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Normal Poops for a 4 Month Old....

Hello, My son is 4 months old and typically had 2-3 dirty diapers a day (typically all in a row, like I interrupted him--lucky me). He is mainly breastfed, but has the occasional formula bottle. Friday, he didn't have any dirty diapers, had one Saturday and none today (Sunday). Is this within normal? Any tips/suggestions? He seems fine, not super uncomfortable, just the normal fussy stuff.

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My exclusively breast fed son would go days, like 5, without a bowel movement and the pediatrician said that was fine, there is little waste. Convenient, eh? :)

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My son typically pooped every 10 - 15 days - seriously. He was breastfed & bottle fed, solids started at 6 mths, & I stopped breastfeeding around 14 mths. Even upon the introduction of solids he still didn't poop that often.

Unless the child shows signs of discomfort, constipation, extreme fussiness, etc., then I would ask an advice nurse for further instruction. My son is a very long, lean little guy, so he "used" every ounce of protein that went into his body; so he had need to expel it for days at a time. Made cloth diapering very easy!! :)

Bottom line: don't fret unless there are other symptoms.

Very normal. Breastmilk is so perfect that at this age they are using it all, and there's no waste. I was told the baby can go up to a week without pooping!

My exclusively breast fed son would go days, like 5, without a bowel movement and the pediatrician said that was fine, there is little waste. Convenient, eh? :)

Hi, I was told by my doctor that breastfeed babies can go up to 10 days without a dirty diaper. I have 2 babies that I breastfeed and it does happen to them. However once they are on solids they can be more frequent.

Mother of 4 (15,10,2,1)The babies are still breastfeeding.

My daughter has a constipation problem and my doctor said that it isn't the frequency of the poop but the consistency of it (rather it's hard, soft, etc). If he's not fussy and is tummy isn't hard I wouldn't worry too much.

Just like you, babies sometimes poop a lot and sometimes not at all, at least for a few days. It is completely normal. As he is getting older he is changing and part of that is his digestive and poop schedule. If you are concerned call your doctor, but he/she will tell you not to worry. They will tell you when to though, like if his poop looks like coffee grounds etc.

Breastfed babies tend to absorb most of the nutrients of mama's milk and therefore poop less often. However, iron-fortified formula can constipate a breastfed baby. Just keep an eye on him, watch for signs of discomfort, but probably he is just absorbing the majority of his milk. Good job, mama!

My children were the same way...would not poop for several days and then have one really poopy day every 3-4 days...just about the time I would start to really worry. Not a problem as long as he is not struggling to get the poop out.

my third ds (who was a breastfed baby) often went a week or more without pooping. The doctor said that he had a baby who went 24 days and was fien but he likes to see them after two weeks or if they are extremely fussy. Just be ready for very BIG poops when he goes. Our ds once went 8 days and finally pooped while I was at storytime at the library with my older two on a hot day. He was wearing a little shirt and a diaper cover so when he majorly blew out his diaper, I was covered in baby poo from about my breasts to my toes. One of the other moms took my baby and my diaper bag and told me she would still be there with my kiddos when I got back form taking a shower as there was no way I was clean this one up in a public rest room.

I wouldn't worry, your son may be going thru a growth spurt and is using everything he has, rather than "dumping" what he normally wouldn't use. Both of my children at seperate times in there infant lives had gone a week to 9 days without pooping.

I would mention it to your pediatrician, but I wouldn't worry about it.


It could be within normal range but I'd call an advice nurse just to be sure. Or check out Dr. Sears' Baby Book.
Good Luck!

Hi J., Congrats on your new baby boy. My first son was so backed up at this age. I too was doing both breast and formula. I was so worried I wasn't doing eveything right. However, he was a super easy baby for me. My second son who is now 3 months is so the opp of his big brother. Gas gas gas for starters, doesn't sleep at night and started going a long periods with no poops like your son. I feel like a first time mommy with my second. His dr said to give him a little prune juice. OMG! NIght and day. He also told me that babies can go a week or longer and not to worry. My son was 5 weeks early and i was told preemies sometimes have digestive issues which is where all the gas comes from. He also showed me some massages I can do for him which also help with his discomfort. Moving his legs like he is riding a bicycle and with both hands on his tummy slowly pushing down ward to move the air out. It really has helped a great deal. The prune juice really worked wonders getting the poop moving. I didn't give him much just let him eat what he wanted of it and not force it.

If your still concerend call his dr. Good luck, Enjoy this time it goes by faster then you realize.

SAHM 39 yo, with 2.5yo super active bright blond hair blue eyed son and a 3 month old eyes turning green son that is all smiles. I love the outdoors, being on the water and a good glass of red wine.

I didn't read all the responses..so sorry if I am repeating anything! Both my boys went through a period at this age where they did not poop for 7-10 days! Freaked me out. Our Ped said everything was fine and sure enough it was. If you are concerned though, ask your Dr. Good luck!

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