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Not Sleeping Through the Night Anymore... - Sacramento,CA

My twin boys are now almost 7 months old. They were sleeping 7 hours a night before wanting a bottle. I started them on cereal for one meal a day and all was well. When I started them on two solid meals a day they started only sleeping 4 hours a night and wanting a bottle then sleeping another 4 hours. I just recently went to the doctor for their 6 month check up and told her what was happening and she said that the solid food meals have nothing to do with them not sleeping through the night. They are just hungry and I should just feed them the bottle in the night when they want it. She also said that they need to start eating 3 solid meals a day. So, the very next day I started feeding them 3 solid meals and they now they wake up every 2 hours at night wanting to eat. Everyone I have talked to said that when they started feeding their baby solid food they slept better at night. What am I doing wrong? I am not getting any sleep because they don't wake up at the same time. So, as soon as one goes down after eating, the other wakes to eat. I am so tired!! Help! Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, what did you do to make it better? I would love some suggestions from anyone... Thanks a bunch!

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Are you giving them their regular bottles along with their solid food? The food should just be in addition to their regular formula schedule. Just a thought?

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well my son was never happy to willingly sleep through the nights whaat i satarted doing was leaving a bottle of water in the bed with them as they get use to it lessen the amount you put in the bottle and then it will slowly (2 3 weeks) help them sleep through the night and soon you will not have to wake up with them till morning my son is now 17 months and when he comes home from his dads he wakes up in the night and by the 3rd night of being home he is sleeping from 830 to 7 without waking me up so good luck to you i feel your pain

They may be thirsty, rather than hungry at night. The twins still need plenty of fluids even when eating solids, so try increasing the fluids during the day, or even right at bedtime. Evaluate whether that helps with sleep.

Good luck!

Are you giving them their regular bottles along with their solid food? The food should just be in addition to their regular formula schedule. Just a thought?

my twins went through something similar. it was because they were overtired. they'd wake up & want to nurse because it was something that soothed them. we moved bedtime up by 30 minutes & the problem went away. as for having one up then the other, I always put my girls down at the same time for naps/bedtime, etc. when one woke up to eat during the night, I got the other one up & fed them both. have you joined any twin clubs in your area? having 2 can throw off your ability to follow some of the singleton advice. if you're in San Jose, there's Gemini Crickets & Santa Clara County Mother of Twins Club.

You don't say, but are you feeding them the solids at the same time as the bottles, or are you fitting in the food between bottle feedings? If you combine eating times (ie. food, followed imediately by the bottle)you should have better luck with sleeping at night. If you are splitting them, their little tummies will get used to getting somithing every couple of hours, which will then translate into less time between feedings at night as well. At 7 months they should be going about 4hrs-ish between feedings with the day time feedings being combined food and bottles (say 7am bottle, 11am, 3pm, 7pm, 11pm bottle), or whatever suits your family. Very soon they should be able to stretch out between daytime feedings and drop to just 4 feedings per day.
This worked very well with my two. I hope it works for you.

Your doc is right, feeding time has nothing to do with sleep. They are just having growth spurts, or they could also be teething too. Very normal. They dont start sleeping well through the night until they weigh about 20 lbs.

Are your twins co-sleeping, do they share the same crib? My twins do...heck they still do, but I noticed around that time, that they were moving around more in their sleep and waking each other up, so we had to get a crib separator, and they went right back to sleeping through the night. We later took it out and now they still sleep fine through the night, unless of course you try to separate them. Laughs. I hope all goes well.

I am having the exact same problem!!! My twin boys are 7 1/2 months old and they are waking up all of the time! The Dr. said to keep them up later ( they were going to bed at 7:30) and to make sure they are full before sleeping. It doesn't seem to matter!!! I am assuming that they are feeling discomfort from beginning to teeth... I just can't figure out what else could be wrong. I hope we can sleep one of these nights soon! Good luck! I'll be thinking of you when I'm up in the night...

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