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North County Consignment Store for Kids Clothes and Gear

My son grows so fast, he's only 7months and wears 18month clothes!!! I can't keep up $$$ with his new wardrobe every month. Do any of you ladies know where I can find a good children's consignment store in the North County? Also, we're expecting #2 so I'll need a double stroller and would really prefer not to spend $300+ for it. TIA

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Thank you ladies! I will have to try all of these out! Hopefully it will me some $$$

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Wal mart is where I bought my double stroller it is called the "take me too" here it is take a look. http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=4875446
I loved that it was low in the middle so I did not have to keep picking up my son when he wanted to ride. It lasted 3 yr before we had to get rid of it. I also buy ahead as far as clothing goes. Like I have my daughters night clothes for winter later this year I buy from the clearence racks.His growing will slow and you will not have to buy so many new outfits. Hope i helped Krissy

Hi K.-- I've been to one in Poway in Midland Road and it's very cute. You can sign up on a list if there's something you are looking for and they'll call if you if they get it in.


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there is a store in oceanside called once upon a child. i don't think its consignment but it is discount on gently used goods

Try a site called GumdropSwap (http://gumdropswap.com). You can swap from anywhere in the US by sending the clothes your kids outgrow to this kids boutique in CT. An option if you want to get some value out of all the money you spent instead of flat out donating. As long your things are in good condition they don't turn down anything because of brand, size or season. They take everything unlike resale store like Once Upon a Child! They give you points to shop on the website and send the clothes that fit your kids. It's great if you don't have time, patience or know how to do consignment, Ebay, craigslist, tag sale, etc.

Wal mart is where I bought my double stroller it is called the "take me too" here it is take a look. http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=4875446
I loved that it was low in the middle so I did not have to keep picking up my son when he wanted to ride. It lasted 3 yr before we had to get rid of it. I also buy ahead as far as clothing goes. Like I have my daughters night clothes for winter later this year I buy from the clearence racks.His growing will slow and you will not have to buy so many new outfits. Hope i helped Krissy

there's a consignment store in newport called "newport kids upscale resale" and there's also a sale that happens every season in orange the website with all the info. is ockidsconsignment.com and craigslist is also a great place to find used baby stuff for great bargains. thats all im aware of.
good luck (:

Hi K., there is an upscale resale kids clothing store in Encinitas. It is called La Costa kids. She only sells name brand stuff. It is on El Camino Real. The address is:

364 N El Camino Real
(between Crest Dr & La Gran Ave)
Encinitas, CA 92024

Happy shopping~D.

La Costa Kids on El Camino Real in Encinitas (across from Michaels)
And Double Take Kids in Solana Beach. Just north of Via De La Valle on Hwy 101. 731 South Highway 101, Solana Beach, CA ###-###-####

I sell all my stuff (and maternity) to them, they are great, but it must be name brand, Gap, sometimes Old Navy flies, Gymboree, Nordstrom stuff, etc. For example...Carters or Taget.
La Costa Kids usually has double strollers too, and she will trade. You get more for trade than for cash too.
I would also check Craigslist for a stroller if you don't mind used.
The Scripps Parent Connection should have their baby swap meet coming up soon as well.

Good luck.


Children's Orchard ‎Address:
Rated 5.0 out of 1 of 1
635 S Rancho Santa Fe Rd
San Marcos, CA 92078

Get Directions
- childorch.com

*I love this place, and they are meticulous on cleaning and are quite picky on their stuff. They have old stuff they bought before that haven't sold since they opened (we all have bad buys) but beside thats junk its all gold! I got a pair of children's place jeans like NEW for $5.99 and a great NEW shirt for $2.99! And a formal dress that retails for $60.00 for $7.99. So Just an idea. I mean 1/2 my kids stuff is used so I can buy both girls NEW toys, clothes, books, etc.


Once Upon A Child ‎Address:
Rated 3.5 out of 5 11 reviews
2455 Vista Way # K
Oceanside, CA 92054

Get Directions
- ouac.com

*What ever you get here no matter how nice, CLEAN IT! They have a bad rep they never clean stuff like they are supposed to and a few people have had issues even head lice. So just be careful!


