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Not Interested in Sex Anymore.

I have no interest in having sex anymore. I do not believe in playing with toys, and have no desire to watch the sex movies. I enjoy it when we are having sex, but i am not motivated to get it started. my husband has a very high sex drive and i have just lost mine. I am wondering if there is anyone out there that has any advice for me? I am 37 years old.

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I am going to try some creams and see how it goes. I want to thank all of you for your help. My hormones and thyroid has all been checked. I have even opted to consider a sex toy. My husband is a very patient man, and would never cheat on me, he was cheated on, and doesn't believe that is a cure for romantic issues. anyways, Thank you again.

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My doctor once recommended trying those breast enhancement pills to up my libido. I never did try it, but I can see how they would help.

This is a common problem. There is a medical center called the Center for Womens' Sexual Health in the medical center in Houston. I know a friend who went there and seemed to be happy with her first visit. You may want to look it up and make an appointment.

This happened to me several years ago when my thyroid got out of control. It took awhile to get my system regulated again through meds, but I'm fine now. I was actually in my early twenties when this happened. You might go to the doctor and get a complete physical.

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Hi T.-

Who could blame you?! With 5 of your own, and 3 of theirs, who could possibly be thinking about sex?

But it sounds like you are wanting to make sure your relationship doesn't suffer for your lack of drive, that's good! I've been there! In fact some days I'm still there, but it's getting better.

I'm not into toys or movies either- the harder I try to get 'in the mood' the more turned off I get- go figure. And it's not that my husband isn't attractive- he is really handsome- and he's really sweet too, so it's definitely not something he is or isn't doing which is causing me to be turned off. It's just that I'm tired all the way down to my bones most nights, and I'm fulfilled of my need for affection with kids. In fact I feel I hardly have any affection left to give.

But I've started to regain my sensuality of late. The vasectomy helped, for one thing. Having sex isn't fun if you're scared of getting pregnant!

Then the other major factor- working out. I've been weight training for about two years now, fairly regularly, about 3 times per week. I do a group exercise class at a gym where we lift weights for about one hour. It has made a world of difference in so very many areas of my life I don't think I could list them here, but number one on the list would probably be my sex life. My body has changed quite a bit- more compact, stronger, much more well defined, and lots more muscle mass. All of that makes my metabolism work more efficiently, so I can eat what I want, which is nice. But the leg strength, endurance, and general feeling of well-being are the things which have directly impacted by libido.

I feel so much more sexy now that I look sexier. I think about sex more since I feel sexier. And thinking about it makes me feel turned on, and of course all I have to do is give him the ole eyebrow, and he's ready! It's so cool! Sex doesn't wear me out like before, and I'm not left feeling like I just gave up what little energy I had, rather it gives me a boost. Also as a result of all of this, my preferences have become much more well defined. I've become more vocal about what I do and do not like, and I've become less afraid to try some new things (think-positions).

All of that from a woman who is in peri-menopause at 33, due to having just one (worn-out) ovary. Hormones are a big part of sex drive, and I really think that the bits of testosterone which are released from workouts are in our favor. I find myself feeling more aggressive and confident, and that's just not who I generally am, know what I mean? I'm normally the soft-spoken, introverted one, and I still am that person for the most part. But because of the changes I experienced there's one place I'm not that person- in bed with my husband.

I think that just the time I take for myself has helped too. It's work-out time, which makes it 'me' time. I do something for myself, my body which directly impacts my feelings regardless of school schedules, work, or any other demands I have. All of it stops while I work out. And part of the benefit of a group class is the support you get from instructors and other class participants. They see you often enough, they start to miss you if you're not there, and they'll ask if you're ok the next time you go in. And you'll feel that way about them too, you'll worry if you don't see someone you're used to seeing. That sort of thing.

