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Not Sure What to Do on Taxes??

Hello mommas!! My question is this....I worked for a little while in 2007. I was paid straight so I would have to do my own taxes come tax time. I know I didnt make ALOT of money BUT does my ex employer send my a form with the amount I made?? Also, I have all of my husbands W2's. Should we file together or separately?? He said that I should go ahead and file with him on his (leave my earnings out) and THEN file mine. But wouldnt that make me filing twice?? I am sooo confused on this because this is my first time of having worked like this. Usually I just use TurboTax but should I have someone else do it?? TIA for all help!!

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Aren't taxes fun :)

We always prepare the form both ways, jointly and seperately and send in the one that costs less in taxes.

It sounds like you did freelance work. You were paid by the job. It sounds like the other person did not send the paperwork to make you an employee. There are actually many people that receive pay this way totally legal no problem. You should be issued 1099.

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It sounds like you may have self employment taxes if the employer did not withhold taxes. They should send you a statement but if you know exactly what you made or have your last paystub you don't need the paperwork to get started. Depending on your living situation you probably need to file with a status of Married filling joint. Which means if you were to file a second time it's called amending. Which basically means your telling the IRS oops let me do that again. This can make a real mess and I don't recommend it. You can use turbo tax you will just need the more advanced version that includes forms for self employed (schedule SE)listed on the side of the box. Having someone else do it will cost a few hundred dollars.


You need to file with him and include your income. More than likely it will not make a whole lot of difference. If you did not get a W-2 from that employer, you may receive a 1099 which is also having to do with income. You just need to use TurboTax, the other is too expensive unless you have a lot of outside expenses to try and maximize your credit. Do not file twice. Also, you get exemptions as being married therefore you should certainly not file by yourself. If you get no forms from the company you worked for, there is a place in Turbo Tax where it asks for additional income and you can put it in there. If you don't recall the exact amount, just estimate the best you can. Hope this is helpful.

S. Tamas

the first thing you will need to know.....is the employer reporting your income to the IRS? If not and you made under $400, then there is nothing to worry about. If not and you made over $400, then it is still not reported to the IRS and the decision is yours. If he reports to the IRS, yes, you technically will have to file. Generally for married couples both working, it is most advantageous to file jointly. If you made under $400,you will not owe taxes.

I just always call my CPA.

File jointly using Turbotax.

You can file joint with your husband. I worked as a piano teacher last year, and I was told to just use form 1040, and schedule C for my earnings. I would imagine something of that sort would apply to you. YOu should be able to use a tax program to do it, but if you have questions, it never hurts to find a tax person to help you with it. I know a good one, but she's out in Greenville...

Good luck

If you made more than $600.00 your ex-employer is required to send you a 1099. If you did not make that much, they are not required to send you anything. You might call and ask if they plan to send a 1099. Also, are they going to claim the expense? Did you give them your social security number? If they are not going to claim the expense, you do not have to. But if they claim the expense, you better. As for filing with your husband, either you file with him or not. If you file at a later date, you will have to go back and change his income tax also. If he gets a refund, it could cause him to have to repay some or all of the refund. Turbo Tax is a very good tax program. The best and safest thing to do is to claim the income that you know you made. Pay the self-employment tax and forget it. That way you don't have to worry if you should get audited.
Good Luck,
A. M.

A little about me:
Married 34 years, 3 grown sons and 6 grandchildren (& 3 daughter-in-laws).

I always file joint with my husband. You should get a form from your employer.

I would suggest to get someone to do them for you and that way they are rsposible for any mistakes.I ghave always done them with H&R Block.. They cover all the loose strings.

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