*Beware of bad people, flakes, and junk! But sometimes a gold mine. :)

This is all I know of other then a thrift store on san marcos blvd by the san diego credit union and neat the cheap glasses lens place hidden over in that shopping center also with a asain market. I hear its great, funky hours but worth it! Some nice stuff for dirt cheap.

And I shop salvation army when I am near one and good will. Just while I am out if I happen by one.

Hi K.,

Congrats on #2! I live in Carlsbad and go to La Costa Kids in Encinitas. They have really good quality clothes at excellent prices. They also have a lot of baby gear, but I haven't really looked at the quality since I only go there for clothes for my 2 yr. old.


:) A. B.

Great store with a wonderful owner. Teri Thompson at "The Outgrown Shop" in Encinitas next to Swami's Restaurant. Pacific Coast Highway at "K" Street. (1163 S. Coast Hwy 1010, 92024...Phone ###-###-####.)

Great quality and everything she has for sale is in remarkable, almost new condition.

Congrates on your new addition!!

C. Conradi

Hi K.,
We have some great resale shops around I buy from them all the time! Here's my top list:

Children's Cottage - Poway ###-###-####
Once Upon a Child - Oceanside
Children's Orchard - San Marcos
La Costa Kids - Encinitas

These stores also buy back childrens clothes, toys, etc. so you can sell your son's outgrown things to save $$ for the new things he will need and for your new baby on the way too!

I would also look on http://sandiego.craigslist.org/ - type in what item you're looking for and it's a great classifieds website to look through.

Happy shopping! G.

I have 2 boys (3 yrs. & 5 mo.). They grow fast! I found out about La Costa Kids (consignment) through friends w/older kids. Its great you can buy, sell, or trade clothes, equipment, etc. She has great quality w/great prices.
La Costa Kids is on El Camino Real across the street from Circuit City & Michaels. Good Luck!

There is a consignment store in Solana Beach on PCH just north of Via De La Valle (Double Take Kids) and one in Encinitas on PCH near Swami's (The Outgrown Shop). Also, in Sept and March (approximately) Parent Connection holds a swapmeet at Canyon Crest in Carmel Valley. It is great! Lots of moms selling gently used clothes and toys and strollers, etc. I bought my double stroller there for $65 and a backseat full of toys for about $50. Join Parent Connection or check their website (Scripps Parent Connection) for more info but I think the next one is Sept 28.

"Double Take" in Solana Beach is amazing! just bought shopping cart cover for $10....box set of baby einstein videos for $12 and the cutest clothes ever all for under $10....they have EVERYTHING...i even found an 18 month old hand made gorgeous 19th century baby costume for $20. i will never shop for clothes anywhere else again.....or toys or books b/c our babies change so much every week why pay full price? did i mention there is a women's side of the store with rows of designer jeans under $50? it is so fun.....it's in the first shopping center on the 101 if you are headed north just past via de la valle after the Briggatine.....

There's a great one in Poway on Midland Rd (I'm pretty sure) and it's called Children's Cottage. Hope that helps! Would love to hear of other ones you found out about.

Hi K.,

There is a consignment store called Once Upon A Child that has TONS of stuff! I have bought my son quite a few things there. They don't offer you much if you are trying to sell but you can really get some great bargains if you are buying. They are located on Vista Way (off the 78) where Mervyn's, Men's Warehouse, Ross, Barnes & Noble and Chucky Cheese are. It is in between where Ross & Toy's R Us are. I know there is another store in La Costa that sells more upscale brand names but I can't rememeber the name of it. I've never been there either. Hope this helps! J.