Another benefit of the group is the instructor tells you what to do the whole time. You get to turn your brain off (for the most part) and focus only on you, which is very different from most of our lives. Being singularly focused on ourselves teaches us how to connect to our inner selves, most of us were not taught that by our mothers. We must forge that deep connection to ourselves to be aware of how we are feeling, what we want, and what moves to do in what ways, for our own particular bodies. Connecting to myself is among the benefits of working out, being with myself, taking care of myself, being selfish about that one hour of my time, be-friending myself, following the advice I would give to a good friend (or another mother in this case) in need, loving myself. These have all come from those simple moves (which started out with almost no-weight on the bar, mind you). Now I bench press about 45 pounds for 5 minutes! Big, huge changes, and they began within a week of going to the gym.

Finally the group-fitness classes force you to stretch and cool-down at the end of the work-out. The importance of doing that critical part can not be over-emphasized. The cool down is for you to stretch and all of that, but also by that point you're so open to yourself, your mind is ready for whatever good thoughts you have to give to yourself. Saying mantras during this very sensitive (but short) time-span is an excellent way to love yourself. If you're lucky, you'll get to know instructors who will facilitate that some for you. But if not, then you can do it for yourself. If you want to know who I go to, I'll tell you, just let me know. Emotions play a huge role in workouts, you self-talk the whole time, and the minute you see some positive results your selftalk will move to a positive tone and you'll feel like a million bucks.

I don't workout for how I look anymore (rather that's just a side-bar benefit). I workout to feel good, to give to myself, and to there-by give my best self to my family. My girls see me taking care of myself, and making that a top priority, and I know they will too later. And my familty sees the result of my positive self talk, and they realize many benefits of that just like I do. My husband would go first on the list of people who would tell you the same!

I hope this helps you. Let me know if you want to go over anywork out stuff, or to know what gym I attend. Remember it's all about you! You deserve to feel good as much as anyone, and certainly as much as the people you take care of everyday!


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I agree with testing hormones, etc.

If you are totally not open to some toys, games and dvd's...which can be clean fun.... You might be surprised!

NO, toys and movies are not "dirty" unless you are programmed that way. If you are programmed that way, then they are not right for you. We are very open about what we like, want, etc and are willing to try new things to spice stuff up!! We are good nice people too, imagine that.

Date night with hubby. My hubby and I have known each other 22 yrs and on New Years Eve will celebrate 19 yrs marriage. We have ALWAYS had date night at least once a week. We have a 12 yr old daughter and I have always had a couple of sitters to rely on (neither of us have family here).

We spend Fri or Sat talking about what we are going to do, where we are going. I start getting "ready" in the late afternoon and then we go out. We go to classy bars (Martini Park, Sullivan's, Hotel Zaza etc), we dance at Carsons sometimes (not a real classy place but you can let you hair down and have fun).

Hope this helps you some.


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I had this problem when I was pregnant. You just have to do things to you that make it more fun. Or romantic what ever you are looking for. Don't give up on it because you dont want your husband to start looking else where to fulfill the need. unfortunatley it is all to common.

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This is a common problem. There is a medical center called the Center for Womens' Sexual Health in the medical center in Houston. I know a friend who went there and seemed to be happy with her first visit. You may want to look it up and make an appointment.

You know your not alone, some women have complications. My friend had complications during child birth and because of that did not really care if she had sex again, mean while her husband is always asking her about it.

I had both my kids c section, they were just to big and though the above is not what I am dealing with, between husband, two kids, house ,trying to be social and the little sleep I can find......sex some how does always rate high on the things to do.

The best advice is think of what might be causing you to feel this way, the way you feel about yourself, are you tired?...did you have complications? or maybe sex has lost it hmmm thrill. ( if that's the case maybe spice it up! lol )

Your not alone

I do not know your age but I am 59 and have no desire but lost two husbands and I believe if they do not get what they want they will lose interest in you. Give them what they want and they will give you want you want. Even if you do not want it. G. W

I went through the same thing after having my son. I spoke to my doctor and he prescribed a lotion that you put on that raises your testosterone levels -normally increasing your sex drive. He explained that it normally worked about 75% of the time. It's worth a try.

Are you taking birth control pills??? They have pretty much killed my libido... until I started exercising... then... WOOOO HOOOO!!!! It only took 3 days.. and it was a rush...

I am sure there are books/sites that have suggestions.

Good Luck!


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