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No Period for over 2 Years!

My son will be 2 next month, and I still have not had a period. I have had some very random spotting, but nothing close to even a light period. Yes, I am breastfeeding, but nothing like I was. I thought that by now it would have returned. I am on the shot for birth control, and have been since just after he was born. Any ideas or suggestions? My doctor is not alarmed, said that I might not get a period until 6 months after I totally quit breastfeeding. It just seems strange to me. Just to clarify, I was on the shot for several years before deciding to get pregnant. It never prevented me from having a period before.

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I had my last regular period in Oct '04 and got preg with my first child in Dec '04. I have had another child since then and breastfed them both for 9 months each. I have had 10 periods total in 6 years and my doctors do not know why. I am healthy, my hormone levels are fine and I have not been on any birth control since '03. I just do not have to buy tampons very often. Other than some difficulty getting pregnant, (because I do not know when I ovulate) I have had no physical problems with not menstruating every month or even every other month.

So I would say to just enjoy it unless you start to have other problems.

Be thankful! I was the only one I knew that didn't get a period while breastfeeding. I breastfeed for 14.5 months, then got my period about 2 weeks after that...I got pregnant immediately and am expecting in May. I am pretty excited that in almost 3 years, I have only had 1 period! :) I just hope that my luck holds out while breastfeeding the next. It's one less thing to worry about, and sooo much cheaper!

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You've answered your own question. You are on the shot and you are breastfeeding. Both of those things will stop your period.

I never got my period back "on my own" after childbirth (after the first two, it came back when I went on regular birth control, the third I got Mirena IUD and still don't have a period - and he's 6). If you are really concerned, ask your doctor for a full exam and maybe ultrasound to rule out any issues, and if he doesn't take you seriously, look for a 2nd opinion. (But be sure to find out how much insurance will cover and be prepared for anything beyond that!)

Your not having a period is almost certainly due to the Depo shot. Breastfeeding can delay return of menses, but only if you are not altering your normal, natural cycle with anything hormonal, such as Depo or the Pill.

It is most likely related to breastfeeding - even if it is not happening frequently. I was only nursing 1-2 times a day towards the end and I got my period about 3-4 days after my son nursed for the very last time. I wouldn't worry.

I would not worry. My period didn't return until I had weaned completely at 19 mo. and I also had only random spotting before that.
Good luck!

Have your thyroid checked. This happened to me and it was my thyroid. It might just be postpartum hypothyroid, but have a blood test, if that hasn't already been ruled out.

I don't usually get a period until my nursling is about 2. It's not unusual. Look at it as nature's way of spacing out children.

I didnt breast feed when I had my daughter but I am on the shot and I haven't had a period in 3 years besides very little spotting. Like the other moms said it probably just the combination of the both.

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