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No RSVP Is There Any Nice Way to Call and See If They Are Coming

I didn't invite many kids, and with it being summer, i'm worried the inviteto my son's party i sent his friend might have gotten put aside before a vac or something, SO i want to call the mom and just remind her about it, but we have no relationship, the only time i called her or even spoke to her was to rsvp for her son's party last month. Is there any nice way to phrase it or is it just super tacky, the boys are good freinds, and i think her son would be sad to have misssed it if it was just a mistake, but ..... would you call and what whould you say??

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the best chance i had to call today was at 12:30 i know she has a younger child too, As i could hear it wailing in the background, probably not the best time icoudl have picked.. She was a little snappy with me at first and then i think was trying to cover it, but my call waiting beeped in and i only caught half of her excuses. But either way he is coming and that makes 7 kids which is perfect and now ifeel much more settled about it. IF this had been a good friend or someone i knew better i probably woudn't have hesitated at all.
SO sad to hear all the NO RSVP stories, if you are one of those out there, please just take 2 seconds and call!!!

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Just tell them you just wanted to touch base with them and see if they got the invite. There's no harm in doing that.

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Actually, according to Miss Manners, calling is what you are supposed to do if someone doesn't RSVP. It isn't tacky at all (what is tacky is not bothering to RSVP). Just be super nice and friendly!

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We hardly got any RSVP's for my daughters birthday so I emailed, called, or texted the moms. Turns out the invites never made it home!! So I was glad I did!! I think it's okay to call and just see.

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"Hey there. I didn't get an RSVP, so I wanted to be sure you received the invitation for my son's birthday."

This will usually result in an apology and an immediate RSVP.

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Just tell them you just wanted to touch base with them and see if they got the invite. There's no harm in doing that.

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Just call or email.. In the future consider also using evite.com.
I do special events and have found, for some reason people respond to evites better than paper invitations..

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If your son would miss having him, then call the mom and say "Hi mom, I am trying to get a count on how many will attend my son's party, I am just calling to see if you will be able to make it. My son would love to have your son at the party" and leave it like that. If she didn't want to come, then you know, if she lost the card or forgot to send it back, then you reminded her

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I don't find it tacky at all to call a parent about a party. Many parents aren't "friends" but doesn't mean they're enemies either. They're just strangers but their kids play together. Call and remind the parents about the party and ask if they recieved the invite and if their son is able to come. Let them know some things you have planned and tell them how your son is looking forward to their son coming. Just keep it all up beat like you would for anyone else. You'll get your answer and have a great party!

I think it's rude not to reply to an invitation especially if an RSVP was requested. I always specifically ask them to reply if they are or are NOT going to make it, then follow up with needing a head count for party supplies or treats. This usually prompts more parents to call with a yes or no. So, don't feel like you're the bad one in this situation. They should have let you know.

K. B
mom to 5 kids including triplets

events and chat within 2 hour radius

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gaaahhh...I hate it when people don't RSVP!! My son's birthday party is also in the summer,and last year I had to phone all TEN people that he invited. Here's what I said..."Hey, this is Elijah's mom. How are you? We sent out invitations a couple of weeks ago to Elijah's party this weekend and haven't heard back from anyone! I know it's summer,so maybe it got lost. I am trying to figure out how much food I need to have for the kids, so was wondering if your son would be joining us this Saturday?" 6 kids showed up. We just sent out invitations last week for his party in mid August, so am gearing up to make phone calls again in a couple of weeks. :)
Good luck!

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First of all, manners and common courtesy have gone away for many. It's sad. However, not in my family, we still hand write thank you notes and always RSVP.

We throw a lot of parties, some of which are pretty big and involve nailing down a firm number of people and being required to pay up to $25 per person.

Before I lock in my #, I call and/or email the people sho did not respond. Most of the time, they realize how rude it is to not RSVP.

Keep in mind, some people will RSVP yes and be a no show and some who said no will show up.

Go ahead and call, and I hope your party is successful.

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