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Numbness in the Genital Area and Part of Buttocks

Hi, this is embarrassing but I have to know if anyone has been through this or not. I'm a little freaked out. My baby is 15 months old. Since I was 8 months pregnant with him I've had numbness in the right side of my genital area and right side of my buttock. It wasn't so bad before but its been over a year and its gotten worse. There is a bit more numbness and and MRI showed there is not pinched nerve in my spine. my leg is sometimes affected but not alot, just funny sensation, not tingling or numbness. Please tell me if anyone has had this and how they took care of it. I have to assume its a nerve but like I said an MRI didn't show anything abnormal.

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Just wanted to let you all know that I will be going to the Chiropractor today...I want to see if maybe he could look into it since MRI shows that all is normal. I will keep you up to date. Thanks for all your help and ideas.

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hello, dont laugh but the other day i was watching montel and sylvia browne was on. there was a lady that said her legs would tingle and go kinda numb and wanted to know if there was any idea of what was wrong. she said to have her arteries checked that there could have been some kind of clot or something like that. afterall you leg goes numb when there is no blood flow so whos to say that it is not that. i would keep pressuring to have it checked because you would not want to have something go wrong when it could have ben prevented. and remember you are the best judge of your body and if you think something is wrong, keep pushing till you get help. B.

After my first child, 4 years ago, I've had numbness on and off in my right thigh. The doctor said it was from the epidural and it would go away. It's not terrible, but it comes and goes still.

I have had numbness in my upper right lef off and on since my labor and delivery. I gave birth to my daughter this past July. After they took the epidural out, I felt numbness in my leg. It comes and goes. I t doesn't really bother me. I wanted to you to know that you are not alone!!

Due to a work injury in February, I have had this constant painthat runs from my buttocks over to my hip and down my lef leg to my foot. At one point, the pain was up into my back and at times, would result in a shocking pain that would drop me to the floor.Also, I have had complete numbness of my bladder, gential area and buttock region. I have had 9 various MRIs, CT, lumbar punctures, bone scan; I attended 70 pt visits, had 2 cortisone shots in my hip and 5 back injections. It was thought that I had a small herniated disc, si joint disfunction and trochanteric bursitis (hip). None of these remedies have resolved my issues. This past week during my annual GYN visit, my doctor said "tell your neurologist & Ortho drs to test you for problem with your pudendal nerve." Very few drs in the US due the emg testing for this problem. I need serious help to find a doctor or MRI facility that is capable of the proper testing for the pudendal nerve.

Not sure how you feel about alternative medicine, but if you are open to it, I would suggest seeing an Accupuncturist. That is what they deal with, the nerves and the flow of energy through your body. If you have never been to one, you should try at least an initial consultation to have them check out what is going on.

Good luck!

I have this too. Is it constant every day or does it happen here and there. For me I just thought that it was my syatic nerve. It would be one butt cheek one side of my genital area and down that side leg it was always my left side but recently the last two times it has been my right side. So I was told it is my sciatic nerve. I relieve it by putting ice on my lower back and upper butt area. It does help. It is not a cure but it does make it more bareable.

K. L.

My friend had some numbness and her chiropractor took care of it. If you don't have insurance, you can always go to Palmer's clinic for $16 (I think), and be treated by a student intern. You can request a female if that makes you feel more comfortable. It's worth a shot.

This is really important to pursue. So what if the mri is showing nada. It doesn't mean there isn't anything wrong with you. I remember a coworker telling me that she had something similiar, it had to do with something in her spine. Check it out seriously!

Check out this website:
Look at the stuff on subluxation and neural organization technique at least.
This particular Dr. is not a typical chiropractor. He practices what is referred to as kinesiology which is basically like accupressure. His adjustments are done through pressure points. He's in New Port Richey and Clearwater. I know that's a bit of a hike for you but I travel 4 hours to see him if I have a problem. He's amazing and everyone I've ever sent to him agrees. Where he differs from most is very often he can remedy this type of problem in one visit where many typical chiropractors set you up on a series of treatments. He also has several other patients who travel as far to see him.

I wish I could remember who told me this, but I have heard it before from another mom. Have you considered a chiropractor? Every time I stood up my hip would hurt so bad and send a shooting pain through my leg and back. Finally, after a while, I went to a chiropractor who said my hips were not perfectly aligned or something I forget exactly what...but he had me lay on my side, dis an adjustment and put my hips back!! I haven't hurt since and that was a few kids ago. Can't hurt, might help.

Yikes though. You have been going through this for a long time.

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