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Nursing Mother with a Cold...

I'm nursing my son and we both have a cold. What over the counter meds are ok for me to take??? I've tried to tackle it on my own but I don't seem to be getting any better. I have to get rid of the stuffiness and the headache.

What can I do next?

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I was told by two doctors NOT to take sudafed because it would dry up my milk supply (it is safe, but not good for supply). They both told me to take claritin.

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Have you tried Zicam? I am also a nursing mother of a 4 month old, and my Dr said as long as the med doesn't have sudafed, or that main ingredient of sudafed in it, then you should be ok. (Sudafed dries up your milk). I used that new Zicam product for Cold & Flu - it's a liquid that comes in a plastic spoon type thing that you can stir in some hot tea. They make daytime and night time versions and they worked awesome for me. My cold was gone in 2 days.

I nurse and i pretty much take meds like i am pregnant. i was told by my dr that i could take anything with tylenol in it. so you can take tylenol cold or any of those.

Hi. I just went through this same thing. I asked the pharmacist and she told me Sudafed was ok (the real kind that you have to get at the pharmacy and sign for.) Take as little as possible though b/c it WILL dry up your milk. I tried not take any, but ended up giving in. Just make sure you drink lots of water and nurse often. You will be fine! :)

I was told not to take any of the multi-symptom medicines.

Zinc works the best for me and it's cheap and not harmful for your baby. Since he's only 4 months old and not on solid foods yet, you can just take the zinc and I believe it will come through in your milk (my son never got a cold before I started him on solid food, so I didn't have that issue. Now when he gets a cold, I mash up part of a zinc tablet in his food). Hope you both get better soon!

I am a Certified Birth Doula with a seven year old and a two year old. (both are boys and both nursed.) You would be surprised at what you can take!! Don't give up on nursing!! I applaud your efforts!
You need this reference book by Thomas W. Hale, Ph.D, Medications and Mothers' Milk
He has researched everything you can name to find out how safe it is for nursing/pregnant moms. He did this due to the high number of doctors who would tell a mom to stop nursing to take a medication with no research to back it up.
In the meantime, he has a website, www.iBreastfeeding.com
You can also look up and read his forums by typing and googling his name. You can look up different meds. on the forum and see how he answered.
If you have a med. you want to take, please email it to me and I will look it up in the book for you. I won't recommend anything b/c I cannot as a doula. I can only share the information with you.
If you are planning on having more children, this is a must have....even if you are only nursing one. Things come up. I even referenced this book and the forum for recommendations on a dye when I had to have a CAT scan.
Let me know if I can help you further.
Please email me back and let me know how it is going. I will be out of town tomorrow and will be back Sunday, 2/10/08.
S. W. Grant,BA,CD(DONA)

My doc says basically anything you can take when you're pregnant is ok when you're nursing. It's hard b/c every doc and every Mom has a different opinion of what's ok. But I nursed my son and am currently nursing my daughter and am currently taking Tylenol cold. I've also taken Nyquil (go ahead and gasp - but was oked by my doc). Also Robatussin DM is ok for cough.

Hope you feel better soon!

I was also told that sudafed was okay. Basically anything without an antihistamine is what I was told.

I have nursed four children. I have always taken Sudafed or Tylenol sinus when I needed to. If those don't help, call your doctor and find out what else you can take. I hope this helps.

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