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Numbness - Rochester,MN

About two weeks ago, I noticed a numbness in my right hand. It was right when I woke up in the morning, so I thought I'd just slept on it wrong (which is odd, since I sleep on my left side). It has continued now for two weeks, and is radiating up my arm, though only along my ulna (small bone leading from the elbow to the pinky side of the hand). I'm beginning to notice it in my left forearm as well, also along the ulna.

I called my doctor, and she said it's carpal tunnel (sp?) related to pregnancy, but I'm having no pain what-so-ever, just numbness. I have full motor function of both wrists, my arms just feel a bit weak, along with the constant numbness in my right hand. We've ruled out blood clots. There's no discoloration, and she says it will go away after I deliver.

Have any other mom's experienced this? Do you think I should get a second opinion? Two weeks with numbness, and especially with it spreading, has me a little worried. Any advice would be great. Thanks all.


**Update** I had scoliosis all through high school, and went to a chiropracter twice a week. I also had a car accident where I tore my right shoulder muscle two years ago. I think it may be just a pinched nerve, but I was told it's not safe to go to a chiropracter while pregnant because of the pressure placed on the body when lying on your stomach. I'm in the Rochester area, if anyone knows a chiropracter who specializes in pregnancy, it would be MUCH appreciated! Thank you all for your support! :)

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I also had the same thing when I was pregnant with my twins. I woke up every morning with numbness, but everytually it went away once I got up and moving around. But I remember that my hands, arms, never really felt "normal". If I remember correctly I finally went to the dr after I had delivered because it had continued for a bit. He ruled out Carpel Tunnel but never really gave me an explanation of what it could be. It eventually went away, probably after about 2 months.

Along with everyone else I have experienced the same thing and was told it was Carpel Tunnel. I recommend getting some wrist braces to wear. I always wore mine just at night while I was sleeping and it seemed to help after about a week. Good luck!

I am a doula (labor and delivery coach) from Beaver Dam. I might get a second opinion. It is possible that the numbness is from baby pressing on nerves, but if you are concerned and it isn't passing, I would recommend my clients get a second opinion. Maybe it is just that, but how you feel about it is also important. Going to a chiropracter is most likely fine. Some docs just straight up don't like chiros for any of their patients. They have special tables for pregnant women where there is a hole for the belly.

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I had this during my first pregnancy. It's caused by swelling from pregnancy. The carpal tunnel is where the nerves run down into your hand. It is small so pressure on the nerves can happen easily, causing numbness. During pregnancy we retain more fluids, gain weight etc. making this more likely happen. There are stretches and excercises you can do to help move things around a bit, this can really help. If your doctor doesn't know of any maybe you should go see a chiropractor or another practitioner. Maybe a physical therapist would be able to help.

If you are worried, it is always prudent to get a second opinion. There are other more serious things that can cause numbness.

The good news is that if it is Carpal Tunnel Syndrom it is likely to go away after the baby comes. I did not gain as much weight with my second pregnancy and had no real problems with my hands and wrists. It wasn't something I tried to do, it was just a different pregnancy.

I had numbness in my first finger and the finger next to it when I was pregnant. It happened the last month or two of the pregnancy and I think it was due to high blood pressure. I didn't notice it spreading so that's odd. It went away a few weeks after delivery though. I would get a second opinion just to make sure it isn't something else.

I also experienced this while pregnant, but turned out not pregnancy related. It was a neck injury from a car accident. It doesn't take much for a neck to go out though. Maybe try a chiropractor and get an adjustment, it might make the numbness go away, if not an adjustment always helps!!
I also have been told I have carpultunnel (also not sure on the spelling!) and that is definately painful!

Hi J.,

I am a chiropractor myself and I would definitely recommend you see one. I don't know anyone in Rochester, but most chiros do work on pregnant women. There is no pressure put on the stomach if they have a table that has a part under the stomach that drops down. Many tables have this feature for pregnant women or those with large stomachs. It actually feels great to be able to lay face down! Chiropractors have good success with carpal tunnel or any nerve irritations. It actually may be coming from your neck as well.

Good Luck!


Have you ever seena chiropractor? This sounds verry much like pinched nerves dueto the babys position and strain on your body. Med doctors wont tell you to g oto a ochiropractor, but I will! i had pinched nerves, along w/ other pregnancy issues, and WHAT a DIFFERENCE. There are chiropractors that even specialize in prenancy. I ccan recommend a cple, if ya let me know yourhometown. S.

Hi J.,
If it is pregnancy induced carpal tunnel caused by edema then massage can help. It will push the excess fluids back into the body and it will be flushed from the body through the lymphatic system. It won't fix the problem - only birth will but it will give you relief.
A second opinion from another doc would be good to be sure that's what it is.

I too had terrible carpal tunnel during pregnancy, but I had for the entire 2nd and 3rd trimester. It got progressively worse as I approached my due date. (I retained a ton of fluid and gained a lot of weight during the pregnancy which didn't help the carpal tunnel) Yoga is helpful but in all honesty, I am a yoga teacher and taught until my 9th month and it did little to alleviate the pain and numbness. The nice thing is that it went away within a couple of weeks of having the baby.
You can get wrist/forearm braces at Walgreens that might help, especially at night.
Good luck and hang in there. Hopefully it won't get too bad, but if it does it will likely go away soon.

I did not have this condition, but it sounds like your baby might be putting pressure on a nerve causing the numbness. I would definately get it checked out by someone else. A chiropractor could be helpful for something like this. If you're interested, I can suggest some people.


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