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Non-descending Testicle

The pediatrician has been keeping an eye on my son's testicle for the past year and said that if it doesn't descend then my son needs to go to a Urologist. And possibly have sugery. Well, a year just passed by this last Sunday. I am asking if there are any mothers that have gone through this process. What do I have to expect. How bad is the actual surgery and such. How long does the procedure take and what exactly do they do to him? I am absolutely clueless.

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Part two of the update on my son - Well, it has been quite a few months since the surgery. Everything went great. Sebastian's teste was stuck, but healthy. We go in a few weeks for the 6 month check up to make sure that the testical is still healthy. As for the scars...they are starting to really fade away. The only thing that I didn't like about the surgery was when He woke up from the anastetia (Sp). That was not fun. But he was definately a trooper. Again, thank you all for your answers to my request. T.

Hi and thank you all for help me understand the process...we had our first appointment on Feb. 2 with the Urologist...well he couldn't feel it anywhere. So, we are going into Surgery on the 26th of this month. I was shocked to see that it was scheduled so quickly. I will let you all know if they found it or not. Maybe we should take bets...j/k. Alright, again, Thank you soooo much. T.

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Hi T.,

My son who is 6, had this surgery when he was 13 months old. He only had to go in once(thank goodness), and it was just a few hours that we spent at the hospital. I agree with the response before me-the worst part was when he came out of recovery, and he was disoriented. He cried and cried. I just nursed him and layed with him on his bed. After about 2 hours he was good. We brought him home, and he went right into his bedroom and started playing with his toys. The actual incision the doc made was only about an inch in length, and it is almost invisible today. The one thing I do have problems with is this: the doc told me that I need to feel my son's testicle once monthly to see if it feels "normal", but my son laughs so hysterically when I attempt to do this, that it literally becomes impossible. It's pretty funny. Not to mention that I feel kind of akward doing this now that he's older. But other than that, this has worked out fine. I wish you luck, and try not to worry-your son will do just fine.


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My son had a similar problem except that while his testicles had descended the tubes they descend through did not seal closed like they are supposed to leaving him with a hernia on both sides. He was about 18 months when he had surgery and while it was a stressful day for us he fared very well. I think the actual surgery in our case was about an hour to an hour and a half. In my son they repaired the hernia and sewed the opening closed I believe with your son they would help the testicle to descend and then close the same opening my son had. He was sore for a day or two but then back to business. He is now 8 and occasionally asks about the scars on his lower abdomen as if he just wants to hear the story again. The scars are about 1 1/2 inches each just above his pubic bone and have healed very well. Good luck and hang in there. He will be fine - it us parents that are terrified!

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My son had the surgery when he was a little over one. In fact, he had that plus a double hernia which was repaired at the same time. He had it done first thing in the morning and was running around the house that same night. I couldn't believe it! Don't worry about it, it is very common surgery and kids bounce back very quickly.

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HI T. F.
My son's had this surgery when he was 3 weeks old. They did this procedure while fixing a lingual hernia. It only took thirty minutes in the operating room. All they did was dropped the testy down and held it in place with a stitch. I don't want to scare you, but there is always the chance of him becoming sterile (1 out of 100 do go sterile)one of my son's just had a baby, they other one is not old enough to have a baby.
Please talk with your doctor and or get a second opinion.
I hope this helps

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My son also had a complication similar to your sons. He had a hydrocelectomy where the wall of the abdomen hadn't closed and his testicle wasn't fully dropped as well. The fluid kept going back and forth. He was 3yrs old when he had his surgery. Like you I was very frightened by the thought of my baby undergoing surgery! The Dr. went in and closed the opening and put his testicle back in it's proper place. the surgery was about 3 hrs long and I of course was a basket case the whole time. They kept him a day to observe him and I brought him home. He fared much better than I did as it hardly affected him. He was up and running around as if nothing had happened, while I was still recuperating from the stress. He had a small incision in his abdomen that healed perfectly and has grown up without any complications what so ever. He is now 19 and a US Marine. Please talk to your Doctor and express your fears and concerns. They will be more than happy to explain everything to you and make sure you have all the information and understanding you need. I wish you the best and feel free to write and let me know how things are going. I do understand the overwhelming fears you have and hope my response is of some help.

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my cousin's son had the same problem. Her son had to have the surgery, and he was back to his old self 2 days later. And he was almost totally fine the day after the surgery.

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My son just went threw that surgery last year he was 3 years old and the surgery is not that bad it's more scarey in thought but the Uroligist will do a sonogram if hasn't been done already and then go threugh the whole procedure with you. My son was back on his feet normal as usual by that evening of the surgery and he has been doing just fine since then. The whole thing took about an hour for them to do and then recovery was about an hour then we went home if he has any pain or discomfort Tylonol works great after all you have to do is keep stitches clean. My son is hyperactive so all I did was make sure he didn't hit his stitches while he was playing. Just have the doctors explain it and don't worry it is not as bad as it sounds just your motherly kickin in and making you worry for your baby. You'll be just fine and so will your son....

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My son, who just turned 25 was born the same way and we are so glad we did the surgery when he was 2 yrs old. I was 7 months pregnant with number 3, but we didn't want to wait any longer. Our son did fine. He had no problems; we slept over night with him. The hospital was especially good to us.
DO IT. Don't wait for another year to pass, really T..
Now that our son is close to marrying it would be awful if he had some testicular cancer because we never took care of it.
He has two little scars but of course once he hit 5 or 6 we never saw them again. DO IT!

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