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Nursing Tops

Hi, I was considering buying some nursing tops. I would love some advice on whether nursing mothers feel that they are necessary or not. Thanks!

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I bought one nursing tank top to test out. I'm due in a couple of weeks, so I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks for the helpful advice :-)

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Nope - I bought one for when I was on an airplane and in really close quarters. Other than those trips I never wore it or felt like I needed it. It's easy to be descrite once you get the hang of things.


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Hi M.,

I bought a few tops and spent about $150 from Motherhood.com. I found that my pregnancy tops were more comfortable and easier to operate than my breastfeeding tops. I guess it depends on whether or not you work and if you need to spend money on work clothes as well.

Hope that helps!

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I absolutely loved my nursing tops especially if you are nursing in the summer and you can get the tanks with the straps that come down. It is just much easier to feed this way. Plus you dont have to pull up your shirt and expose your back and tummy to all around you. They are nice when you are out.

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Hi M.,

I have a 5 1/2 month old daughter. I bought a lot of nursing tops before she arrived. I used them quite a bit at the beginning when I was new and "getting the hang of it." Now I find it quite limiting to only use nursing tops. I have found my technique now for using any top.

I must add though, that at home, I LOVE my nursing tanks. I love the ones from motherhood.com. As soon as I come home, I put one of these tanks on. So, in my experience it was helpful to have a few "going out" tops when I was new and felt exposed, but I don't recommend investing a ton of money in them until you try one or two for yourself. Also, get at least one nursing tank to see how you like it. Oh, I love the motherhood ones because they are loose along the torso. VERY helpful when you have recently given birth! Happy shopping and congratulations on your little one. :)


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Nope - I bought one for when I was on an airplane and in really close quarters. Other than those trips I never wore it or felt like I needed it. It's easy to be descrite once you get the hang of things.


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I nursed my daughter for her first year. I never felt that nursing tops were necessary. I had one and only wore it once. I felt kind of over-exposed in it and just not comfortable. Regular shirts are fine, you just pull them up on the side you need to. I know a couple of other ladies who thought that nursing tops were an un-needed expense as well.

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Nursing Bras- Elle Macpherson bras from www.figleaves.com worked well for me. I believe the website had a decent exhange polithe cy. Also Bravada brand bras worked well for me. The back of the Bravada bra looked like a tank top. Slipped over me in lieu of a hook and eye closure. All nursing bras need to be tried on because you don't really know your expanding/deflating size. So check those return policies before buying online. Otherwise buy the bras ont eh economy at some mother-baby shop until you find one that works for you. PLan on paying big bucks for your bras, but you will use them 24-7.

Nursing Tanks- They look cool in a photo, but right before and after your baby latches on they are totally exposing. Yeah they are comfortable and convienent but a little too revealing for public use. Note I didn't realize this when I was nursing my first child, but when I saw a fellow nursing mom walking aroung with her baby latched on...it was too revealing for me. So I stuck to tanks only in the home from then on.

Button-down shirts- again they are easy to get to, but you are totally exposed right before and after your baby latches on.

T-Shirts or sweater or pull-overs- AWESOME. Just lift up one side and go. No need to cover with a blanket/shawl. Once your child "disconnects" the t-shirt falls right over your nipple. Then you can jsut reconnect your nursing bra through the top of your shirt when you get a chance.

Save your money on the nursing clothes and spend it on good nursing bras instead.

Additionally, nursing pads never kept me dry overnight/ however long I got a chance to sleep in one shot. I just padded myself with a washcloth/baby bib for each side and reused those night after night. I still used pads throughout the day.

Happy nursing. Enjoy your little one.

(I nursed my two kids 9 months and 12 months respectively.)

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I am currently nursing my 3rd child. I have bought different things each time. I have some nursing sweaters I bought for the first one from motherwear.com. They were great with the cold weather. I also have some tops from motherhood maternity. The ones I have were great, but I did not wear them all the time. This time I did get some tanks from target. I sleep in them and they are great. I also bought a nursing cover up from Amazon.com (bebe au lait). I also think a good t-shirt pulled up on the side you are nursing on is good. Once you get the hang of nursing you can get your baby on quickly and they are usually big enough to cover you up! Good luck and Happy nursing

My son is 11 weeks old and for the most part I just wear regular shirts. However... I do have 3 nursing tanks which I LOVE! I wear them to sleep at night because they are so much more comfortable than nursing bras. I also wear them under cardigans which is great because I can just open the cardigan and nurse. You can get them for a really reasonable price at Target or Walmart. I would definitely recommend the nursing tanks to any mom planning on nursing. Also, if you don't already have one I would also recommend a nursing cape. They are so much better than a traditional blanket and I am able to nurse anywhere very privately. I love it!

I used them but I was picky about the ones I bought. I did not like the tops that had 1 opening int he middle but preferred the ones with the side openings. I bought all mine at Motherhood maternity while in the states. I didn't always use when out and about, mostly when I was around my dad as he was kinda squeamish about being around me when i nursed.

I nursed my son for 9 months and used them about 1/2 and 1/2. With my daughters I used them more but I nursed 1 for a little over 3 years (she just recently weaned) and my other turns 2 years old next month (no weaning in sight with her though). With nursing the 2 it was nice to have the nursing tops for me.

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