment. When my daughter had diarrhea, her bottom would get red and she would scream too. The regular diaper ointments would irritate her too much. The vaseline would protect her bottom and give it a chance to heal between changes and is gentle enough not to irritate. Use a generous amount. The Palmer's is gentle and works very well to heal the irritation also.

Probiotics is a must to replenish the good bacteria that she is loosing in her stools. Florababy is an excellent brand by ReNew Life. California Baby products are great, there is a diaper spray wash you can use to gently cleanse her butt and their diaper cream is wonderful, no harsh additives in their products.

It could also possibly be food allergies/sensitivities, similar reactions to rotovirus. Food allergies/sensitivities can strike at anytime, especially if she is eating the same foods over and over. No dairy and wheat are classic food culprits. It also can indicate early signs of Celiac disease, it takes an average of 8 visits before a doctor will finally diagnose it. Definitely stay on top of it

I would seek another opinion so they can sample the stool itself, it will be the only way to get a true diagnosis to what is going on internally.

Good luck!
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Did the doctor mention Roto virus? My son had a similar situation at 15mos. and the smell and rash are unmistakeable.

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The burning the skin part makes me think food allergy. You can develop food allergies and sensitivities at any time- even to something you have eaten for YEARS. A lot of times stress will trigger the reaction.

Intestinal distress makes me first think of gluten sensitivity. Does she eat any oatmeal, wheat, or rice cereal? Even the rice may have some gluten unless it states specifically that it is gluten-free. The Aveeno could be making it worse rather than better.

Calendula (try Weleda brand or look in the homeopathic section of your drugstore or health food store) helps calm skin after a bad abrasion or burn, and will work wonders. Most of the butt-paste and vaseline type ointments are going to have perfumes, chemicals and a petroleum base, which will only make things worse if she is sensitive. I would definitely go the herbal route.

If you are breast-feeding, cut wheat and dairy from your diet for a week and see if that helps. You may have to cut them indefinitely if she is sensitive. You can also use breastmilk directly on her diaper area and let it air if possible. Breastmilk is very healing because it has antibacterial properties.

My youngest daughter had a dairy sensitivity and it would cause very strange poops. She would also get a burn-type rash from me eating spinach, pumpkin, sweet potato, and anything very acidic- like too many tomatoes or oranges.

I hope this helps and she (and you!) find some relief! It sounds like you need a new pediatrician if they aren't concerned about a 7 month old's terrible diarrhea. She is definitely young enough for this to be a real emergency. Please keep a check on her for lethargy, a sunken fontanel (soft spot) and glassy eyes- all signs of dehydration. If you are in doubt or feel that something is just not right, PLEASE take her to the ER for fluids or an evaluation.


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If the skin is rather raw use a baby soft washcloth with water only. Then let air dry for at least 5 mins then try milk of magnesium plain/original then a fresh diaper. Did she get vaccinations in the last 30-40 days? Sometimes they can have a reaction several days later if a cold has sprung up in that time period. Has she received any meds for the cold? Over the counter or homeopathic anything new soaps.lotions? Is she on formula a new can , BF anything new or more/less of in your diet? So long as she is getting fluids a couple of days of a low appetite are nothing to be real concerned about but if it lasts for more then 3 days call the ped again. Good Luck hope she feels better soon.

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I LOVE Burt's Bees "Baby Bee Diaper Ointment."

Also, make sure her diaper rash, does not turn into a yeast infection rash... which can happen when the body is out of balance... and diaper creams will not get rid of a yeast infection. So take her to the Doctor to check her diaper rash...

She appears to have some kind of virus... did they test her for anything?

Is she drinking anything? Still nursing? Or formula if that is what you use?
I would worry about dehydration... in a baby, that can be serious.

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We have found that oftentimes our son gets diarrhea after having a different mild illness. His ped told us that what can happen is that the bacteria in the stomach that aides in milk digestion can get flushed out during the initial stages, so the kid develops a temporary lactose intolerance. Try putting her on Pedialyte ONLY (no milk at all) for 24-48 hrs. The diarrhea should stop. If not, get her to the doc immediately.

It sounds like Rotovirus to me (an very common digestive bug). Your doc should want to see her and can probably diagnosis from the smell. Seriously, it's something you never forget!

Probiotic (Pro bug smoothies are good), lots of fluids, the biggest problem is dehydration.

Sounds like rotavirus to me. They have the mild illness and then they get terrible diarrhea that smells to high heaven. It can look different from child to child and even BM to BM depending on how much they processed the food before it came out. You can't do a whole lot for it other than keep her hydrated as well as possible and make sure you clean up DOUBLY well when you do her diapers cause it spreads that way. Regular strength Desitin is the best diaper barrier cream, it has the highest percent of zinc oxide in it to protect the skin. The creamy/light Desitin is a joke though, be careful you get the right kind.

I also preferred the Boudroux's Butt Paste with my daughter. She would get that same diarrhea when she has mucus in her system. Anytime she is coughing or congested or anything like that, that is how her diapers are. My friend's son is that same way so I always chalked it up to the mucus in their system.

I am also a huge fan of triple paste - also let her be naked (with protection - i.e. shower curtain then towels on the floor to air it out.).. I would go to the healthstore/natural market and get some powdered probiotics - can help regulate her bowel and lessen the diarrhea. Also, swallowing lots of mucus can make your poop icky.... hang in there!

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