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No Running Water at Office - Legal to Keep Building Open?

A water main break caused my office building to lose its water supply Tuesday afternoon. The management told us to walk across the street to another building (owned by same company) to use the bathroom, get water, etc. As of this morning, there is still no water and they said it might not be fixed until tomorrow. My boss told us it is not a big deal to walk to the other building. Maybe I'm spoiled but I totally disagree and think it might even be illegal for the company to keep my building open for employees. I can't quite figure it out by Googling. Does anyone know?

P.S. I do plan on just going home next time I have to pee (I've already been to the other building once). I can't make my lunch without water! Plus I drink a lot of water and have to pee at least once an hour. Ugh.

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Ha, ok, I guess I am spoiled! Thanks for the reality check.

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Well........ is that any different that construction/utility workers that have to use a port a potty and drink out of a water cooler? At least you have air conditioning!

Sorry...... I think you are a little out of line....

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They are offering a supply of water. This was a maintenance issue that is being taken care of. In the mean time, they are offering you another source. No, this is NOT illegal. If they purposefully did not allow you water, that would be illegal. Seriously, you can't walk across the street to pee? Spoiled, indeed!!

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I don't see why it would be illegal if they are offering up another building for use.

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Well........ is that any different that construction/utility workers that have to use a port a potty and drink out of a water cooler? At least you have air conditioning!

Sorry...... I think you are a little out of line....

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It sounds a bit selfish to me. Your boss offered an alternative location for use for facilities. Cut back on the water. Bring a bottle or two so that you can make a lunch with water.

In this day and age if you want to scream a lot about conditions. There's the door. Someone else will be along to fill that spot.

You are working out of an OFFICE bullding not a restaurant. There is a big difference.

Time to grow up and go with the flow. Think about the people who did lose their power and have no way to get water or cook. Now that is an inconvenience. Don't sweat the small stuff.

The other S.

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So long as they are paying you it is not illegal. They are the ones suffering an inefficient work force, you just have to walk a bit.

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If your building was running a restaurant, I think running water on the property would be a requirement for the restaurant to stay open.
Water for food prep, washing equipment and employee hand washing is a must.
You have a work around (walking across the street), you can carry a water bottle with you to prepare your lunch, and it should only be for a short while (end of this week).
It may not be ideal - but it CAN be nice to get out of the office for a stroll now and then.
If it's really dangerous to cross the street, the work around could be a problem.
Maybe you could take a vacation day (or sick day) and come back when it's fixed (if you have the time to burn).

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I don't know if it is legal or not. Since there are nearby facilities I don't see the problem with them staying open. And personally I don't think it is unreasonable to just walk across the street. If it bugs you that much just cut back on the water a little for a day. As a business owner I know how detrimental it is to the a company to have to unexpectedly shut down for a day or 2. Even this heat wave is decreasing our productivity so much that we are losing money.

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I'm about 99% certain that it's not illegal. In almost every place I've worked they've lost water for a day or two. We even lost power and still had to work. If it's an actual hardship for certain employees then they have to take that into consideration, of course, but if it's merely an inconvenience then it's not illegal.

Although as others said, if it's a business like a restaurant that relies on clean running water then yes it is illegal.

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