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Nutramigen Vs. Alimentum

My 5 week old has been through 4 formulas (Similac Adv., Enfamil Gentlease, Enfamil AR, and Isomil). The next step is hypoallergenic formula. Has anyone had any success with these formulas? Please let me know your experience. Also best places to buy them?

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My oldest (who is 3 1/2 now) was on both of those formulas. The Alimentum worked the best for her.. but my baby that is 6 1/2 months old is on Nutramigen. I notice she still spits up but the pediatrician says that is normal for her age that its like a faucet but she has success with the whole colic. Its hard to say where the best place to buy either is b/c they are both so expensive. I noticed that Walmart was the cheapest, if you want to say cheap at all.. but they don't carry it all the time. Fortunately I was able to get WIC for my baby so I dont have to pay the $27 a can. If that's expensive for you, maybe you can look into getting on WIC. Formula is just so expensive these days.

Both of my sons were on Nutramigen, and we had great success with it. It smells awful, and the spit up is worse. But my first son had colic and reflux, and this formula was one piece of the puzzle that helped him to improve. We tried regular Enfamil and Pro Sobee before we switched. When my second son started to show a bad reaction to regular formula, we immediately switched to Nutramigen. He improved quickly as well. I did sometimes have trouble finding it, but I used to go to Babies R Us, Walmart and Publix to find it. I never used Alimentum, but I have a friend who had a baby with terrible reflux, and Alimentum was the only formula that worked for her. Good luck; I hope your baby feels better (and you too).

My 2 year old is allergic to soy and cow's milk. I breast fed for most of the first year and just cut them out of my diet (a great way to lose weight, by the way) But, since my breasts don't pump well, I introduced a bottle of alimentum fairly early on. It is expensive and nasty smelling. I would never have tried it myself. I believe it's made with corn protein. Oh, the thought is terrible. That being said, we never experienced anything but good results from it. He liked it a lot and he never had any reactions, tummy problems, etc. from it. I have never heard if the other one. Maybe I can learn from the other answers. I just had another baby 2 weeks ago and as of now, we don't know of any allergies. I'm breastfeeding again and to be proactive, I just cut those 2 things out of my diet. Maybe the nutramigen is less expensive? Anyone know what it's made from? Good luck K.. By the way, I bought mine at Publix. It's probably best to buy it at Walmart, if they carry it. Most everything they sell there is MUCH less expensive.

Just a little information I wish someone had given me with my firstborn. (He is now 7 yrs old) If your little one is allergic or sensitive to lactose it will take up to 14 days to get out of his system. Whichever formula you choose, unless he has a severe allergic reaction to it you have to let his system get used to it. Remember it would be like if you changed your diet completely overnight. Your body has to process the new foods and still detox from your previous diet. Like a kind of shock to your system. Is it spit-up? Gas? My son for 3 weeks we swore he had collic. He would scream in pain red-faced for a few hours. After we switched him to Isomil (soy formula) it took about a week, his bowel movements changed completely they got runnier and turned darkish green. But he was a much happier and more content baby. I know it's hard to see them cry and spit-up and be in pain but trust me you have to have patience, it will all be ok.
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When my now almost 6 yr old was a infant we went through alot of different formulas with him.We tried both of those formulas and we had no luck with either or.The one that worked for him was a lactose formula by Similac.
May I ask what is going on with your baby?

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