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Numbness and Swelling in Fingers

Hello ladies,
I thought I would turn to you all, yet again, before I make ANOTHER call to my doctor. I am due on Feb. 12 but I have been taken off work and put on light bed rest as of Jan.13 doe to severe edema and back pain. Luckily my blood pressure has been excellent this whole time, so docs aren't concerned about that. FOr the past month or so I have been experiencing instant numbness in my fingers, but it usually goes away. I have not said anything to the doctors because I never think about it when I am there. Today, however, I have noticed that my hands are VERY achy and they are swelled. Usually the numbness just goes away but it hurts to even open a bottle of water. Has anyone ever experienced this in their pregnancy? If so, what are your suggestions? Should I be high tailng it to my doc, give him a call, or wait until next Wednesday, which is when I go again? Thank you all for your help!

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I didn't have swelling, but I did have numbness and tingling in my hands, especially when I was driving. Dr. said it is a form of carpel tunnel and will subside after childbirth, which it did.

This happened to me as well. Doctor said the swelling causes carpel tunnel and that is what causes the pain and numbness. It all went away shortly after giving birth.

I never had this when I was pregnant, but I have carpal tunnel syndrome now and if I have swelling in the hands, it will cause it to act up.

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I had numbness and swelling in all my extremities during my pregnancy because of poor circulation. If it is just in your hands and fingers, it could be carpal tunnel. I had carpal tunnel while pregnant and I had to wear the braces, go to physical therapy and use ultrasound therapy to try to increase circulation. Doing hand exercises, squeeze some play-doh, if you have some beads. put them in the play-doh and pick them out individually. I know it sounds crazy but it will increase circluation. Try to keep your hands up, if they are bent down or straight out like you are typing the circulation is decreased. If you have an ace bandage you can try loosly wrapping them up while you sleep to increase circulation. Search the internet for carpal tunnel physical therapy exercises, see if can get anymore ideas. If you have carpal tunnel just be glad it will go away after you deliver. Hope this helps, good luck!

That happened to me with my first one, and will probably happen again with this one. It is most likely Carpal Tunnel. When I had troubles with this when I wasn't pregnant wrist braces worked. I found the braces actually made it worse when I was pregnant. Pay attention to how you position your hands when you sleep and how you push up off the bed. I found I was sleeping with my hands curled against my chest, which hyper extended my wrists and put pressure against the tendon. The pain got to the point I couldn't push myself into a sitting position from my side.

For me, the solution was that everytime I caught myself curling my hands in I's flatten out my hands and wrists. It helped to put my hands together and put them under my pillow. I was less likely to pull them out. Doing this helped a lot. I also changed the way I pushed myself up from my side. Instead of pushing up with the palm of my hand and bending my wrist back, I pushed up with a fist so I didn't bend my wrist.

This lasted for a while past delivery but then went a way. Probably when things tightened back up and couldn't flex as far.

i had numbness & swelling in my hands & fingers during the 3rd trimester & my midwife & ob said it was okay...however, since you are on bedrest, i would give your doc a call. you never know!

I would wake up at night from numbness in my hands, and discovered you can get carpal tunnel syndrome from pregnancy (looked on website aboutr carpal tunnel). It went away right after I had the baby. I would mention it to your doctor though.

I remember telling my OB that my hands hurt and were numb and they scheduled me to be induced. (After this I used to tell people to tell the doc their hands were numb if they wanted to be induced!)

I was a little closer to my due date than you, but you may want to call in this symptom, in case it is serious.

Since then I have carpal tunnel. It's pretty bad and just awful if I aggravate my wrist from some type of work. I guess carpal tunnel is often brought on by pregnancy. I hope this isn't the case for you.

Good luck!

It could be pregnancy-related Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, espcially if you're really swollen. I had it, but it was mostly at night. (Most people naturally curl their wrists when they sleep, and it further blocks the carpal tunnel.) If it's particularly bothersome, you should tell your doctor. They can give you Cortisone shots in your wrists to decrease swelling of the carpal tunnel, and provide some relief.

I'm not a doctor, though. It's just a thought.

Call your doctor. That is what they are for.

In the meantime, drink LOTS of fluid, esp. water. You are probably retaining water.


J., The same thing happened with my sister. By chance has your doctor checked your sugar? This sounds suspiciously like symptoms of Gestational Diabetes that she had. Talk to your doctor and make sure that he understands all of your symptoms even if you think they are not a problem they could be a sign that there is a problem. Stay healthy and good luck.

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