I go to a consigment store called A Children's Orchard on Rancho Santa Fe Road in San Marcos. I also am a member of www.freecycle.org where members GIVE stuff away for FREE. I got a free highchair and have seen baby car seats and strollers posted for free. It's not a gimmick, it's just a group of concerned citizens who want to re-use, reduce and recycle. Once your membership is approved you can post free stuff, or ask for free stuff. I LOVE it, and of course, it's free. Also try Craig's List at www.craigslist.com if you want to purchase used stuff...

yes!! it's called La Costa Kids. It's in Encinitas off el Camino real. They are great. i buy ans sell there and they have REALLY cute stuff.

It looks like you got a lot more info than I knew about second-hand stores, so I will just share what I know about double strollers. I have two boys 15 months apart (which is, I think, the same age difference as yours will be). I bought my first double stroller before #2 was born. It was a "Fashion" side-by-side (never heard the name before, that should have been my first clue). I liked the way the seats adjusted, but that was it. It was terribly difficult to push and maneuver, even with a newborn and 15 month old who was all of about 22 pounds. Every slight turn of the stroller was a fight. It squeaked loudly and my feet kicked the brake bar with every step. It was awful.
I gave that to a friend (remarkably she is still my friend!) and I got a Schwinn side-by-side jogger. It was about $200 from Costco.com. Tremendous improvement but it also had some drawbacks. It was a dream to push, even one-handed. But it was not such a dream for my passengers. The seats had no distinct separation between them and they were slightly angled inward so it pushed my boys together, which my younger son did not like (he likes his space). The seats were also slightly reclined, even in their full upright position, and my boys didn't like that - they like to sit upright and look around. The end result was some miserable walks with two fussy boys, one because he needed space and the other just because he didn't want to be sitting at all. But if your kids don't mind it, this was a great stroller. The only other thing was that it was too wide to fit through many doorways for stores, so it was difficult to get my shopping done and keep my boys contained in the stroller, which is a key concern with toddlers. And I really wanted a stroller for shopping convenience. Fortunately, Costco took it back and I went on to try stroller #3.
My next candidate was the Kolcraft Countours tandem. I got it from Walmart.com for about $200. It looks fabulous but it didn't work for me. It was an absolute beast to push. It was very long and very heavy, especially going uphill, even very small hills. The seats had some fun options for facing, but they were not very deep and the sun shade was not very tall, so it did not fit my boys well and they were very unhappy in this stroller as well. So it had to go back.
At this point I had wasted 14 months on lousy strollers and I decided it was going to take some money to get what I wanted. I found the Valco Baby Tri-mode twin online and it looked like it was everything I needed in a double stroller, all for the small price of $659 (ha!). Fortunately, I was living in the same town where babystrollershop.com had his werehouse and I was able to test it out. It was perfect and it has turned out to be the best money I have ever spent. It is a good 6 inches more narrow than any of the other side-by-side strollers I had and it can fit anywhere. It is a breeze to push on any terrain, even with my now 36 lb and 27 lb boys, and my boys are happy in it - that is the best part! They can sit happily for a good 45 min walk, maybe even more. My husband doesn't like it because it is complicated to fold and bulky to lift and store, but I can deal with those things easily as long as it works for it's main purpose - strolling. We are not wealthy and this purchase was a stretch for us (my husband is enlisted military and we live on his income alone), but this stroller is worth every penny and I am so glad I got it.
There was another mamasource mom who responded to a question recently and she has a shop in Orange County where you can rent strollers for a day. Her info is www.octraveltykes.com ###-###-####. It looks like they carry the high-end strollers so I know you want something less expensive. But if you can't find something that works for you within your price range, that would be a pretty good deal to rent something before you buy it. If you find something you like at a store, you could always check ebay, you never know if someone is trying to get rid of the one you want (I do plan to sell mine in a few years when I am done with it, so you may be able to catch someone else at the perfect time when they are ready to be done with theirs). And I could easily see my Valco lasting for years to come and serving many families.
If you are going to test strollers and buy one before your baby is born, see if you can borrow a baby for the second seat:) It does make a difference if you have both seats occupied.

Hi K.-- I've been to one in Poway in Midland Road and it's very cute. You can sign up on a list if there's something you are looking for and they'll call if you if they get it in.


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