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No TV for the Summer. Will We Make It?

I have decided to implement a tv free summer this year. Not to say family movie night will be banished, just the day to day junk. I too am going to attempt an Oprah free summer, lol. I am also going to limit my computer time and my son's video games are going on the shelf. I am hoping this will encourage us to have more outdoor family time and exercise. So am I crazy? Do you think we can do it? Words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. Anyone want to get in on the action?

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Congratulations! I would love to implement the same thing in my house. Good for you to try and step up to the plate! I personally feel tv is a big waste of time! I'm embarrased to admit that I sometimes use it as a babysitter. We do get out for many family activities though!

Hats off to you and good luck!! I remember when I was a kid the last thing I wanted was to sit in front of the tv all summer. True, that was in the days before computer games and Nintendo Wii, but, still, summer was the time to be outside. With that said, just plan to have a lot of activities ready to keep him occupied and remember, you can always get a group of his friends together and teach them the games we played outside as kids.

You can do it!!! :) Five years ago my BIL put their tv in the attic because he felt they were all watching too much tv. He enrolled my nephew in boy scouts and some sport. He enrolled my neice in cheerleading and something esle. They do a lot of outdoor activities, crafts, organized activities, visits to the beach (they live in SC), daytrips, etc. They do now allow themselves movie time and occassionally watching old favorite tv shows via the internet. BTW, after the tv was in the attic for a year they gave it away.

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totally not crazy. We haven't used our TV as anything except "what the VCR and DVD player connect to" for the past 4 years and everyone in the family is fine with that, and I think it's been good for my kids b/c they aren't inundated with advertisements and are perfectly content to read, do pretend play and art projects in the yard, and when they *do* decide to watch something, it's something of their own tastes (which tends towards nature documentaries, classical music, and American Girl movies)

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the first week is hard. It's the week where YOU catch yourself wanting to tell them to "go ___________". lol ((At least, if you're ME, that's what happens))

Keep this phrase close:

"Boredom Breeds Creativity"

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I left the television behind with my first marriage when my daughter was in 5th grade. She complained and begged for the 2nd half of the school year that she was missing all those great shows her friends got to watch.

But after a summer away from TV and most of the buddies, she was shocked to find them boring after school started again. She complained that they never did anything interesting – just watched all those dumb shows. Plus, we weren't barraged by all that desire-creating advertising, which helped both of us live within a tiny budget.

I've now been without TV for 30+ years, and have no idea where I'd fit one into our lives, or home. There are so many more interesting things to do. And my daughter has a television, but seldom turns it on. She just lost the hang of sitting and staring. Her 4yo son watches chosen videos, but no TV.

By the way, folks who watch a lot of commercial news, which sensationalizes the worst and scariest in human behavior, tend to have an overblown sense of how dangerous the world is, how untrustworthy people are, how evil government is. It must be an uncomfortable way to live.

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All my childhood we didn't have a TV... well to be more precise we didn't have channels. We had a tv and used it for movie nights. As a kid I never missed it. I always found something to do, and my parents and I found other ways to entertain ourselves which created bounds that I rarely see in my friends' family. Also you will notice how less stressed out you will become! It's nice to not "take-on" the misery of the world :)
Anyway, you can do it! Explore fun ways to communicate and play with your kids and husband.

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You definitely can do it! I know it's not the same but when Hurricane Ike hit we were without power for 2 weeks in our house. We were lucky, no damage, no flooding, stores opened within 3 days, but at our house in Houston in the summer, no power for 2 weeks. We survived and in a strange way once I was past the initial excitement of the air conditioning turning back on and having lights again, I was sad to see all of the other electronic "time wasters" come back to life. For 2 weeks we were forced to play games, talk, and go outside and have fun without all of the gadgets.

Good luck!

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We have a summer home in the upper north woods of MIchigan I have spent every year since childhood there and I am 44. There is no electricity, no phone, no running water, nothing. I llove it and so do my children.
You'll survive.

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You are not crazy. I made a calendar (thinking I would have the summer off with the kids, but that did not turn out that way - long story) of all the things we would do. I think planning out an easy schedule will keep the kids occupied and not bored. We have stuff like a zoo, butterfly house, festivals, library... all kinds of stuff that is either low priced or free!

Who can miss out on a good water sprinkler in the front yard?

Good luck to everyone!

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You can do it!

Every summer we turn our cable and internet off and implement a "no electronics policy" (xbox/computer) during the day. The kids are allowed to play electronics ONLY before breakfast and after dinner...that's it! The rest of the day is spent doing something else...preferably something outside :)

We still occasionally have family movie nights...which has proven to be enough TV for us. I thought it would be impossible...but it wasn't!

Kids ages: 18,15,14,10,6,4 &2

Schools out next Monday...and off goes the cable!

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