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No Show Today...Voice Lessons...

Hi Moms!

I am so aggravated. I had a voice lesson today from 11am-1:30pm, they never showed up called or texted! Nothing! They are usually good with communicating. I had a late night at work and didn't get back home till 2am. I had to get up early, get things ready and ate my breakfast fast, knowing the child would be here today. I sent an email and the person read it, but never replied back.


What to do?! I'm just so pissed off of no shows, no communication and etc. We had this voice lesson planned since last Sunday.


Any advice? Oh and for the lesson it was $80 today...which I'm sure I won't be getting.

update: I have an AOL account as these people do, I sent two messages, they have "read" the first one....never responded back. Hmm...ODD?

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

The mother called me this morning!!! I did not have her number, just the father's number. Anyhow! She apologized a lot and wanted to make it up to me. Her daughter was sick and her husband was on call for work, she did not have my number. Anyhow...she's going to stay with the lessons and make-up the hours missed as well.

Thanks moms for the great advice as always!

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Make sure your student wasn't in an accident or other emergency before getting too revved up.

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In your contract to your clients, you should probably state that they have to pay whether they show or not... that might help.

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Is it your practice to not charge for lessons missed? That needs to change immediately. My daughter had tutors, coaches and teachers that would always have been paid if we missed. Even the ones we didn't have formal contracts with, same policy.

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What a bummer.

I think it might be wise to charge a month in advance. Also, have it in the contract that if you "no show" or cancel less than 24 hours in advance, the fee for the lesson is still charged.
Now, if there is a true emergency that can't be helped such as the child being taken to the ER in the middle of the night or something like that, you can have some flexibility. But just blowing off a scheduled lesson with no communication....the parents should still have to pay you for your time. That's a time slot you could have had open for someone who would be there.
If people are going to flake on you, you don't have to accept them as clients.

Just my opinion.

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Is it in your written policy - the one the student or student's parents sign - that no-show lessons *will* be paid for unless notice is given within 24 hours before the lesson (barring any emergency)? If it isn't, you need to make that official, starting now.

That said, there might have been an emergency in your student's family. It's too bad they didn't give you a call, but maybe they left quite suddenly for the hospital... or even the funeral home. People's minds don't work quite right in such situations.

It's aggravating, yes, but you also know it happens, has happened, and will happen to every teacher on the planet.

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I think I'd assume they were done with the lessons & were too cowardly to tell you.

A contract, including a disenrollment policy, and a no show policy might be a start, to avoid this in the future.

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Send them a bill for the 80 dollars. Do you have a contract? I am revising my contract to state that I will expect payment for any missed lessons.

I have had to drop two different piano students due to missed lessons. My favorite excuse? "Sorry missed the lesson but on the way out the door, little Jimmy decided that he would rather go snowmobiling." Aaakkkkk!

So sorry that your student's parents put you in this position.

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If this is a service you do as a job then I'd suggest treating it as a job. Do the lessons on a per month payment basis. Get the money at the first lesson for the month and if you need to cancel and reschedule that's fine. If they miss the lesson and don't notify you 24 hrs before then you keep the money and don't need to reschedule unless you want to.

Make up a handout to students and their parents setting out your guidelines ahead of time so you don't run into this situation again. I've had children in everything from dance to sports to music lessons and I always knew up front what was expected on my part.

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